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Breast-Bone Cancer

Dr CHRIS TEO, my mom is diagnosed with bone cancer (metastasis from her previous breast cancer – November 2005 & her ovarium cancer in may 2008). She has done 3 chemos in SINGAPORE. We want to order your herbal “KELADI TIKUS” or any herbal that is suitable for her. Is it possible u ship the herbs to Jakarta to our home?
Tq. M – Indonesia.

Reply: Sorry, we don’t sell herbs online. You need to come and see me with all the medial reports.

Stage 4 Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris,
My name is Y and I’m contact you for my sister, F. She was diagnosed with cancer stadium 4 and already had chemo several time. Right now she’s in hospital in Jakarta because her HB 6, TROMBOSIT 8,000.. So she can’t take flight to meet you directly
Do you mind to advice us what to do?

Reply: How to advise when patients don’t provide details?

Colon Cancer

Hi… My name is H, I’m Indonesian, and I live in Jakarta. My dad has a colon cancer stadium 3 and has been removed on February at NUH Hospital in Singapore. He is currently on medication and on chemotherapy. His first chemotherapy was about 2 weeks ago. Doctor said he will have to wait until the last chemotherapy (which will be on July) to see whether the cancer spread to other part of his body or not. But I think he is not getting better even after the surgery. He seems to suffer from severe pain, loss of appetite, lack of energy (he sleeps all the time). This morning he said his stomach hurts so badly. He is constipated, so my mom and my sister rush and fly back to Singapore.

My question is… is there still hope that my dad can recover from his cancer?? Please help us…

I know about this cancer center from one of my friend, but I haven’t told my dad about this. I would like to find out the detail and everything first before I told him about this therapy. I really hope that u can help him going through his cancer. I have read about your therapy medication and the herbal tea, but if my dad is still on doctor’s medication and on chemotherapy, is it ok to also consume a medication from your clinic? Should we tell his doctor if we want to go with an alternative medication also? Please reply to me as soon as you can and let me know what to do next… I really appreciate your help…

Thank you,
H – Indonesia


Bile Duct Cancer – Cholangiocarcinoma

Dear Chris,
I want to have consultation with you for my mother who got cholangiocarcinoma. She is 85 years old. I am afraid I could not get her to Penang because of her pain. Can you give us prescription for her sickness? Can we buy the herbs for her sickness on line? The cholangiocarcinoma is located on common bile duct according to Singapore’s doctor and almost block the duct also have stone in gallbladder . Please respond immediately, thanks for your prompt response.


D – Indonesia


Recurrent Tongue Cancer

Dear dr. Chris,
I am from Indonesia and I would like to have a consultation with you on behalf of my mom who has recurring tongue cancer and had undergone surgery 3x, radiation and chemo.She is so tired of all that. We desperately want to explore other possibilities.
I will be flying on Friday morning arriving in Penang at 11 AM and departing Sunday 10 AM. I am so scared that I may not have enough time if based on first come first serve basis, especially because you’re closed on Saturday. So my only chance is Friday PM.Is there some arrangement that we can make to prevent this?
Thanks a lot in advance,
H, Indonesia

Reply: Nothing to worry. I see ALL patients on Friday starting from 3 pm. Sure you will have enough time. I don’t stop until I see all who come. Bring all your medical reports and scans.


Liver Cancer: Only on traditional medicine – worse

Dr Chris,
My mother has been diagnosed with Liver cancer stage-3 (Jan-10). She’s just having traditional medicine, without having chemo treatment. Her condition is getting worse now, as she’s so easy to get tired & her stomach is bloating & hardened. Considering her condition, would it be possible to make appointment first? Thanks & regards,
A – Indonesia

Surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy did not cure

Dear Dr Chris,

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001, and had gone through prostatectomy in the same year. The cancer recurred in 2004 where he was treated by hormone therapy, and radiotherapy in 2006, orchidectomy in 2007, chemotherapy in October 2008 till January 2009 due to cancer had spread to lung causing lung water retention and breathing difficulties.

After that he refused to carry on with chemotherapy due to various side effects.  Recently we have done lung x-ray and full blood test on him, and we found his lung fluid retention had returned and the PSA begins to rise (now is 37.1 ug/ml) after 2 months stopping of chemo.

