Breast Cancer — 2 months to live

Hi Chris.

Hope you receive this message. Need your help if you can. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer metastasis to bones two years ago and doctors say there is nothing they can do for me and gave me two months to live.

I am taking chinese herbs these two years and bloods tests are stabilised even though cancer marker is high. Just did x-rays for full spine by chiropractor and show drastic bone lesions.

Need your help and advise please. I am unable to travel to Penang right now because of a collapsed right lung caused by the tumour.

Reply: Where are you from anyway?

Thanks for your response. Sorry. I am a 52 years old Canadian citizen, former Singaporean and now staying in Singapore temporarily. I am Chinese. 

Breast Cancer from Hong Kong

Dear Dr,

I am a F/64 cancer surviver,live in Hong kong. I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma left breast (grade 3) and ductal cell carcinoma in situ right breast;  and left radical mastectomy and right simple mastectomy was done in July 2012 followed by chemotherapy and RT,completed in Jan 2013.

I am taking Arimidex 1 mg OD as the tumor cell is ER positive, since Feb 2013.

Now I have tingling sensation on my medial side of left upper limb, may be the side effect of RT to the supraclavicular lymph nodes. I also have mitral regurgitation with palpitation, taking Losartan 50 mg od and Propanolol 10 mg tds.

I heard from my friend that you can prescribe some other herbal medicine that help to kill or prevent cancer cell growing. Any advice or opinion from you will be much appreciated. Yours sincerely,

Reply:  You should go into my website:    and read. They are many things you can learn from our experience …

I think the problems you are facing are the side effects of chemo and radiation. I never encourage patients to take hormonal therapy. Read what I have written and if you really believe in what I do and need help, send me all the medical reports etc.

Breast Cancer from Kuching

Dear Dr Chris,

I’m SL of Kuching.  I’m a friend of the Brunei lady who consulted you yesterday.  She has told you a little about my condition.  I’m breast cancer survivor. On 18 March 2014, I just did my PET SCAN and from the result my lower back bone and liver in particular is quite badly affected.  I’m forwarding you attachment of my PET SCAN result for you to reveal.  Please advise me on what to do next.  The doctor at Beacon Hospital, PJ has advise me to do chemotherapy again but I’m not in favor of doing chemo again.  I had 8X of chemo during my treatment last year.

I intend to go and see you next month as the air ticket now is very expensive due to school holiday.  However, if you want me to go earlier, I will try to make it earlier.  Please advice me on this.

Thank you very much and may God bless your outreach work on the sick.  Looking forward to hear from you.

Reply: You decide when you want to come.

Breast Cancer from UK

Hello, My name is S and I live in UK.  I came across your website when looking for alternative cure for cancer.  In December I was
diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. In January I got the mastectomy done. Doctors recommend 6 round of chemo and radiation after the surgery. I refused and rather take the herbal medicine to eliminate the problem. Lucky for me that according to the CT scan it has not spread any where else and surgery had the clear margin with 3/11 nodes with dead cancer cells.

I would like to come see the doctor for the herbal medicine. Please let me know the procedure and when is the best time to come to Malaysia.  I thank you in advance for your help.

 Hello Sarah,

Since you are from UK …it is extremely difficult for you to come and see me in Malaysia ….so far away … and also I need to monitor you often to know what is going on …it is just not easy for you to come here often. Please read this booklet: German Cancer Clinics. Why don’t you seek help in Germany instead. It is nearer to you.

Recurrent Breast Cancer from Singapore

Dear Dr Teo,

Trust that you are well. I am KC and was referred to you  by my friend, Professor S in Singapore.  He told me about you last year while we were practising taiji together.

My wife has a relapsed in breast and lymph nodes cancer (the first was 5 years ago).   I hereby attached the preliminary medical reports, scan photos ( lots more in the CD given by the hospital)  and the Chemo medicine leaflet for your reference.  Please advise are those reports sufficient for you to start to do treatments ?  I have paid for the full report but it will takes about three more weeks.   The first visit report will be completed when we go to Penang.

My wife and I would like to see you for consultation soonest.  May i know when is the best time to make appointment with you ? and How many days should we put up in Penang ?

I really appreciate your help and hope to see you soon.

Thank you and kind regards.

Breast cancer: Where is the direction?

