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Lung Cancer from Australia: No surgery or Radiation Indicated

Hi Chris,
I am currently in Melbourne, Australia. My wife has lung cancer (type adenocarcinoma).
1. Started with pleural effusion of the left lung 11 months ago. Remove 7 L of fluid followed by a procedure to stick the pleural space with talc.
2. Chemo not suggested as the doctor felt that it could be slow moving (surgery or radiation not indicated).
3. Cancer marker started to dropped for the next 6 months (as she took some herbal products).
4. 5 months ago, after some coughing, left lung collapsed. Cancer marker, CEA doubled to approximately 300.
6. 2 months ago, my wife developed ascities. Removed 4 L of fluid. Tests were inconclusive, i.e. no cancer cells indicated.
7. After 2nd tap last week, the abdominal fluid has not returned.
8. CT scan indicates no metastasis. Cancer has progressed in left lung and numerous nodules are seen on the right lungs. Lymph nodes somewhat enlarged.
9. My wife is currently weak and thin. Lost a lot of weight after the ascities. But appetite is now returning and she is eating well. Sleeping is not too bad, but continuous productive cough is interfering with her sleep. Phlegm is whitish and foamy. Shortness of breath.
Awaiting your answer anxiously. Thank you.

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