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Melanoma: Chemo and Radiotherapy – No Cure?

Hi Dr. Chris.

I heard about you through Mr. Yeong Sek Yee and the website http://www.cacare.com.

I wish to get some advice from you regarding my father’s cancer case.

My father 69 years old, was diagnosed with melanoma in early 2010 and the tumour is found on his back (upper part). After going through 2 times surgery to remove the tumour at the back, the follow up check-up discovered that the cancer re-occur and spread to lymph node at left and right of his arm-pit.

My father is on chemotherapy now, completed 3 sessions, still pending for another 3 sessions. On top of that, my father also had gone through 15 sessions of radiotherapy at his back.

After recent review with the oncologist in-charge for my father’s case, the oncologist said that the tumour at the back had shrunk and the lymph nodes at the arm-pits grew bigger. Thus, the oncologist proposed to have radiotherapy at the lymph nodes two weeks later.

Throughout the chemotherapy & radiotherapy sessions that have been carried out, my father’s body became weaker and his WBC & RBC were lowered. I am worried and thinking on how to help my father to overcome his health crisis.

So through books & internet, I found that lifestyle changes, eating well, exercise, and a stress free environment are equally important aspects of healing cancer. So, I am trying to get my father to understand the importance of lifestyle changes as part of his cancer healing process.

Besides that, is there any other way, like herbs treatment or others that Dr Chris can propose to help my father’s melanoma case?

Looking forward to your reply soon.

Thanks a million.

Reply: Thanks. I have written enough about all these in my website … and you just need to read what I wrote. There is NO point for me to write again and again the same old stuff. Go to the case studies and the videos … and see Mr. Yeong. He can help you.

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