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I have called CaCare Penang and was referred to write to you for further advise whether we can make an appointment to see you out of the published consultation time..

I was reading up the’s product web site when i saw your published work/reference to CCP.

My mother has been diagnosed with (left) breast cancer since 4-5 years ago. The initial test – biopsy/report was issued by HUKM.

She has decided to seek alternative treatment instead of surgery/chemo and we have assist her to try a few traditional and alternative treatments. My younger brother has quit his job, stayed at home to perform research online to find alternative methods in assisting her to improve on her diet (she has changed her diet to full vegetarian since the diagnosis), detox and taking more balanced supplements and natural food etc that may have positive effect in fighting the ca.

Initially, we did some scans and blood test at Taman Desa Medical Centre to assess whether the lump has grown or not. We noticed that it has grown slightly larger from the few tests done. Due to anxiety and concern that may affect her mind/outlook in fighting the ca, we have decided to stop doing those test, to allow her to focus more on improving her diet/and taking supplements etc as alternative rather than worry too much, with a view of find a treatment/cure for the ca.

We would appreciate if you could advise on how we could proceed further with your treatment/experience and knowledge in treating the above ca.

Breast Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my sister since she cannot speak English and she is from Indonesia. Let me explain her condition:

1. She has breast cancer stage 3 on both of her breast. 1 breast has about 4 cm diameter, the other has 1 cm.

2. She went to Singapore on May/June 2013 and she got 4 times chemotherapy treatment. The doctor in National cancer center in Singapore advised her to get her breast removed both of them after chemotherapy, but she refused.

She thought that the chance for survival for pretty low, the doctor explained only about 30 % and also the cost is very expensive.

3.Currently she is on diet, she did not eat meat, only rice and vegetable and fruits.

4. Is there any way that your herbal medicine able to control her breast cancer, so it does not spread to other part of the body.

5. How much is the cost for your herbal?. Since we are not from rich family, we have to prepare the money first.

6. When is the best time to see you, do you open on January 2014 or February 2014 ?

Thank you very much.

Surgery and Chemo Did Not Cure Her Breast Cancer

Dear Dr. Teo,

I am writing my email from Indonesia. My mother is suffering from breast cancer stage 4 and it is now quite severe. The chemo she is taking now does not seems to work on her. And it is getting bigger day by day.We would like to know whether you are available for consultation during 7 – 10 August?

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks and Regards,

Reply:  9 August at 3 pm to 5 pm okay.

Dear Dr. Teo,

Thank you very much for your advice.

A lump on her left breast was sighted on July 2009. And a biopsy has confirmed that it was a cancer cells. She underwent treatment on herceptin +  capcitabine as suggested by Doctor. As the tumour got smaller, she had an operation to remove the cancer cells. Herceptin was administered after the surgery until  January 2010 and Hormonal therapy was given until early 2012 in hope to prevent relapse of the cancer. However, she did not take the hormonal therapy diligently and sometimes missed the therapy. During this time, she also took traditional Chinese medicine.

In February 2012, another lump was discovered and 3 courses of herceptin + capcitabine were administered without biopsy. The treatment was stopped end of March 2012. Traditional Chinese Medicine was used to treat the cancer after the chemotherapy.

As the tumour grown bigger by the day, chemotherapy resumed on September 2012 with different drugs, but later was stopped once again on December 2012, due to fatigue and agony and my mum refused to continue with the therapy.

After much persuasion, she started chemotherapy again on May 2013. At this stage the cancer has gone bigger and spread to liver. The latest CT scan showed that the lump has increased to 8 x 9.1 x 9.6 cm.

As current treatment is not receptive to the cancer anymore, the Doctor recommends using Herceptin and other drugs for the next treatment on 15 August 2013.

Please find attached for the report of CT scan and list of drugs she has taken.

After reading from your website, we learned that there are a lot of side effects from chemotherapy. Is it possible to reduce the side effects by consuming the herbal and will the herbal caused other side effects? Is it safe to stop the chemotherapy and rely on the herbal?

We could not bear to see our mother suffering from the chemo she is taking now and hope she will get better soon. Your further advice is much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Breast Cancer – She Needs Help

25 May 2013  Dear Kind Dr.Chris Teo,

I hope you are doing fine Doctor. My name is S. I found your website less than 2 weeks ago and I’m your YouTube Viewer as well.