Another thing worrying us is the blood test showed very high hs-c reaction protein which is 30.7 mg/l. We still do not know how exactly my father cancer go so far, is it dangerous for him due to this high hs-c reaction protein figure if he still not carry on the chemotherapy?

By the way, can Dr Chris give us some advices? We hope to try your cancer care program. Hope to receive your reply as soonest as possible.


Laryngeal Cancer — Voice Box Removed from Johor

Weng is a 79-year-old male. During his younger days he was a heavy smoker (80 cigarettes per day). In 1995 he was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. A total larynectomy was perfomed (to remove his larynx). A permanent opening was created in his throat (see photo above). He produced a lot of white, sticky phlegm which had to be sucked out through this opening.

After the operation Weng started to smoke again (10 cigarettes per day). A PET scan done in May 2006 indicated a 1.3 x 1 cm tumour in the upper left lobe of his lung. This was later confirmed as non-small-cell carcinoma, Stage 3. There was also a “hot spot” in the 7th rib. The doctor indicated that he has only six to eight months to live. Surgery was not indicated because the cancer had already spread to the bone.

Weng was prescribed Iressa, which costs S$116 per tablet. He was asked to take one tablet per day for 20 days. As a result he suffered side effects. His fingers and skin were dry. He had diarrhea. He decided to forgo further medical treatment and came to us for help.

Bladder Cancer

I would like to know if there is still hope for my dad who is given a six-month-life after he was diagnosed with a Stage 4 cancer. The cancer started from the bladder. The bladder was removed (Stage 3) in September 2005. The doctor remove a bit of my dad’s lymph nodes (about 10 nodes) for test to see if the cancer has spread further but to our amazement that the result came back as negative.

Now the cancer has spread to his pelvis and there is a tumour on his lower abdomen. He is now very weak, has diarrhea on and off all the time and he has lost his appetite. The doctor suggested that my dad go for radiotherapy to shrink the tumour in his lower abdomen. The doctor said that chemotherapy will not prolong his life and it is not advisable.

Hope you be able to give us some opinion and advise. Thank you so much for reading this letter.

Prostate Cancer: Spread to the Bones, from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is Lin. My dad has Prostate Cancer and has spread to bones. He’s always in constant pain. He has gone through Hormone Therapy and Chemotherapy, also Surgery just recently about a month ago. Although the Doctor in Indonesia is trying to give him more Hormone Therapy, I believe they have exhausted all their treatments.

From the start, I am believer of Alternative Treatment and I believe the best doctor lies within ourselves and in nature that God has provided us.


However, my dad has been battling his cancer for the last 4 years without telling me and all this time I live in Australia while my dad is in Indonesia. I only know of his case about a month ago. Soon after his surgery, he became so weak that my aunty in Indonesia decided to let me know, just in case he can’t survive. I start my research to find the safest alternative treatment nearby Indonesia I believe your treatment may be the answer.

My dad’s Hb level has been declining rapidly over these last months that he needs 4 bags of blood transfusion every month. His latest PSA level is 655. The doctor in Indonesia is also giving him morphine to help him with his joint and muscle pains My first concern is to help him out of his pain without morphine first.

I hope to hear from you soon

God Bless.


Prostate Cancer from Indonesia

Before this I wanna say sorry, if my English is not really good.

June 2007 I had painful urination. I went to Gleneagles Siloam in Jakarta. The doctor checked my PSA. I was shocked with the PSA result, PSA=976. The doctor told me that I might have prostate cancer. I must go for surgery immediately.

After surgery I felt peaceful. My PSA=0.84. The doctor prescribed Zoladex injection (once in 3 months) and Casodex (1 tablet daily). Eery month I checked my PSA. The trend was going bad.

June 2007         PSA= 975 before surgery

October 2007      PSA= 0.84 after surgery

November 2007   PSA = 0.87

January 2008      PSA = 3.45

February 2008     PSA = 4.74

April 2008           PSA = 9.51

May 2008            PSA = 11.51

June 2008           PSA = 14.36

July 2008            PSA = 15.58 8

Sept. 2008          PSA = 12.89

20 Sept. 2008      PSA = 16

October 2008      PSA = 23.09

November           PSA = 48.59

4 Dec. 2008        PSA = 73

(I was in hospital – ICU) on December 2008. My urination was painful again.

