Lung Cancer from Singapore: I don’t wish to play god!

Dear Mr Teo.

My husband age 61 diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago, he was on iressa since last year September 2013, 2 months ago the oncology asked him to start chemo as he has developed tightness in the chest, we decline so just has to carry on with iressa.

2 weeks ago he has developed bloatedness  in the stomach with  wind and fluid and again oncology scheduled him for chemo this coming Monday. Currently he feels  very fatigue and is too weak to go for chemo cause he lose a lot a weight.

We are not in favour of chemo because in year 2012 he had gone through that already and we find it is too damaging to the lung and show no result because 10 months later lung had fluid.

As I understand your consultation time is only 2 hour,  if we travel from Spore are we able to see u on Sunday as you’ve indicated priority only given to the elderly and very ill from the web it looks.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply. Dated: 5 July 2014.

Reply: Bring all the medical reports and scan. I see patients until everyone is done …even until mid night. nothing to worry.


Dear Mr Teo

Thank you for your favourable reply, hope to see  you soon.

Dear Mr Teo


I ‘ve made travel arrangemnent with my husband to see you this Sunday 13/7/2014.


Reply: Bring all the medical reports and scan …see you. 

Dear Dr Teo

I m sorry that I’ve to postpone the travel plan as my husband not so suitable to travel for the time being. However, we will come and see you when he is more fit to travel.

Dear Dr Teo,

Sorry to bother you again,  2 weeks ago I have made arrangement and was about to come and see you, however,  my husband condition is getting worse as his abdomen slowly  bloated with fluid since beginning of July,  he withdraw at the last minute as we were about to leave cause he was feeling uncomfortable and started to  have difficulty to walk. He is currently hospitalization for 1 week  and has been extracted almost 6 litres of fluid and stomach now still bloated with wind and  Doctor found cancer cell present in the fluid and the gut area is sticky with fluid. And we also fully aware that the fluid will accumulate again anytime.

Dr Teo  I sincerely hope with your help at least he can be treated as we are totally lost,  for a man at 5 ’11” only now  left with 50Kg and the doc  keep asking him take food with high protein. (Ensure)  Dr Teo I wish I would have known you earlier as I read article written by Dr Liu Chu Nan three years ago but she did not quote your name, only  know you in  July 2014 when I read the book written by Betty Khoo.

The solution of my husband condition given by the  oncology  is definitely chemo,  Cisplation + pemefrexed = avastin.

Dated: 24 July 2014 

Dear Dr Teo,

I’ ve thought of using plant protein, however, due to the bloatedness of his stomach, some  products contain of soy, beans and nuts are out such as anyway , my husband is so desperately to gain weight now as he is too weak to walk.

May I know is there any hope for his case, the more I pray his condition getting worse. But I m not ready to let go as God has promised us ask will be given and I find this cross is too heavy for me to carry. 

Dear Dr Teo,

I knew that chemo and ensure are not good product .

From the very beginning (stage II) , I  already aware that lung cancer is a very difficult to battle, but at that moment we can find any suitable TCM in Singapore, some even rejected when they heard is lung CA , some demand a very high price (S$500 for 1 consultation with 2 wks medicine). Although my husband is at the advance stage but I still do not wish to give up till the end cause I ve seen many similar terminal stage and get healed. I was very touched by the wording  which  you have put in the mission and principle of you and your team.

I  also read in your case 2  which I found quite similar to my husband that James suffered from colon cancer and his stomach also bloated and distended.  Therefore I sincerely hope that at least you allow me to make a trip down to see you  and give my husband a chance, perhaps in  God’s guidance  at least can relief him some of his discomfort from his current condition which the oncology unable to give him.  

Reply: Anyone can come and see me — that is not a problem. But if you are too sick— it is not good to travel …so don’t bring the sick…. Also if the doctors have already done everything and nothing seems to work….what can I do? I don’t wish to play god and mislead people …. I also believe that if God wants to do a miracle, He does not need Chris Teo …. so, by all means come but don’t expect me to cure you.



