NPC from Melaka

Dear Dr. Chris,

Good day to you. I’m from Melaka and am suspected to have Nasopharyngeal cancer (still waiting for biopsy report as of writing this email after performing it yesterday) – big lump on the left side of the neck and some lumps on the right.

I would like to enquire if you would be available this Friday (20/6) or Sunday (22/6) as I will be going up to Penang on Friday for your consultation. Other than that, what else I have to prepare before meeting you for the consultation? Thanks in advance.

Thank you Dr. Chris, Will meet up with them as advised and then try to meet up with you this Friday if possible. Thanks again.

Reply: Get your biopsy result first, then .go and see the oncologist. See what they can do for you …after seeing all the doctors…then come and see for a final decision.

Cancer from India: Chemo failed

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I am from Mumbai, India and I am writing to you in relation to the health condition of my Father. I got your reference from the internet and have gone through your website.

My father is 66 years old. In September, 2013 he was diagnosed with cancer. The Biopsy report reflected ‘Metastatic poorly differentiated basaloid squamous carcinoma. The Tumour cells express CK & p63. The PET- Scan reflected that the cancer was spread in various parts of his body.

His chemotherapy started on September 12, 2013. After three cycles of chemotherapy the PET- Scan revealed that the cancer has reduced substantially. We continued with three more cycles of chemotherapy and did a PET- Scan after 2 months from the end of the sixth cycle. The PET- Scan reflected further growth of cancer in various parts of his body. We were advised for another round of chemotherapy (the Seventh Cycle).

After the Seventh Cycle of chemotherapy my father became extremely weak and the doctor advised to suspend chemotherapy for about three months.

The current state of medication and my father is as follows:

  1. He has developed severe pain in his back and shoulder. We have been advised that this is due to the tumour in his vertebra and he is undergoing radiotherapy for that.
  2. His general health condition has gone down and he does not eat properly.
  3. He has become very weak.
  4. Chemotherapy and other medication has stopped and he is on a oral medicine called Gefifact.
  5. We are also consulting and Ayurvedic doctor and he is under his medication for about 2 weeks now.

We are looking at delaying the growth of cancer cells and prolonging lifespan and maintain better the quality of life.

We were wondering if you will be able to help us. If so, we would like to visit you with the medical reports of my father (and avoid any travel of my father as he is weak).

I am attaching the following documents for your preliminary review:

  1. Biopsy report
  2. Most recent PET- Scan Report
  3. Details of chemotherapy administered
  4. Latest blood test reports

If you wish we can send his entire medical records for your review.

We hope that this information is helpful. We really appreciate your time and look forward to hear from you.

Thanks and kind regards, 

Reply: Thanks for your email. I am afraid it is very, very difficult for me to help people from far away country like India. I do send herbs to New Dehli but so far sending herbs to Mumbai is very difficult. Customs will stop it. The cancer is rather rare ..chemo is of no use … but what to do? If you live in Malaysia I ask you to come and see me, but it is extremely difficult for me to help patients from India.

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Thank you for you email. Do you think it is possible that we visit you and carry the medicines with us. Thanks and regards,

Reply: You can come and take the medicine home …for one time but next month when the medicine is finished … what happen? It takes about 2 weeks to send by air mail post BUT I am not sure if your customs will allow you in or not ….the last time I sent, it got stuck with the customs …, I am disappointed.

NPC from Australia

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is N, living in Sydney, Australia.  I’ve got your website through search engine and email address from your website. I am also reading one of your books, ‘Cancer Yet They Live’.

I’ve diagnosed with NPC Stage 4 (T3N2M0) on Aug, 2011. I’ve small little lump in my right neck underneath the ear. I’ve waited for a week and then see the family doctor. the doctor asked me to do the biopsy and then I got the result “non differentiated carcinoma”. I was treated with Chemo (5FU + Cisplatin) and 35 Radiation sessions. My treatment ended on 15 Dec 2011 and continue to monitor up to now.

Even though treatment finished, I’ve problem with side effects as usual. To name a few, dry mouth, no taste, hearing loss and ringing in the ear .. etc. Last 2 weeks ago, when I attended the regular check up the doctor noticed that my tongue is pointed to right side when is out. My oncologist ordered MRI and turned out that my cancer is back. To confirm, she asked me to check with PET scan that lights up and involved lymph nodes as well.

I have detail treatment plan from the oncologist. She did mentioned before that the tumor location was at the back of the nose so operation is impossible as well as radiation this time. My only option is chemo (Carboplatin + Fluorouracil) which is going to start in next 3 weeks time. This treatment cycle is repeated every 28 days for a total of 4 to 6 times.

Looking at your sites, reading stories, books and videos, I’ve decided to contact you for the further consultation. I do believe in herbal medicine and strength they possess.

I’ve booked for the ticket tonight and see you tomorrow.

