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Inoperable Pancreatic Cancer

Dear Dr Teo,

Called your line from Singapore and spoke to your wife this morning.
I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July, the tumour is localised and is inoperable (sitting on blood vessels).  My oncologist at NUH has put me through ONE round of 6 weeks of Image Guided Radio Therapy with supplementary XELODA oral chemo CONCURRENTLY. This treatment finished last month. In general, I tolerated well. The cancer markers have came down throughout the 6 weeks.

My side effects are severe fatigue , weak legs ,heat wave over body ,occasional bone aches. I am modestly anaemic now , low blood pressure and liver readings are not that great. The oncologist gave me folic acid supplements.

Please advise if my friend can collect herbs from you to DETOXIFY my condition. Thank you for your attention and care.

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