Lung Cancer from Jakarta

Dear Prof Chris,

My name is R from Jakarta, Indonesia. I would like to go to Penang and meet you to consult regarding my mother ASAP. But do we need to do any appointment before?

Here is a short story about my mother:

My mother has a lung cancer and it was diagnosed around 1 month ago. She always got cough so she went for a medical checkup at Kuching, and they found out that there was liquid inside her lung. They found out that the cancer was stage 4 and her lung looks like a bird nest.

Right now, my mother still in Kuching, So i attach the first visit form regarding my mother. We don’t know what to do. We thought drinking herbal might makes her at least better or makes some improvement. Thanks for your attention Prof, hope to receiving your reply ASAP.

Age : 55 

Gender : Female 

Part A : Medical history 

Cancer: Lung, stage 4, extent of spread : stomach 

How it started : start coughing around 4 month ago, what doctors you have seen and the treatments given : Sucking the liquid from lung and stomach, shots inside her lung.

 Part B : Your Current Medications 

Are you currently on any herbs? If yes, are they effective? Give details : No medications at all, the doctor tell us to do chemotherapy or expensive medicine. 

You may continue to take your doctor’s medication, nutrients and vitamin supplements but list down what you are taking : Multivitamin A-Ztab qty : 14 EA, Omeprazole (omelon) 20mg caps, Panadeine tabs, bisacodly 5mg tabs

Part C: Your Current Health 

The more details you provide, the better we can understand your problems. 

1. Are you in pain? Where, how often/serious? 

2. Can you sleep? No, must with some medicine 

3. Feeling tired? Yes 

4. How often is your bowel movement? Difficult, constipated, with blood? 

5. How is your appetite? Doesn’t have any apetite 

6. Any swelling? Where? 

7. Do you have: Gastric problems? Diabetes? High blood pressure? 

8. Urination – frequency? painful? with blood? 

9. Cough? What phlegm colour (white/yellow)? Yes,White 

10. Difficulty in breathing? Yes, hard to breath

Lung-Brain Cancer from Jakarta

Dear Prof Chris,

My name is K H and I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I would like to go to Penang and meet you to consult regarding my father ASAP. But do we need to do any appointment before? Or we can just come any time?

Here is a short story about my father:

My father has a lung cancer and it was diagnosed around 1,5 years ago. He felt uncomfortable around his left chest so he went for a medical checkup, and they found out that there was liquid inside his lung. So he went for a surgery and they found out that the cancer was stage 3B.

Not long after the first surgery was taken, the cancer cell spread to the abdomen because they found liquid around that area (apparently his cancer cell is the type that produce liquid). We took the liquid out, but the liquid came back again.

Then the cell spread to the brain because there is liquid in his brain. Then we took it out also, but the doctor said that the liquid in his brain can only be taken out twice or three times a year, but my dad has took it us four times.

So his status now is weak, doctor has stopped his chemo so currently he doesn’t have any medication and he has been hospitalised for almost a month. He still has the energy to walk and to talk, but the only concern is he keeps on vomiting, and couldn’t eat, because he will keeps on vomiting again.

Also, for 3 weeks, he couldn’t catch the conversation like usual. He will forget things, and keep on repeating certain words. We understand it might be the liquid inside his brain is increasing and the liquid pressured the brain, and that’s why he keeps on vomiting.

We don’t know what to do… we have no direction. We thought drinking herbal might makes him at least better or we can see an improvement. Thanks for your attention Prof, hope to receiving your email really, really soon.

Reply: Yes, come and see me with all the medical reports and scans ….. Friday at 3 pm on wards or Sunday at 7 pm on wards.


Lung Cancer from Singapore – no cure, less than a year to live

Hello Dr Chris,

My mother was having an stage 4 lung cancer, we was told by the doctor there is no cure on her case, she is 70 years, doctor given her less than a year to live, she is a recovered cervical cancer patient which was detected more than 5 years ago, this lung cancer is spread from the previous one.

