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Breast Cancer, and Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer!

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is M.P. and I have been forwarded your contact details from
family friends who live in Penang.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time in 6 years. The first time was on the right breast(Grade 1, in 2004) and then left (Grade 1, in 2008) and now it is back on the right side. I am going in for surgery (a bilateral mastectomy) in a couple of weeks.

I am writing to make the initial contact with you and if possible, to get some advice about what I can do to heal myself and aid in my recovery from the cancer and the surgery.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Reply: Please go into my website and read my newsletters and also the case studies.

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