Prostate Cancer from Sarawak

Hi Prof. Teo,

My name is L.  I’m emailing on behalf of my father who lives in Bintulu, Sarawak.  He had prostate cancer and another slow moving cancer as well.  He is a stroke survivor and he has diabetes and high blood pressure, just to give you an overview of his health condition.  He plays golf everyday now and can do everything he could do prior to his stroke two years ago. His urologist has suggested he do hormone therapy and radiation for his prostate cancer treatment, but my father REALLY doesn’t want to do that.  Instead, he asked me to help him find an alternative to chemical medical treatment.  And so I found you.

I found your website and I had my dad read through your site and he is 100% keen on coming to see you.  But he doesn’t really use email or know how to navigate the internet like I can… so that’s why I’m emailing you to help him make his first appointment to see you.

He would like to come to your center in Penang, but he will have to organize flights, accommodation ext coming from Sarawak… So please could you let me know how your bookings for your consultations work and on what day could he come see you and if he wanted to stay in Penang, could you inform me on what is a good amount of days you think he should stay in Penang to consult with you.  Once I have this information, we will book the flights to come and see you. Thank you,

Rising PSA from Sydney

Dear Dr Chris,

Pray that you and family are in good health and always become blessings to the people.

My fatheris now living in Sydney, has been on the CA Care Herbs continuously since beginning of 2012 (as per my last email below): capsule A, prosta tea and mt guava tea, until now.

He is also on a vegan diet until now. The following shows typical of what he eats everyday:

1. Breakfast – black bean, green bean, red bean porridges with black chia seed and pumpkin seeds.

2. Morning tea – sometimes he eats 2 slices of bread with almond jam

3. Afternoon tea – fruits (apple, orange, kiwi, unripe banana, pear, strawberry, blueberry, avocado, dragon fruit, papaya, nectarine, peach, apricot)

3. Lunch & dinner - red or black rice with tofu/tempe/mushroom and vegetables
However, his PSA still keeps on rising every time. Since beginning 2013, he is checking his PSA at 3 months interval. The latest PSA June 2013 rose almost double from Mar 2013.

My father Daniel’s PSA readings are as follow:

05 Mar 2012 -     0.66

05 Apr 2012 -      0.71

21 May 2012 -     0.71

15 June 2012 -     0.72

16 August 2012 – 0.74

06 Nov 2012 –      1.1

05 Mar 2013 -      1.6

05 June 2013-      2.9

If you have forgotten, for your information, my father had a radical prostatectomy in 2007 because adenocarcinoma of prostate present with Gleason Score 4+4=8 with the portion of grade 4 carcinoma being 100% but no radiotherapy or chemo until now. Please find attached the Histopathology report immediately after the radical prostatectomy in 2007.

My father and we as a family do not want my dad to go through radiotherapy or chemo. We are grateful that his urologist has been quite respectful of my father’s decision to try taking herbal therapy instead of following his suggestion immediately for my dad to have radiotherapy since last year 2012.

On 21 June 2013, my dad had an MRI of Pelvis and Whole Body Diffusion. And on 09 July 2013, he also did Nuclear Whole Body Bone Scan. Please find attached both results.

On 27 June 2013, my father went to see his urologist for his regular 6 monthly check up. His urologist suggested my father to see the Radiation Oncologist to evaluate the benefit of starting on radiotherapy treatment or just wait and see if his PSA reaches 10 then to start hormonal therapy, as his PSA was now doubling in the last 3 months. Previously it was only creeping up slowly.

My dad has concerned for the fruits that he eats above which have encouraged the rise of his PSA. Please advise us what fruits that are not suitable for him.

My father and we as a family are confused now  what we should do, we advised you previously that my father do not want to have radiotherapy therefore he has been on CA Care Herbs from early 2012 until now, non stop and also he is a Vegan.

Kindly advise us in your opinion and from your experiences, what my father should do for this continuous rise in his PSA. He really does not want to go through radiotherapy or hormonal therapy.

We really appreciate your advice and assistance.

Yours Sincerely,

(Note: From our record, patients started herbs on 13 January 2012 and as of July 2013 it has been a total of 19 months BUT he only took herbs for a total of 9 months only. What happened to the remaining 10 months?). 

Prostate Cancer from Spain

Dear Chris,

I’ve been reading your web page and found it very helpful.

My husband has Prostate Cancer IV and is now going through chemotherapy.  He just had his first chemo last Friday 27th. April. His PSA was 4.6 when diagnosed October 2010.  Now it has risento 19 and bone scan shows it was hit by cancer, even the liver shows something little in doubt.   He has no pain and feels fine, thank God !

