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Breast Cancer: Christmas Greeting from J

This is an email I received from J who had breast cancer five years ago. Every year J send us this kind of message to update us.

Dear Dr Chris,

How are you? Please send my love to Im.

I am living joyously and healthily. Currently I am still taking C-Tea and Capsule A. By March 2010, it will be my fifth year anniversary since my cancer discovery.

In these five years, I witness my own family members battle with cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. A big chunk of her stomach was thrown out and no chemo or whatsoever treatment after operation. She is doing well at 83 years old. Her son (my uncle, 47) was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2007. He died three months later but painlessly. He took your herbs and it was towards the end of the week that he felt uncomfortable.

My aunt (52) passed away in July 2009 after three months of her stomach cancer discovery. I was told she suffered tremendously. Her family insisted on chemo although her son consulted you.

Five years have gone by and life has been good. I want to thank you for everything. I especially remember how desperate I was when I first saw you. I was full of fear and uncertainty. Whenever I meet new cancer patients, I refer them to your website as through your site they could gather lots of information and not fall into a panic mode. From there then they can decide what to do with their cancer cells.


With love,


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