8 January 2009    PSA = 70

11 February 2009 PSA = 517

18 February 2009 PSA = 597

The doctor said I must go for surgery again. I had no choice. After the surgery everything was fine until January 2009, when my right upper stomach hurt a little. On 11 January 2009 my right upper stomach hurt terriblely.

I went for an abdomen CT scan. The doctor said my liver puffed up and said I had liver cancer. There a little dot at my tail bone. The doctor said those were spread from the prostate cancer. My condition was really bad condition. My stomach was bigger than before. I felt queasy. I puke nothing but wind from inside the stomach. The doctor told me that my disease has no cure. I really down in spirit there. But my son got a information that in Penang, Malaysia is a doctor (Dr.Chris KH Teo) who can cure a cancer.

(I am his son who wrote this email to Dr. Chris KH Teo. I am prepared to go to Penang with my father to have consultation with Dr. Chris directly, because I believe he can Cure my father’s disease. But if my father can’t be cured, I have ready to face it).

Comments: This email underwent minimal editing for the sake of easy reading. Our reply to him: No, Chris Teo is not a god. There is that much I can do to help patients who need help, but I cannot do the “impossible”.

We are aware that patients come to us only after medical science has failed them. So this is a typical case. The message of this story:

a) Surgery does not cure prostate cancer.

b) Hormonal injection and/or pill cannot cure prostate cancer either.

c) Patients are not taught to take care of their diet – they eat anything they like after being discharged from the hospital. We believe this is a great mistake and deficiency of medical management of cancer.

Breast cancer: surgery, chemo radiotherapy – cancer spread to liver and bone

Dear Prof Teo,

My mother is 60 years old Chinese lady with background history of left breast carcinoma diagnosed in 2003. She had undergone left mastectomy with axillary clearance in Hospital Perdana, Kota Bharu in 2003. HPE revealed infiltrating lobular carcinoma. She then had completed 25 cycles of radiotherapy in HUSM, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

She was apparently well until presented to HUSM on 2007 with gross ascites and had undergone several times of peritoneal tapping. CT scan done in November 2007 showed gross ascites and circumferential bowel wall thickening at cecal region and barium enema study was done. However, a barium enema procedure was abandoned due to laxed anal tone. Colonoscopy result also was sub-optimal. Features suggestive of liver metastasis noted from ultrasound done on 7th Jan 08.

She then was scheduled for chemotherapy (CEF),started on 28th Jan 2008 and had completed 6th cycles of Chemotherapy. She then was well until in April 2009 when she presented to HUSM again with abdominal pain associated with loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, bloated and loose stool. OGDS done in 20th April 2009 and the findings were:

Swollen edematous whole stomach,D1 and D2.Biopsy result is consistent with diffuse adenocarcinoma. Repeat CT scan on 3rd May 2009,showed gross ascites, fatty liver with multiple cystic lesions in segment III and IV (which may represent cystic metastasis) and lytic lesion in  the right iliac crest(which is possible of metastasis).

Mother was not keen for any surgical intervention and chemotherapy. Apart from that, she also is a known case of pangastritis with multiple gastric ulcers. Her current medications are T.Spironolactone 75mg BD,T.Nexium 40mg bd,Vitamin supplements and hematinics.

My Aunty introduced us to pay a visit to your centre in Penang.




Breast Cancer: Radiotherapy and surgery, then suffered ovarian cancer

Dear Dr Chris K H Teo,

A friend give me your email contact. I am seeking for second opinion for my Mom’s sickness.

My Mom, born in 1928, was detected with intraductal carcinoma of the right breast. She had radiotherapy in SJMC. Then there was intraductal papillomatosis on her left breast and she did a surgery at UM Specialist Centre by a professor. She was monitored by these two doctor and a gynecologist with prompt check-up.

A year ago, she did an ultrasound on pelvis and abdomen, and they found a growth and the radiologist said it was as a fibroid. I did ask these 3 doctor and they said it is normal. And lately, she felt some pain, then I sent her to these doctors and after all the testing, they confirm it was advanced stage ovarian cancer.