I’ve read all about alternative medicine in the book Outsmart your Cancer by Tanya Harper.   My husband does not trust this type of cures, I do.   My idea is to let him have the chemo but with alternative herbs at the same time, what do you think?   After 6 sessions of chemo, which he won’t be cure, we already know, only stop it, then he might like to try the complete treatment.

Please give me more information about your products and especially how it works with Advanced Prostate Cancer.  Also he possibility to have them in Alicante, Spain.

Sorry my English, I’m Peruvian and my husband Spanish.   Thank you very much, please help me.

Dear L, 

Thanks for your email. I am from Malaysia … far away from your country. I am sorry I cannot help people if they don’t come here and see me. Attached is my explanation. And I hope you can understand the problem I face. Also I cannot send herbs to Spain and I have never done that before. 

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your mail, it is my present from you on Mother’s Day.   I’ll keep the letter enclosed in my heart and maybe someday we will meet personally.   I have always had the idea of visiting the East and it is the best moment in my life to do it.  Although, I must convince my husband, he does not believe much in alternative medicine; but he loves me and love can do ALL. I trust God and you.
God bless you, your family and all the work you are doing.

PSA Gone Down Again … from 6,962 to 1,084

Dear Prof. Chris…

I am H, represents my father, the patient of CACARE with no. S102

Again we did PSA test on may 1, 2012…..and the result was 1084….

On February 2, 2012 my father PSA = 6962….

On march 29, 2012 PSA = 3103…

and May 1, 2012 PSA = 1084….

He started taking your herb on February 15, 2012….and after 2.5 month the PSA is down a lot…

Thank you Dr. Chris…we all really feel happy, calm, and grateful…my father will continue taking your herb….

But his both legs still can’t be moved….(because of his spine marrow / backbone marrow/ sumsum tulang belakang has been damaged by cancer cell). In July or August I plan to meet you…I hope you can tell me what to do to help him walking again….please…One more time…Thank you Dr. Chris….


PSA down from 6962 to 3103 after one a half months on herbs

Dear Prof.Chris,

I am H represents my father, the patient of CACARE.
On 29 March 2012 my father did PSA test & the result was 3103.

On 22 February 2012 his PSA was 6962.

He started taking your herb on 15 February …so it is about 1.5 month & the PSA is down…thank you Dr. Chris.

But I have problem…. My father can’t walk now. The Indonesian doctors said that his spine marrow / backbone marrow/ sumsum tulang belakang has been damaged by cancer cell, so his legs can’t be moved. Help me Dr. Chris.Do you have any herb to repair his backbone marrow / sumsum tulang belakang? Or to help his legs can be controlled again? Thank you very much.

Reply: I suggest that you come and see me about his problem.

Prostate Cancer – advice on radiotherapy? No make your own decision

Hi Chris.

Would appreciate your advice on radiotherapy … Would the herbs aid with radiotherapy … We are in two minds about radiotherapy although a few consultants suggest hormone therapy with radiotherapy would be the best treatment. What do you suggest? Many thanks for your all your help.

Reply:  You came. You bought my book on: Healing Prostate Cancer Naturally. Everything is in there. I have written enough! Make your own decision after reading the book. I have nothing to say.


Prostate Cancer from Hong Kong

Dear Dr. Chris,

My father found that he has 3rd stage of prostate cancer few days ago in Hong Kong. He has not decide yet to do which treatment since we and the family would like to consult more different opinions although chemo and radiation treatments are the most common from the doctor’s recommendation. Please find the attachment for the reports of my father, would it be enough for you to advise?

Please do let me know if you need more information for consulting. Or we need to make a trip to visit you in person?

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Reply: Please come and see me in Penang if you think I can help you.

PSA Down After Herbs

Dear  Prof. Teo,

I am from Surabaya (Indonesia),  patient number S – 010  .

Beginning  on 24 July 2011, I started your herbal ( capsule A , Prostate A tea , Mt. Guava Detox tea ) and very strict diet ( no meat , no dairy , no oil , no sugar , no salt ) until now. Praise Lord Yesus and thanks to you. My  PSA  is  eventually going down:

21 June 2011         :  PSA = 8,0

20 July   2011        :  PSA = 11,97

24 July  2011         : Started on CA Care herbs .

24 October 2011    : PSA = 7,62 (after 3 months on herbs)

We are planning to consult you in Penang on 11 December 2011 (Sunday).

