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Cancer: Oncologist Said Chemo Would Not Make Much Difference

Dear Dr.Chris K.H. Teo,
My mom’s oncologist tells us her cancer has recurred and if she does chemo it will extend her life by another 6 months. But he does not recommend chemo until her condition becomes painful or other have other symptoms. He tells us chemo does not cure her and does not make much difference.
I found out about you from the internet. I would like to bring my mom to see you to help treat her.
We are living in Singapore and planning to go to Penang next week to see you … I saw the video on healing crisis after taking your herbs. I’m afraid if we just take your herbs and go back she might experience pain, vomit and diahorrea, my mom may think the herbs are not effective and stop. I think your presence and guidance will give us confidence to face the battle against her cancer.
I read from the website consultation hours is Fri 3-5pm and Sun 7-9pm. So we can fly to Penang on Thurs afternoon or Fri morning. Do you know of any accommodation we can rent to stay in Penang that is not too expensive, like service apartment that allow us to make our own food ? I read we need to change our diet and I saw your video to prepare sprouts and the type of vegetables to eat.
Here is what I know of my mom condition and cancer: Histology report identified cancer to be mucinous adenocarcinoma of the iluem which has invaded the muscular wall and peritoneal surface. Concluded to have Pseudmyxoma peritonei and it is stage IIB.
Surgery was done to remove the cancer in March 2010. 10 cm of iluem and 7.5 cm of caecum was cut off. She refused to do Chemo immediately after surgery. Subsequently doctor ordered blood tests and PET/CT scan. CEA marker has been rising from 5.4. Yesterday the oncologist said the CEA was 12.9 and PET/CT did not show metastatsis.
My mom easily gets stomach and intestine bloatedness and discomfort when she takes cooling stuff or during cold/rainy weather. Even some vegetables make her have loose stools and diahorea. Ginger tea helps her remove the wind. Other than that she is losing weight at about 0.5 to 1 Kg every 3-4 weeks. She can eat, sleep and has no pain. She has been taking some Chinese medicine to help her but her condition is like above and CEA marker keeps rising. We do not know what the Chinese medicine contains. Please reply as soon as you can. We pray for God’s help and yours too.

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