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From Norway: Her Leukemia Came Back Again

Dear Dr. Chris K H Teo,
My name is JMS. I am originally Indonesian but I live in Norway with my family.
In May 2008 I was pregnant for 5 months and got Acute myelogenous leukemia.  Mid June 2008 the pregnancy was aborted, so that chemotherapy treatments could start.  I had 5 chemotherapy treatments.
By the end of November 2008 I was finished with all the chemotherapy treatments and declared free from leukemia.
I am now pregnant again, 27 weeks on the way.  Last Friday (October 1, 2010) the doctor took bone marrow test and confirmed that I have got a relapse of the leukemia.  They plan to wait until my pregnancy is 28 weeks (on October 11, 2010) and they will take out the baby by caesarean operation. Then they will start with 2 treatments of chemotherapy and the bone marrow transplantation.
From previous experiences I know the chemotherapy treatments are extremely hard on my body.  I also heard that bone marrow transplantation is an extremely high risk operation.
I heard you have helped many people so that they are cured from cancer, without chemotherapy and transplantation. I would highly appreciate your advice if there is anything else I can do in this desperate situation?  Best regards.

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