Will you be in Penang on that day ? Thank you very much for your kind reply.

Prostate Cancer – But CA Care is not about religion

Hi Dr Chris,
> >
> > My name is L, I am from Indonesia but I live in Sydney. I am enquiring for my dad, D, DOB: 25 September 1943. He  is in Jakarta now and scheduled to fly to Sydney on this Friday.

> >
> > I have read about CA Care from your website and would appreciate your  opinion for my dad’s health condition.
> >
> > Since prior to year 2005, my dad always has headache and his balance  worsen. In December 2005, he was diagnosed in Sydney, Australia to have Acoustic Neuroma (benign tumour) on the left ear and he had surgery to remove the tumor on the left ear. After the surgery he has to have gold  weight put on the upper lid of the left eye and had ear cartillage on  the bottom lid of the left eye. He also suffered face nerve weakness.
> > But praise God, it is almost good now. However, he still complained of headache and feeling hot on the right side of the head. But recent MRI  did not show any recurrence of the tumour.
> >
> > In 2007, he had prostate symptoms and his PSA raised up. Urologist in  Sydney gave him medication to take for a few weeks and had another PSA  checked. Urologist said he had prostate cancer and also did biopsy,  result of the biopsy showed his cancer in stage 1D but it was an aggresive cancer. So he undergone prostatectomy in 2007 and his prostate  was removed. After the surgery, his PSA dropped to less than 0.01.
> >
> > The urologist requested him to check his PSA every 6 months for the next 2 years. However, recently in 2010, his PSA started to rise very slightly to 0.2. The urologist thought there was a mistake, so asked him  to have another PSA test. The result still the same. From January 2011, every 2 months my dad had PSA test as per requested by the Urologist in Sydney. The result showed his PSA kept increasing. Mar 2011 PSA raised to 0.28, May 2011 PSA raised to 0.39, July 2011 PSA raised to 0.49. The urologist said, if the PSA kept increasing, my dad needs to have radiotherapy, possibly there is a present of cancer. That’s why he is scheduled to come to Sydney to see the urologist.
> >
> > I would like your opinion about my dad, whether your therapy could help  him. We don’t know whether there is a new cancer in him. But our family would like my dad to try your therapy so he could avoid any
> >
> > I called today 7 Sept 2011 to Penang and spoke to your wife, who
> > recommended me to write email to you and also visit your representative
> > in Jakarta, Pak Teddy, telp no (021) 8190785, so Pak Teddy could first
> > explain about your therapy and whether my dad is willing to commit
> > himself to it.
> >
> > 2. Do you recommend him to go to Penang, to have consultation with you? We really would like him to receive the right advise and therapy. Given there is still another day tomorrow, Thursday 8 September, before  he is scheduled to fly to Sydney. If you recommend that he delays his flight to Sydney as more time is needed to monitor him, please advise us on this, we would probably delay his flight. We understand that you only have consultation every Friday and Sunday.
> >
> > 3. If it is possible to know, what kinds of herbs are you prescribing to  the patient? Are they from nature, are they organic?
> >
> > 4. If it is possible to know whether you are Christian or from other denomination as we family are Christians.
> >
> > I really appreciate your feedback to my above questions. Please respond  as soon as possible as my dad might need to adjust his schedule to Sydney.

> >
> > God bless you

My Prostate Cancer Experience

Hi, All,

Providing you some info on my prostate cancer experience:

I had robotic surgery to remove prostate with cancer on recent 26th March, costing RM 40k.

Biopsy of the extracted gland and adjacent tissues indicated it was Stage 3 cancer.

Oncology’s ‘Gold Standard’ post-surgery treatment for Stage 3 prostate cancer is radiotherapy, zap 33 times where the prostate was, and hormone jabs to cut off male hormone, to curb growth of cancer cells that might be in other parts of body.

Zapping would cost RM 30k, each hormone jab RM 1k. Full recovery, after all the tortures to body and pocket,  is uncertain. Decided not to undergo the Gold Treatment.

Holistic Treatment

A college classmate had advised against radio- and hormone therapy, instead to try the herbs and follow advices from Dr. Christopher Teo, PhD, a college senior who had lectured Botany in USM and treated cancer patients with herbs for more than 15 years.

We went to Penang to see Dr. Chris Teo at his Cancer Care Centre on 15th instant. His CACARE motto is OUR HANDS GOD HEALS. (You can visit for more info)

Surprised to see quite a few patients there, not only locals, but also from Acheh, Sulawasi, Thailand and Singapore, who had lymphoma, breast, ear, liver and bladder cancers.

