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Kidney-Lung Cancer: No Cure They Said

Discovered blood in urine in August 2009 and did a CT scan on 11 September 2009. Discovered a 14cm tumor on my right kidney – diagnosed as primary kidney cancer. The cancer has also spread to both lungs (43 nodes of various sizes, biggest about 3cm).

My urologist said it is Stage V and possibly a few months to live. Last scan in March 2010 showed no further tumor progression (kidney tumor shrank a bit to 12.5cm and the largest two nodes on the lungs also shrunk by 1.5cm) but they found a new node about 3cm X 3cm size around T6 area.

Next scan scheduled for 26 August 2010. Seen two oncologists and four urologists and all said no cure. However, some recommended the drug Sutent and surgery.

Dear Dr Chris,

Sutent has now increased in price to RM24K. They are now doing a first year promo, patient pay for two months and drug company pays for 10 months. Second year onwards ???? Yes, my urologist’s only two patients on this drug died.

Reply: One patient who came to see me also died after taking Sutent. Besides he suffered severe side effects. I wrote about this case: Go to http://www.cacare.com / Case Study / Kidney Cancer.

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