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Ovarian Cancer: Christmas Greeting from Australia

Update from E from Australia. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was given three and a half months if she did not do chemotherapy. E refused!

Hi Chris and Im,
It has been a hectic few months and Christmas only four days away. My friends cannot believe how well I look and the energy I have. Last Christmas at this time I was in a wheelchair as I tired very quickly but it only took four weeks on your herbs to make me feel like my old self again.

Sad part is that they have all said that if they get cancer they could not follow the routine I do regarding diet or continue with the herbs for a long period of time.

I cannot understand this attitude as they have seen for themselves the benefits of this regime. Are people so weak and lack discipline – especially if it means their LIFE?.

Most people are creatures of habit and not prepared to change OR put in the effort to help themselves. If they had any common sense they would find out all there is to know about HOW NOT TO GET SICK or if they have a health challenge HOW BEST TO HEAL.

It is a sad reflection of one’s attitude when we expect someone else to heal us and take no active part at all. I see this time and time again, here in Australia.

Each and every one of us has the ability to create our own miracle, we need only to try and also ask for help from god or the universe, which we are all part of.

I found the story regarding Pak Jam’s wife very humble and an amazing read. Faith and love have a great part to play in any healing and Pak was meant to find you as he loves his wife dearly.

Your kindness and caring gave them hope and sometimes this is all that is needed to kick start the healing process. God bless you and Im for your humanitarian work and love you give all who come to you.

Only four days to go before our family get together for our huge Christmas lunch, with a day filled with much laughter and the joy of playing games with our grandchildren. We will don our Santa outfits to-morrow night and visit the many Christmas displays scattered through-out Melbourne. Some people go to great lengths to produce remarkable displays of lights and characters such as HUGE SANTAS AND SNOWMEN.

I miss Scotland at this time of year when the snow falls and it is minus 30 deg. It is a magical time.

Well my dear friends I miss you and wish you both a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. My love and thoughts are with you.


E from Australia

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