Doctor said chemo is the only way to treat her, but we are not intended to do this for her, consider at her age and the

current health situation, we would like to seek for chinese traditional treatment, i am very greatful if you can give me

anyway of advise or to have a chance to contact or meet up with you, i am a Singaporean living in Singapore, very greatful

to you if  you can leave your contact number for me to contact you, Thanks for your time for reading this Email.

Reply: No use to talk or write email. Just come and see me with all the medical reports.

Please don’t reject me – Lung CA from Singapore

Hi Chris,

I accidentally browse through your blog. Please don’t reject me, please. I am in a very very deep frustration, depress to the max. I know there is many many people who seek your help daily, so you might not be able to entertain me online. However, I can only just try… Besides trying & praying, nothing I can do…My mum has diagonized with lung cancer, final stage. It has spread to brain & bone, & backspine. I attached whatever I have, I can but I don’t know if it helps. Can you help my mum? Of coz I would like to bring my mum to ur side, but she can’t take longer journey. Can you please teach me how? I am a Malaysian, from Johor. I married to a Singaporean, & now we stay in Singapore.

The doc let my mum having Iressa, it cost us a bomb since we are treated as a foreigner here. I don’t know how long we are afford to this Iressa, & how long my mum can prolong her life. The doc also suggest her for brain & spine radiotherapy; while my mum weight is only 30.5kg at the moment. I don’t know if she can take it. The doc say she can only live for few months with Iressa, so what should I do?

We let her take u-turn grass with Iressa, we don’t know, but we did hear people recover after eating u-turn grass. We also hear of 七星针,马草。。。Anything bla bla bla…We tried herbs, but we anyhow try. My mum cough, lose weight, & her right tight make her v hard to walk. I am exhaused, & hopeless until I browse through you blog accidentally. My mum is supreme tired after start taking Iressa, & her brain is more blur.

For my mu current health:
1. Her right leg is in pain
2. She can sleep but not very well type
3. Yes, supreme tired after Iressa everyday
4. Not sure
5. Not very good
6. No
7. No
8. No
9. Yes. Initially is white, now don’t have Phlegm
10. Sometimes Yes
11. Right tigh is very tight causing walking problem

I will be really appreciated if you can help, the entire of my life. My mum is only 64 years old tis year & she is still young. I really wish you can help.

Reply: No problem. Call Mr Lee and he can help you since you are from JB.

Hi Chris,

I managed to meet Mr Lee today, after spent whole day in hospital. Bring my mum for MRI scan today. The result is shown & please refer to the attached. I feel almost want to cry out. The doc asked us to do radiotherapy immediately else my mum is gonna paralyzed. Is my mum really gonna leave me? I cant imagine. Please save her. She is the person I love the most in this world. We went to see Lee. He is a very nice & straight forward guy… My mum perfer Ca Care more, she prefer 草药 as it is more natural; & she really wish there is miracle which let her stay for few more years. It is impossible right? But I pray hard for it. I do luv her so much..& I can’t answer if she is going to get paralyzed. Can you teach me what to do? Lee has not prescribe any herbs to us; he wants us to consider about it. Any advice from you?

Reply: You have make you own decision. I cannot tell you what to do. There is NO cure for cancer ….do whatever you want to do ..chemo, radiotherapy, herbs etc ..there is no cure … so we cannot blame anybody. I am not god and I cannot cure anybody…the patient can only cure himself or herself …that is what we tell you. I am not god and I don’t have any magic bullet.

Iressa and Lung Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is N this email is regarding my mom 63 years old. Below is my mom’s health history:

March 2013: After constantly coughing for 3-4 months, she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, nscl adenocarcinoma, with lymph nodes and bones metastases.

April 2013: She had 10 cycles radiation for 2-3 worst parts of the bones

May 2013: She started taking Iressa 250mg daily. She rarely coughs since then.

