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My Father Died – Tell me more – Why?

Hello Mr. Theo,

Mr.Theo a few months ago, in May 2010, I sent emails to you, I told you about pain of cancer my dad. But suddenly at the end of June Dad often choke when drinking, and also shortness of breath until my daddy died on July 5.But that makes me wonder exactly what my father esophageal cancer? Because of the Indonesian doctors also cannot confirm, only lab test results stating squamosa cell carcinoma.

Mr.Theo may I know what exactly squamosa cell carcinoma? What are the symptoms? And attack on organs which parts of the human body? Whether the same with my dad, I mean whether a patient also may experience paralysis of the hands or feet on the network either partially or wholly.
S so my curiosity got the answer. Ok, mr.Teo, thanks for your empaty, I always wait your email. God Bless You

Reply: If your father already died — why must you what to know more? Just go to the net and search for what you want to know.

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