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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Colorectal Cancer: Surgery, radiotherapy and chemo – the cancer spread to the liver and lungs

This is for my mother.

She was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 5 yrs ago. She had an operation where they removed her colon. She had chemotherapy and radiation. She went into remission for about 6 months or a year and they found tumors in the cervix (which are now gone) and in the liver and lungs. She has undergone chemotherapy for almost all 5 years.

She is currently in chemotherapy but as a consequence of the radiation, her intestines developed scar tissue and had to have two operations to remove parts of the intestines. She is very thin, weak and really yellow. The doctors say that there is no real hope. I agree that from their point of view, there isn’t. However I was puzzled to hear that she was advised to eat anything she wanted.

She has very little appetite, has a lot of nausea and gas. Last week she had a fever, and her leg was swollen. I live in California but she lives in New York. I am trying desperately to do as much as I can to rebuild her immune system.
Can you help us? Thanks

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