Sept 2013: Blood test showed that her CA15-3 and CA125 were within normal range, and the PET Scan showed that the cancer cells in lymph nodes & bones have diminished, while the main/big tumour in the lung has reduced in size.

Nov-Dec 2013: She started coughing again, it’s getting worse everyday

She is scheduled to get Pet Scan, blood test, MRI head, X-ray, and other scans on mid February 2014. She is treated by Dr. X  in Siangpore.

My question is:  Does my mom need to go to Singapore to see Dr.X and to get all the tests/scans done first, before going to Dr.Chris Teo?

or she can just come to Dr. Chris immediately?

Thanks & I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. Regards.

Reply: No need to do more test. Can come and see me. Your story of Iressa … that happens most of the time! Tumor gets smaller and then grows big ….Human beings don’t learn.

Lung Cancer: Recurrence after Chemo and Radiation

Hi dr Chris,

Let  me introduce myself. My name is Ixx from Indonesia.  My father, 53 years old, has lung cancer (non-small   cell). He has been diagnosed around February 2013 at NUH Singapore. Chemo and radiotherapy have been given to him, so we stayed at Singapore for a while. One month after all treatments finished, my father did CT scan and doctor said that those cancer cells cannot be seen.  So it seemed chemo and radio worked for my father.

But last week, my father went to NUH for routine check up again, did a CT scan again, and apparently those cancer appear  again. Doctor are suggesting my father to do biopsy to check whether that is really  cancer or not. But my father hesitate to do biopsy and CT  scan again since those actually not really good for body  itself. And also, let say my father did biopsy and doctor  confirmed that it was cancer, he doesn’t feel like want  to do  chemo again. Since the effect of last time chemo still  remains until now, even though last chemo would be around  end of March 2013. His taste is still weird, and his body is still not 100% well.  So we seek  another options and came out to your website   Do you think you can try your best to cure my father? We would like to go there and see you. Is there any  appointment I need to make? What do we need to make an appointment? Hope for your reply soon. Thank you so much for your attention.

Reply: No need appointment. Come with all the medical reports and scans.

Lung Cancer from Singapore

Dear Chris,

I heard about your good work on cancer therapy  few years back , I have great respect for your selfless effort on helping Cancer patients that lost hope on tradition treatment.

My mother 74 years diagnosed with lung cancer stage four on right lung; so the doctor said. The doctor recommended two drugs iressa or tarceva. But have doubt in these drugs for quick fix. I would want my mum to consult you this week 3 or 4 Dec. Sorry for the rush appt. Let me know if you are available so that I can book flight from Singapore to Penang.

Btw happy new year! Hope to hear from you soon.

Bone Cancer from Colombia

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My mother’s MD has told us that she has a significantly aggressive bone cancer located within the left knee cap. Per the doctor, the cancer entity is very small but extremely aggressive. This was confirmed with a biopsy. They found that it had spread to one of her lungs, and that the cancer in her lung was small. They wish to do two tests to determine how dangerous it is. The doctor said the chance of survival is low because of her age (63). They are going to remove the affected bone next week. Then they wish to begin the chemo process.

I would like to know if I bring her to your clinic is there a chance of her surviving? The doctor stated that he must use the most poisonous type of chemo, and he is unsure if she can withstand the treatments.

Reply: Where are you from?

My mother is living in Cali, Colombia, South America and I am living in Tampa, Florida. I greatly appreciated your truly rapid response. Thank you.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help. I am from Malaysia … half a world from you. Chris.

Dear Dr. Teo,

I thoroughly understand that the distances are disruptive, however I wish to fly to your location with my mother. I and her will remain at your location until the treatment is completed.

What I am asking is if you believe, based on your medical expertise and experience with other cancer patients, is this cancer case beyond hope or is there hope through your treatment system?

