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Breast Cancer from Nepal – Help?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for sending your news bulletin time to time. I am very much happy to read your news.

I am sending this mail to ask about some problem. One of sister in-law is diagnosed by Brest cancer grade III, IDC with ER/PR -ve ,her2 +ve along with axillary nodal involvement. Now she has already received first cycle of chemo with the regime of AC (Adraimycin + Cyclophosphomide). Doc in India told to change to new chemo from second cycle after finding above mentioned results. They are thinking to give at least 6 cycles of chemo and then after going for surgery of lumps. I have attached the results of beginning results of the test for your review.

I would be grateful if you could suggest me what might be the best way of the treatment for her. Is it possible to bring her there for further treatment and what might be the chances of the recovery?

I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Reply: Thank you for your email. It is extremely hard for me to handle a case from far away places.
a) You are from India? b) She is your sister-in-law —not you. Are you sure that she and her family believe in what I am doing? In herbs? c) She has undergone chemo with AC — is she going to do more chemo? Did you ask if this chemo is going to cure her? There are a lot more after this — radiotherapy and hormonal therapy… what do you want to do?

I really don’t know what to say to you because treatment for breast cancer may take years , and it is hard to do via the internet.

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your swift reply. We will discuss about the possibilities and inform you later. I would like to answer your questions.
a) We are from Nepal. But we brought her to India for her treatment. I am currently working in Bangkok, Thailand.
b) Yes, she is my sister-in-law.
c) Sorry for my miss information. She has undergone first cycle of chemo with AE (Adraimycin+ Endoxan). Doc. In India informed us that she may require around 6 cycles of Chemo and after that they are going for surgery. This is only a major treatment for cancer in modern medicine so we are only hoping that this treatment could resolved her cancer problem but we cannot make sure about the fully recover. Therefore we are looking for your suggestion for best treatment.

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