Doctor, I am heartbroken because my mom is having breast cancer. Two weeks ago my mom had wide excision (lumpectomy) and three days later, her General Surgeon gave us this result:





As advised by the General Surgeon, my mother is going to have axillary lymph node dissection next week on Wednesday to find out the stage and to see if the cancer has spread.

Doctor, what do you think of Dendritic Cell Therapy to replace radiation therapy? Will this therapy kill all the cancer cells? Is it better or as good as radiation therapy?

We would really love to see you for consultation Doctor, when will be the best time for us to start consulting with you? I mean right after my mom recover from her axillary lymph node dissection or  before she starts radiation therapy? Thank you very much for your time to read and reply this email Doctor Chris. We really appreciate it and looking forward to hear from you and see you in person.
May God bless you and your wife for helping people who are in need.
Sincerely, S
Reply:  Where are you from? Come and see me with all the reports …and go to my website and read the book Cancer What Now before you start to do anything. I dont think you need to do the axillary clearance either. Come and see me first. Chris.

26 May 2013  Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I am so happy to have received reply from you. I am from Kuala Lumpur.

Doctor, I am so nervous, because this coming Wednesday is my mother’s axillary lymph nodes surgery to see whether the cancer has spread or not even though her margins are clear as it is written on the report and to determine her cancer stage as well. I really don’t know what I should do to cancel the surgery, I mean if I tell my mother that Dr. Chris Teo replied me and said that the surgery is not needed, she will be so nervous because we r planning to see you, we just don’t know when, that was why I emailed you Doctor.

Doctor please kindly advise us, I mean may I know why you don’t think axillary lymph nodes surgery is needed? Thank you so very much for your time to read and reply us who are in despair.

God bless you Doctor Teo. S.

26 May 2013



I am very close to my mother. My father has passed away 13 years ago. I am her first and only daughter. I have one younger brother and he is a very sensitive person, so he actually didn’t know that my mom has breast cancer. We only told him that the lump is still being investigated.

To have found your website is a blessing to us and now to have gotten response and explanations from you, we are more blessed. We really don’t know who to run to and then we found you Dr. Chris.

Once my mother recovers from Axillary lymph nodes dissection and able to travel, we surely want to fly to Penang to see you, being healed and enlightened by you.

Dr. Chris thank you so very much for making time to reply a heartbroken daughter such as me. Looking forward to see you in person Doctor. God bless always,

Reply: Removing the lymph node is NOT a cure. It is just to tell you what stage it is. Okay, go and do it if you want to do chemo or radiation after that. If you don’t want to do all these, no use to remove the lymph node.


26 May 2013 Dear Doctor Chris Teo,

Suddenly I feel like there is a light at the end of a tunnel……after I  “heard” from you.  Doctor Chris……I’m in tears as I am typing this……I feel like I am not alone anymore. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart …..I will call Puan Khadijah next week. Such a blessed Sunday after a long roller coaster ride, sleepless nights and in tears for weeks…… Dr. Chris, they don’t make Doctors like you anymore nowadays…..  Hopeful daughter, S.



Breast Cancer: Critical after chemotherapy

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is O, I am from Indonesia.  I am a lecturer at Singapore. My mother is now under very critical condition.  She had breast cancer and carried out surgery and had several chemotherapy. She is having a very painful on her back and cannot move her legs, thus she can only lay down on bed.

Now she refused to take any medication.  I have read your website regarding the CA Care. And I am thinking whether you can help my mother, however she is not able to fly to Malaysia due to her condition.

Kindly advise how to seek your help in this case.

I am waiting your reply. Best regards.

Reply: I really don’t know what I can do. If you think I can help, come and see me with all medical reports. Chris

Singapore: Breast Cancer Spread to Bone and Lung?

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I was introduced to you by Danny Ching. He was a former cancer patient. I learnt from him that you can advise cancer patients.

Three weeks ago, my mother, Mdm, aged 70, was diagnosed with lung cancer. The lung cancer spread to the lymph node on the neck, spinal bone, heart. She was a former breast cancer patient in 2003. Since that time, she undergone radiotherapy to treat the breast cancer after surgery. Now she had tumor on another breast. But the doctor says that it is not related to the lung cancer.