Reply:  Thanks for your email. I am sorry. Cancer is a very, very difficult problem and I want to be honest. It is hard to try and help patients far away … no use to come and see me either because it is not a one-shot treatment. It is an on-going treatment process that take years I hope you understand. Chris

Lung Cancer: Chemo and Radiation. Patient unconscious. Oncologist gave up

Dear Dr Teoh,

My fiance male, age 46 was diagnosed primary lungs cancer with metastasis to cervical spine, spleen, right inguinal hernia and lymph node involvement. He received two doses of chemo therapy, 5 times radiotherapy over the cervical. 3 times radiotherapy at the left lung but didn’t complete another 2 radiotherapy because he is too weak. The oncologist told us to stop the radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well. He’s having some complications such as thrombosis at the renal vein and inferior vena cava. Currently he is able to aroused and aware of things happen around him but not able to respond as he had stroke or possible brain metastasis.

I would like to seek the herbs therapy from you. He is currently admitted to private hospital in Melaka and need small oxygen support, feeding tube and need total nursing care. In view of his condition i would like to enquiry:
~ can i feed the herbs via the feeding tube?
~ any suggestion of the nearby hospital in Penang that i can settle him as he need continue nursing care
~is that any branches in Selangor or Johor so that it is safer to transfer him by ambulance

Thank you and best regards

Reply: I am sorry. We cannot handle such a case. Better ask the doctor to help him.  chris


Kindly reconsider it. The doctor already told him that he is not responding to the chemotherapy. Thanks

Lung Cancer

Hi Dr Chris,

I am very much interested to bring my father who is currently suffered with stage 4 lung cancer. We are planning to come over to CA Care for consultations and medications. I have 2 queries pertaining to the same:

1. Is there any appointment required before we attend the session or we can just walk in to the center. We are planning to come on 29th September for morning session.

2. Do we need to sign The disclaimer and release of liability forms before visit by emailing the soft copy or it can be signed and submitted during the visit on 29th September.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.


Lung Cancer from Medan

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is S,and i’m from Medan, Indonesia, i have read about cancer care at penang. And im interesting to ask more about your offer in healing the cancer.My father is 70 years old already and he is suffered from lung tumor / cancer. We don’t know for sure what stage he has.

Because we do not want him to take a biopsi / smal surgery in order to know whether it is only tumor ( cell that can be taken out easily) or cancer (heavy cell).

So we take second option, we go to the herb medicine by herbal doctor . We took the herb medicine for already 8 months. It seems that the tumor is getting smaller. But the tumor is moving to press the esophagus and the way to swallow foods. So this make him difficult in swallowing the food . Now my father takes his food by making them into juicy ones and swallow them slowly. As you know, he cant eat normally already. What should we do then. He seems so thin now. He has lost his weights for around 10 kilos more.

Can we send an email to u by enclosing his medical report from the hospital? and can you inform us whether u will open your cancer care at penang around 6-7th August 2013?

Thank you for your information before, I look forward to hear from you soon.Please heal my father, we love him so much.

Thank you. Best Regards.

Note: How can you ever say the tumour is getting smaller? Any scan or USG? Or imagination. And his is not getting better!

Lung Cancer Spread to Brain from Hong Kong

Dear Dr. Teo,

I am M. My father, 59, was diagnosed of lung cancer in Nov 2011. He immediately had an operation in Nov 2011, and started the chemo and radiation therapy in Jan 2011. The treatment ended in Aug 2011 and his cancer index was kept at a low level after the treatments.

However, he was diagnosed of a tumor in his brain this week (July 2013), which is around 1″ in size, and it’s pressing onto his nerves. He’s still waiting to do a scan in the hospital again before the doctor can advise whether he has to undergo surgery or radiation therapy.

I am writing to seek your advice as one of my friends referred you to me saying herbs help. I am not very familiar with herbs treatment, and would like to seek your advice and have more information about it.

Please kindly advise how to help my father. Really looking forward for the feedback soon from you. Thank you very much for your help.

Thanks and Regards,

Reply: Go to or

Dear Dr Teo,

Thanks for your quick response. I have read your stories online before emailing you.

