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Breast Cancer from France

Fifty-five-year-old female from France with cancer of the breast that had spread to the bones in the pelvis (left iliac/hip/innominate and right trochanter) wrote me. This was what happened.

October 2004: Chemotherapy every three weeks, with FEC100. CA15.3 = 57.2

February 2005: Chemotherapy once a week, TAXOL with HERCEPTIN, for 16 weeks.
Hormone therapy: aromazine, then stopped, changed to femara and an enantone injection

June 2005: Operation to remove tumour on the breast. The tumour of 6 cm, reduced to 2 cm after chemotherapy. CA 15.3 = 16.8. Treatment with femara and enantone injections were continued.

June 2007: CA 15.3 = 32.9, exceeded the norm (below 31.3 in France). Chemotherapy again with NAVELBINE and FASLODEX injections plus daily oral intake of XELODA.

March 2008: Chemotherapy taken orally – ENDOXAN and METHOTREXATE and VYBRAMACINE

September 2008: Chemotherapy, TAXOTERE and HERCEPTIN once every three weeks for 6 sessions. CA 15.3 = 37.5

September 2009: Chemotherapy, TAXOL and HERCEPTIN every three weeks for 4 sessions. CA 15.3 = 51.5

January 2010: CA 15.3 = 65.4.Chemotherapy: TAXOL, once a week and HERCEPTIN every four weeks.

Chemotherapy stopped for one week. Chemotherapy to be resumed on 15th February 2010


I am still undergoing treatment. I take anti-depressants and medicine for panic/worry. I take biphosphonates (ZOMETA) to strengthen the bones (by drip).

I sleep well. I have a good appetite. I don’t take herbs. I don’t cough. My bowels move every day (I am not constipated). When I am not taking chemotherapy, I have some minor pains in the pelvis. I am not tired. I don’t have any lumps or swelling. I am not putting on weight. I urinate normally. I am not out of breath. I have stomach pains when I am undergoing chemotherapy. I am going to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) on 19th February to check the state of the pelvis.

Is this not a war? All the bullets and bombs have been used?
Why is she not cured?

My reply to her email:
Thank you for this email. Sorry for the delay in writing … this is because I was away in Bali for a week. I read the brief history of her problem.
a)What do you want me to do?
b) She is having chemo and chemo and chemo …when it is going to end?
c) What does she expect from me?
d) Does she believe in taking herbs?
e) Is she prepared to abstain from “bad food” — what does she eat everyday?


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