Dr. Teo went through my prostate cancer record, like seeing a simple ailment, told me to keep on taking the herbs, continue with the new diet – no meat, egg, dairy products, sugar, oil, alcohol, and to eat more raw vege, fruits, nuts etc. Herbs and new diet would provide enough nutrients for body functions and suppress new cancer cells.

(He said my prostate cancer was not so bad, no need to remove. There were worse cases, but improved after herbs and right diet. Too late, mine was already cut and thrown away!)

Indeed worthwhile talking with other patients and learning from their experience, the tortures they had endured through normal medical treatments but without positive results.

The bladder cancer case I met had impressed and inspired me most. This patient was a S’pore PR. Mr. H, came to CACARE to collect more herbs. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer  exactly a year ago after noting blood in urine. As cancer was at advanced stage, his Oncologist suggested removal of bladder, followed by chemotherapy. When asked would he live after all these treatments, Onco couldn’t answer. Mr H refused treatment, and the Onco confirmed he would have max 4 months life.

Mr. H decided to find his own cure, read more than 100 books on cancer and nutrition, surf the Net for more info and found Dr. Chris Teo. Mr H started taking herbs and had a complete diet change. He survived on raw food – fresh vege and fruit juices, protein from soya and steamed deep sea fish, tried out different vege taste addition to make raw food palatable.

Now Mr H has no more blood in urine, lost 11 kg weight, looks very fresh and healthy. He went back to see his Onco earlier, but the Onco refused to see him. From his appearance, my wife and I thought his age must be in late 30 or early 40, but his correct age was 50! Certainly he didn’t look like a cancer patient. I’ll seek more info on his diet.

Whereas another Trengganu patient had earlier undergone unsuccessful liver cancer treatments, chemo and tomotherapy, looked age +70 near 80, but was actually age 60, younger than me.

After seeing Dr. Teo and talking with Mr. H, I have more confidence in tackling my prostate cancer, without having to undergo hospital’s so called Gold Standard treatments. (Gold actually is gained by Onco, hospital and big pharma).

I wish to inform you the importance of diet. Wrong diet induces cancer growth, right diet can reverse it. Dr. Chris Teo’s herbs are not just to help curb cancer cell growth, but also improve functions of organs and overall health. Herbs are alkaline, while western drugs are mostly acidic.

After a short period of fresh vege/ fruits, deep sea fish, nut, no sugar, less oily diet, and herbs, I feel healthier. BP at 120/80 now.

The new diet becomes palatable too. No urge for roast pork, char siew, chow kuih teow, steamed chicken (my favourite), beer and stout too (my bigger favourite).

Our matured body system is not meant to digest animal protein and milk.

Complex carb and plant-based foods are what your body needs.

Do change to right diet and all can enjoy good health and golf beyond age 90.

Read the book ‘The China Study’ by Dr T. Colin Campbell for more info on cancer related to diet.


Prostate Cancer: Surgery and Radiation Did Not Cure Him. Cancer Spread to the Bone

Dear Prof Chris,

My name is Q. I am from Johor Bahru.

I have looked at your website and I am interested in trying the herbs.

Initially, I have an elevated PSA of 4.6. It was confirmed to be tumour. I went for a surgery in July 2009 to remove my prostate tumour and subsequently done radiation.

However, the PSA did not go down to zero. My PSA is increasing, presently at 5.3 and expected to increase. The cancer has spread to the bone.

I am considering alternative treatment as advocated on your website. Please advise me given the above information.

Thank you and God bless you.

Reply: You just have to come and see me with all the medical reports.



Prostate Cancer that Does Not Cure

Hi Dr. Chris,

My name is JI, I’m from Kuala Lumpur. My father is suffering serious illness from Prostate Cancer. His current PSA is about 550, he was admitted to hospital since January 2011 but until today they was unable to cure his sickness and his sickness become worse.

I would like to seek your help & advice and try out an alternate solution other than just waiting.

My father still in the hospital and was unable to travel to Penang. I’ll be coming to meet you on this Friday (13/05/11) around 3 pm.

Please find his medical report and the first visit form as attached.

Awaiting your favourable reply.

Thank You

Reply:  We are open on Fridays from 3 pm to 5 pm and Sundays 7 pm to 9 pm

Surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy did not cure

Dear Dr Chris,

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001, and had gone through prostatectomy in the same year. The cancer recurred in 2004 where he was treated by hormone therapy, and radiotherapy in 2006, orchidectomy in 2007, chemotherapy in October 2008 till January 2009 due to cancer had spread to lung causing lung water retention and breathing difficulties.