Reply: Don’t just write email, come if you think we can help you! That’s the way to go!

From Sibu: NPC – Bone Cancer: Chemo and radiotherapy did not help

Dear Dr. Chris,

My Brother was diagnosed with NPC in December 2012 and completed 3 chemo cycles in 18 of Feb this year and he suffered a little pain on the abdomen and back. Doctor recommends him to have 33 cycles of radiotherapy (every week of 4 days radiotherapy and one day of chemo (1 hour dripping) and radiotherapy).

After the 10 cycles of radiotherapy he feels more pain on the abdomen and back, no appetite and can’t sleep at night. His weight is dropping from 78kg to 72kg within 2 weeks.The whole body with no energy at all. Doc advice to have bone scan and confirmed the cancer cells has spread mainly to the bone as on a stage 4 of NPC.

Doc recommended another 5 cycles of radiotherapy on the chest area. We can see that he have no more energy to complete the radio and chemotherapy. We do not want him to go through this suffering anymore.

This few days he can’t take any solid food and just can take the juice and plain water, the pain was go through from his waist until the whole leg and foot. He becomes anxious and depressed.

Dr. Christ can you help and guide us what to do. We are from Sibu Sarawak. Your kind of attention is very much appreciated. Thank you ! God Bless You !


Good morning Dr Teo,

We will arrange to fly over to Penang on 4/4/2013 Thursday morning at 9.35am arrive at 11.35am. According to your consultation time is on Friday and Sunday only. So do we need to wait until Friday to meet you?

Kindly let us know that which Apartment or Home stay recommended from your website which is near to your Centre. As we plan to stay for about 2 weeks in order for my brother to have your treatment.

Your kind of help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Reply: This is NOT the correct thing to do. There is NO need to stay for 2 weeks. There is nothing much I can do.

1. You come here and I see all the medical reports.

2. I prescribe the herbs and you go home.

At most the visit is only for 1 or 2 hours then you go home. If the patient is sick or difficult to need to bring the patient. Only the person who takes care of him come and see me.

So you only need to stay here for one night at most. Even if you stay for 2 weeks, there is nothing I can do to help you because the herbs take time to heal. Chris.

Comment: Please note that we are not a hospital.

Nose Cancer (NPC): Chemo and Radiation Did NOT Cure Him – Recurrence to Liver and Lung

Dear Dr Chris,

My husband was diagnosed with NPC in late 2008 and completed 33 radio and 6 chemo cycles in April 2009 and was in remission. He had been seeing a TCM since the completion of the treatment in April 2009 till to date.

In July 2012, it was discovered that it had spread mainly to the liver and a little to the lungs. He completed 6 cycles of chemo in November and CT scan on 5 December 2012 pronounced that the tumours were stable.

Yesterday, 19 February 2013, the CT scan revealed that new lesions on the liver were found and old lesions were bigger. Doc recommends another 6 cycles of chemo and probably oral medication to maintain after that.

Presently, he feels a little bloated in the tummy after eating, a little aches and pain on the abdomen and back. Appetite and sleep are generally normal. Energy level a little low these few weeks as compared to January. Attached are his CT Scans and Blood Tests results.

We are from Singapore and thinking of flying up on Sun 3 March.


Thank you and God bless. Regards,

Nose Cancer (NPC): Chemo and Radiation Did Not Cure – More Radiation Needed!

Dear Dr Chris,

I am 59 years old. I was referred to you by a friend who has survived cancer with your treatment.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 nasal cancer (NPC) in Jan 2011.  I had 4 rounds of chemo and 35 cycles of radiotherapy and completed my treatment on 1 April 2011. In May 2012, a PET scan showed that the tumor had recurred.

Rather reluctantly, I then had another 5 rounds of chemo, the last one was on 29 Oct, 2012. On 3 Jan 2013, I had another scan done and it showed that 80 per cent of the tumor was gone.  Now the oncologist has recommended that I go through another 30 cycles of radiotherapy to get rid of the residual cells. I do not want to go through it as I am still suffering from the effects of my last radiation.  In fact, if I had known of you earlier, I wouldn’t have gone through the 5 rounds of chemo.

Thank you for your kind attention and I look forward to hearing from you.


NPC from Seremban

Dear Chris,

Two days ago I was diagnosed with NPC by a doctor in a Medical Centre without giving me any report after waiting for two weeks. He asked me to take up radio/chemo treatments even without a written report! He also couldn’t precisely tell me what stage I am.

I have my MRI results and all symptoms of NPC (double vision, lump on neck which by now already diminished, discharge from my left ear which have now stopped probably due to taking some natural herbs for the past two weeks, pressure on the head etc).

I am from Seremban and I intend to visit you tomorrow (Sunday 23/9/12). Do let me know if I should come over to meet you.

Thank you. Regards, C