My family and I live in Hong Kong, if we would like to seek more advise from you, do we need to come to Malaysia? Pls advise. Thanks,

Lung Cancer – Chemo Blood Clot in Leg. No cure. S$ 1 million gone

Dear Dr Teo,

I would like to bring my dad to seek treatment from you. We are indonesian that are currently seeking treatment in spore. He is suffering stage 4 lung cancer and has spread to other parts of his body including spleen, bone, skin stomach and has undergone 12 cycles of chemo therapy. I heard of you from a friend which is one of your patients and I had look through your website.

A quick summary of my dad condition, After 12 cycles of chemo, the cancer cells r not responding to the chemo but it didn’t grow larger. The doctor suggested another type of therapy called ‘targeted therapy’ which starve the cancer cells by blocking the blood vessels delivering food to them. However, there is a side effect of blocking other normal blood vessel in any other parts of the body too.

My dad has already a complication of blocked leg artery from the 2nd cycle of chemo, causing us to amputate his toes. Hence, he is at a very high risk of getting other blood vessels blocked if he were to go thru the targeted therapy. The wound on his amputated toes have not heals yet since the surgery on January 2013. He is also on high dosage of blood thinner to prevent blood clotting.

He also has diabetes and high blood pressure problem. In addition, he is very weak, on wheelchair due to his amputated toes and also have gastric, constipation, blood clotting problems.

We would like to meet up with you to discuss more in details of his condition.

When will be the soonest possible time that you will be available ?

Looking forward hearing from you Dr Teo,

Many thanks.

Reply: Yes, come any time with all the medical reports.

Note: Patient’s daughter came. Family has spent S$ 1 million of the treatment from the “best” oncologist of Singapore. Now gave up chemo.

From Singapore: Chemo Did Not Cure His Lung Cancer

Dear Dr Teo,

I came to know your contact through website search. We are born again Christian and believe God had directed us to you. We know in God, He has the last say  and through prayers we have hope in Him.

My hubby has gone through chemo treatment since 7 months ago at National Cancer Centre, Singapore under Stage IV non-small cells lung cancer.

It seems the size of cancer cells has grew bigger. Last week his CT scan shown it has spread to his liver about size 3cm. It seems the 2 type chemo treatments both on drip n tablets form do not help.

Doctor suggested to try other type of chemo and see whether it can work on him.  I believe the doctor does not know which is the right type of chemo. He is purely just trying an error. The chemo treatments had weaken him: his weight has gone down from 89 Kgs to 72 Kgs

For past 6 months he has been taking  fruit/veg juice in the morning ( comprising of green apple, beet root, carrot, lemon, wheatgrass n broccoli).

This coming July 2013, he will be 70 years old.  He desires is to live till  80 n above. He was a smoker before till 2 years ago he stopped smoking after doctor diagnosis him Lung Cancer.  It started with his CT scan showing he had a shadow on his right lung. Now he is still able to walk and his appetite is quite poor.

We are Singaporean staying in Singapore. Just want to know first before we make an appointment with you.

1. Attached is his recent CT scan report – is there a chance for him to proceed with your treatment?

2. Must he stay in Penang for the whole course of treatment?

3. What will be the whole cost for this treatment?

4. Roughly how long will be his treatment in weekly or monthly ?

5. What diet must he be on?

6. Anything that I have missed to ask you – please also  enlighten me with whatever information you want to let me know.

Thanks and look forward to your response soon. God Bless.

Reply:  You should go and read a lot more …. and

No we are not a hospital and you don’t need to come here and stay in Penang. Come and see me with all the medical reports and scans. I see you and give you herbs and teach you about the diet. That will take about 1 hour and you go home. Take care of yourself at home.

Since I am not god and I also don’t want to play god, I really don’t know what I can do to make you live longer. I can just try my best. If you read enough what I wrote you will know all the answers or read my book — Cancer What Now ….. found in  Chris

Many thanks  Dr Teo for your prompt response. Noted, I will follow your instruction to go n read more about the links.