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Lung Cancer: Chemo, Radiotherapy and Surgery

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I am a lung cancer patient. My lung cancer was discovered in July 2005. After I went through chemo and radiotherapy treatment, I was in remission. In Jan 2009, during my annual check-up, the CT scan shows my cancer has relapsed and the tumor has grown back in its original position i.e. my upper right lung. Based on the CT & PET scans, it was found to be localised.

My oncologist recommended me to operate to remove the tumor. On 22 Jan, I was operated by the surgeon. Unfortunately they found that the tumor was stuck to a main blood artery and it is too dangerous for them to remove it. Now they recommended that I go for chemo.

To be honest with you, I don’t trust them anymore. I don’t believe chemo and radio can cure. Hence I am writing to you to seek your advice of using herbs instead of chemo. I will be most grateful if you could let me know whether you can help me.
Btw, I am living in KL so it is not possible for me to visit you in Penang.

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