She did a surgery in SJMC by Dr X on April 11, a week later she was discharged and

went back for a follow up  on Apr 28. On Apr 28 night, she was admitted into a nearby hospital due to lots of fluid discharge. She stayed for a week, then discharged and went home.

The doctors said the next option is to go for chemotherapy. Currently, she is suffering from pain and both of her ankles are swollen. She is also a patient for hypertension, diabetes and osteoarithis. She is taking Tamoxifen.

I appreciate if you can provide me with some advise. Are there any options that can release her suffering beside chemotherapy.

Thank you.



From Romania: Bony metastasis after chemo

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is Elena and I am originally from Romania. My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer last year (2007) in April and she was immediately operated. She did have a lump in her breast since 2006, when it was supposedly of benign nature. However in 2006, she fell and she started having leg pain (she has a backbone history of problems – she fell long ago and had a serious injury), so everybody believed it was sciatica or something related.

After the operation she started chemotherapy; during the chemotherapy the leg pains stopped for approx 4-5 months. After she finished chemo the leg pains were back more and more intense. For 1 year no doctor in Romania could give a clear diagnostic if her breast cancer has metastasized. However she did take Zometa (intravenously that should prevent the spread of bone metastases. Because of the severe pains we insisted in visiting more doctors and last week she had a PET imaging that concludes the possibility of multiple bone metastases (below the result). Hopefully no other organ has been affected.

With the strong believe that God will help us to go over this and have her healthy again we ask for your help. We saw on the internet that you can help cancer patients with her situation get significant improvements. She lives in Romania, so a trip to Malaysia is difficult, especially in her condition. She is very positive and we hope that everything will be fine. Please let us know if there is any way you could help us with your herbal treatments.


Mismanaged Breast Cancer Case from Jakarta

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am Sa from Jakarta. I’ve read your website, read your book “Food & Cancer” also “Cancer, Yet They Live”. I felt regretful to know you too late because all had happened to my eldest sister.

My eldest sister (62 years old) has breast cancer with a diameter of 3×4 cm on her left breast and has spread to right one with diameter about 1x1cm. She had gone for check up as being instructed by her doctor and the results show every of her organs are clean from the cancer cell except her 2 breast. She was diagnosed of having stage 4 cancer. This happened in end of February 2009. Her doctor asked her to undergo chemotherapy and continued by operation.

Further information, she was a Mandarin teacher and also a “taichi instructor”. She led a group (about 40-50) of elderly people in our housing complex for taichi every morning at 5. She had a good lifestyle, eat mostly vegetable, less fish and no meat, no alcohol, had meditation about an hour almost every night. She didn’t feel any pain of her cancer, only a little bit itching, never had head ache, seldom fall sick.

On March 3rd she went for the 1st chemotherapy. She was given “Leucogen” + “Lovenox” each twice, one set on the next day and another on the next 2 days. Unfortunately 7 days after chemo, she couldn’t urinate, she felt so weak because she had no appetite to eat and got diarrhea. She was hospitalised on the 9th day (March 12th).

Her oncologist went to Europe after her chemo so she asked her colleague (not an oncologist but on a surgeon) to look after my sister. This surgeon instructed the nurse to inject  “Leucogen” (without Lovenox) for 3 days, one for each day (Friday-Sunday), because according to this surgeon the leucocyte of my sister is too low (at 3700).  On Sunday my sister got ischemic stroke. Her blood pressure at that time showed 150/90 but the result of the blood test showed her leucocyte had jumped to 59000. She couldn’t talk, couldn’t swallow (using NGT to feed her), was being “half conscious”, but her movement was still fine and got terrible cramps on her limbs till her face.

Having hospitalised for 13 days with so many drugs given, her condition changed to worse and her doctors (internist, neurologist, not talk about her oncologist, she didn’t care at all) gave up. We pulled her out from hospital like a paralytic.

A week we gave her home care, then we found a new neurologist for her. She’s now taken care by this neurologist. This doctor suggested us to also find a medication for her cancer.

Fortunately we found your website. We have gone to your assistant, Pak Teddy. We’ve explained everything to him and he gave us C-Tea, Breast M, Breast L & Capsule A. We have given these herbs to my sister since 10 days back.

Look forward to getting your advise & thanking you in advance for your kindness. God bless you. With God’s love, Sa


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