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Pancreatic Cancer – 84-year-old. No Chemo For Her

Dear Professor Dr Chris,
My mon, 84, had stomachache (assumed gastric pains) since early 2008. 17 August .2010 detected pancreatic cancel stage 3 via CT scan. 4.11.2010 detected liver cancer via CT scan. No treatment recommended by medical doctor(s) attending to her.
I wonder if Dr Teo could kindly consider treatment for my mom as she is not recommended for surgery nor any chemo treatment due to her old age 84 and frail nature with diabetes and hypertension.
I am in KL and she is in Sungei Petani. I was planning to fly to Pg, rent a car and fetch my mom to see you but she condition is not too good – she is in pain, vomiting and cannot take solid food.
I pray that you can consider meeting up with you … my own daughter is just discharged from hospital for eating disorder but under observation in KL and taking her SPM next week so I need to be running all over but as you rightly said in your home page .. I am doing something and not looking on doing nothing. After praying to God, I found your website in an internet search. I am surprised that having discussed with so many of my friends and watch Astro and surfing the web for cancer info, I have never been told or seen on TV or about your website earlier.
Thanks & Regards

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