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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Breast Cancer from Cape Town, South Africa

Hi Chris,

I’m writing this e-mail on behalf of my mother. We read about your program on your website. She is so keen to benefit from it since she is suffering from breast cancer which has mestasized to bones (on its way to the liver) as the x-ray depicts. She has undergone chemo treatments, radiation and now she’s on cancer drugs.

We are from South Africa (Cape Town) so we would like to know if there is a way in which you help people who are located remotely as you have stated in your website that people from another country can send an e-mail.

I would appreciate your response in this regard.


Reply: I have not sent out any herbs to South Africa — the postage cost a lot of money ..and the herbs also cost some money

Thank you, I appreciate your response. Can’t you perhaps give me some advice on herbs that I can buy or a diet she can follow to prolong her life?

Reply: Please go to my website: http://www.cacare.com … there is a lot of information about herbs, diet etc. You just need to read all of what I wrote … and also the newsletters and all the stories, videos etc…..

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