According to the oncologist, through the CT scan, the doctors found that she has EGFR + Exon 19 mutation. Currently, she is on oral chemo drug. She has completed her radiotherapy to kill cancer of the lymph node.

Would you recommend her to Cancer Care? Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards, AT

Reply: You have to come and see me with all the medical reports etc.
Go to for more details. Chris

Breast Cancer from Jakarta: Which surgeon to go to?

Dear Dr Chris,

We thank God that we find your CA Care website in the internet.

We watched the video titled “Different Doctor Different Treatment”, and we really want to visit you and the third doctor in that video.

We would really appreciate if you could let us know when we can meet you and who the third doctor is, and in which hospital we can meet him.

Fyi, my sister, EC (38 yo) had a mammografi test 2 days ago. The result is she had a suspected malignant tumour in her right breast, about 3 cm.

We visited an oncologist, at Dharmais Hospital in Jakarta yesterday. His advised is to take out the tumour as soon as possible, check whether the tumour is dangerous or not.

If the tumour is not dangerous (that is what we are praying for right now), then the doctor will only take out the tumour.

But, if the tumour is dangerous, than the doctor’s plan is to take out all of the right breast together with the tumour.

What we would like to do now is to find a second opinion and to have the surgery in a good hospital in Penang.

That is why we really need your help to advise us who is the right doctor that we can meet in a hospital in Penang. A doctor with a tender heart, listening ears, easy to discuss with and of course, can give us his best advice.

We believe you can help us on this, please let us know when can we meet you, either after meeting the doctor in question, or after meeting him/her.

Thank you and God bless you.

Best regards.

Reply: Come and see me with all your medical reports and I shall tell you what to do. Chris

Hi Chris,

Can we meet you tomorrow at 1 pm?

Reply: Go to my website: and you know that Saturday is always closed.  Come and see me on Sunday night from 7 pm to 9 pm or Monday morning at 10.30 am. Chris


Breast Cancer: After Chemo She Went In Coma

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and she had the right breast removed. After that she underwent chemotherapy as well as bone supplementation. At the end of the sessions,  .the doctor recommended six more sessions of chemotherapy. This she started late last year but after the second session, she had sepsis and went into coma.

At the moment she is awake but still bed ridden. We’ve been informed that the cancer has spread to her bones. I would like your advice on what options do we have.

Reply: I really don’t know what to say after reading this. Go to website and read what I wrote. If you need help come and see me.

From Bandung, Indonesia: Breast Cancer that Had Spread

Dr. Chris,

I have read about your treatment and I interested to try it for my mother. My mother has diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread to adrenal glands and to liver. At the moment my mother condition is very weak, the liver has very swollen and her face becomes a little yellow. The oncologist who handled her before has given up. Even at the moment we face difficulty to bring her into hospital with so many hospital procedures and bureaucracy. I hope you could help my mother and tell us what to do. I am waiting for your reply. 

Reply: You are from New Zealand? I can’t help those living for far away. Chris

Hi Chris,

I am at Bandung Indonesia at the moment for my mother lives in Bandung. I am living in New Zealand but at the moment I am with my mother in Jakarta. It’s only 2 hrs flight to Penang, what are the chances of my mother getting treatment from you? I can send all the test data. Can you please help us treat our mother as this needs to be done urgently. Kind regards,

Thank you for responding to my email. I have sent you a reply but in case it did not reach you. I am currently in Jakarta with my mother. My mother really needs your help as there’s no one here able to help her. Can we take our mother to your clinic? I can arrange the ticket to Penang from Jakarta as soon I received your OK to bring her to see you. Do you need me to send the results of her tests? Kindest regards,


Breast Cancer Came Back Again

Dear Dr Chris,

I need an advice from you for my mother-in-law.

I was originated from Indonesia and working in Singapore.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer (April 2011) and the breast has been removed on the same month. She’s been doing well since then only to relapse from September and diagnosed with lymph node cancer that spreads to her bone and lungs.

During these two months we’ve gone for local herbs treatment (does not seem to work),and a special herb from the mountain of Sulawesi.

I know that this is incurable, and she’s a born again Christian.

I need your advice on how can I give her a meaningful life like able to do things she usually done instead of bed-ridden.

We are now looking for radiotherapy, but I know that it might prolong her life but not the quality of life itself.

Will your herbs help?