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Leukemia: She is doing well after giving up chemo!

This morning, Pak Jam from Aceh came – he said this is his 6th visit to Penang (Click here for full story: http://cacare.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=243&Itemid=57). The purpose of his trip is to collect herbs for his wife.

To me, seeing Pak Jam is a wonderful, most satisfying and rewarding experience. It leaves me with awe and amazement – indeed God the Almighty is merciful. Seeing Pak Jam is to know that his wife is still alive!

My only question of concern is: How is Ibu (mother) now? Pak Jam answered: Better that before. Oh, what a great answer. As I have always said this is God’s wonderful blessing. No man can explain how and why Pak Jam’s wife is still alive today. It defies scientific thinking. Ah, who is asking for scientific proof or clinical trial? This story is must unbelievable – most improbable! Men of science call this a “fluke” or the bombastic word is “spontaneous healing”! Yes, fluke that happens at CA Care all too often! Ask yourself: would “spontaneous healing” happen if his wife were to continue staying in the hospital for chemo … and chemo and spending RM 2,000 each day?

But do we really need that scientific proof? God’s work needs no proof. You see it! You experience it. That is if you have eyes to see. But human minds are closed –saturated and numb with super ego.

I asked Pak Jam again: Are you sure that Ibu is okay? Yes, she is. Her haemoglobin has now gone up to 12 plus – higher than the previous reading! When she went to see the doctor in the hospital, the doctor (who knew about her leukemia) would not give her any medication. He was in awe and was amazed and said he would not wish to sabotage the present healing process. What a wonderful doctor!

I asked Pak Jam how he got his wife into the aero plane. This is what he said: My wife was on the wheel chair and I had to tilt it towards me and held her head against my chest. In my heart I prayed that she just would not leave us while at the Penang airport – please God, let her die after the plane take off. How did you get her into the plane? I waited until everyone was on board – we were the last to get in. There were three seats and my wife was placed on the middle seat while her head rested on my son’s lap and both her legs on my lap. When we got to Medan, all our relatives were there to receive us.

I told Pak Jam that all our conversations were being video taped and I would like to add in more clips of our conversation. I asked if I should cover his face. Pak Jam said: No, please remove the cover on my face. I want to let the world know this. Indeed I am impressed. This is a man who is different most people who came. For most people I have to cover their faces in our video clips. And some patients don’t even want to share their success stories.

A lesson for me: The learned and the educated ask for scientific proof. They want it published in peer reviewed journal! I don’t buy such stuff any more. Experience and see for yourself what had happened. Take it or leave it. What greater proof is there than seeing a person alive and well?

I consider myself blessed and I remain grateful to the Almighty God for every miracle that happened at CA Care. And each week I shall look for miracles – big or small. You can keep your science and your proof, but for me I shall continue to praise the Unseen God for every blessing that happened.

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