After that he refused to carry on with chemotherapy due to various side effects.  Recently we have done lung x-ray and full blood test on him, and we found his lung fluid retention had returned and the PSA begins to rise (now is 37.1 ug/ml) after 2 months stopping of chemo.

Another thing worrying us is the blood test showed very high hs-c reaction protein which is 30.7 mg/l. We still do not know how exactly my father cancer go so far, is it dangerous for him due to this high hs-c reaction protein figure if he still not carry on the chemotherapy?

By the way, can Dr Chris give us some advices? We hope to try your cancer care program. Hope to receive your reply as soonest as possible.


Prostate Cancer: Spread to the Bones, from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is Lin. My dad has Prostate Cancer and has spread to bones. He’s always in constant pain. He has gone through Hormone Therapy and Chemotherapy, also Surgery just recently about a month ago. Although the Doctor in Indonesia is trying to give him more Hormone Therapy, I believe they have exhausted all their treatments.

From the start, I am believer of Alternative Treatment and I believe the best doctor lies within ourselves and in nature that God has provided us.


However, my dad has been battling his cancer for the last 4 years without telling me and all this time I live in Australia while my dad is in Indonesia. I only know of his case about a month ago. Soon after his surgery, he became so weak that my aunty in Indonesia decided to let me know, just in case he can’t survive. I start my research to find the safest alternative treatment nearby Indonesia I believe your treatment may be the answer.

My dad’s Hb level has been declining rapidly over these last months that he needs 4 bags of blood transfusion every month. His latest PSA level is 655. The doctor in Indonesia is also giving him morphine to help him with his joint and muscle pains My first concern is to help him out of his pain without morphine first.

I hope to hear from you soon

God Bless.


Prostate Cancer from Indonesia

Before this I wanna say sorry, if my English is not really good.

June 2007 I had painful urination. I went to Gleneagles Siloam in Jakarta. The doctor checked my PSA. I was shocked with the PSA result, PSA=976. The doctor told me that I might have prostate cancer. I must go for surgery immediately.

After surgery I felt peaceful. My PSA=0.84. The doctor prescribed Zoladex injection (once in 3 months) and Casodex (1 tablet daily). Eery month I checked my PSA. The trend was going bad.

June 2007         PSA= 975 before surgery

October 2007      PSA= 0.84 after surgery

November 2007   PSA = 0.87

January 2008      PSA = 3.45

February 2008     PSA = 4.74

April 2008           PSA = 9.51

May 2008            PSA = 11.51

June 2008           PSA = 14.36

July 2008            PSA = 15.58 8

Sept. 2008          PSA = 12.89

20 Sept. 2008      PSA = 16

October 2008      PSA = 23.09

November           PSA = 48.59

4 Dec. 2008        PSA = 73

(I was in hospital – ICU) on December 2008. My urination was painful again.

8 January 2009    PSA = 70

11 February 2009 PSA = 517

18 February 2009 PSA = 597

The doctor said I must go for surgery again. I had no choice. After the surgery everything was fine until January 2009, when my right upper stomach hurt a little. On 11 January 2009 my right upper stomach hurt terriblely.

I went for an abdomen CT scan. The doctor said my liver puffed up and said I had liver cancer. There a little dot at my tail bone. The doctor said those were spread from the prostate cancer. My condition was really bad condition. My stomach was bigger than before. I felt queasy. I puke nothing but wind from inside the stomach. The doctor told me that my disease has no cure. I really down in spirit there. But my son got a information that in Penang, Malaysia is a doctor (Dr.Chris KH Teo) who can cure a cancer.

(I am his son who wrote this email to Dr. Chris KH Teo. I am prepared to go to Penang with my father to have consultation with Dr. Chris directly, because I believe he can Cure my father’s disease. But if my father can’t be cured, I have ready to face it).

Comments: This email underwent minimal editing for the sake of easy reading. Our reply to him: No, Chris Teo is not a god. There is that much I can do to help patients who need help, but I cannot do the “impossible”.

We are aware that patients come to us only after medical science has failed them. So this is a typical case. The message of this story:

a) Surgery does not cure prostate cancer.

b) Hormonal injection and/or pill cannot cure prostate cancer either.

c) Patients are not taught to take care of their diet – they eat anything they like after being discharged from the hospital. We believe this is a great mistake and deficiency of medical management of cancer.