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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

When All Else Failed, Magic Cure Comes Easy?

Found your website whilst browsing the net about colon cancer which has spread to the lungs. My mother had colon cancer 5 years ago. She was operated on and had since undergone 3 X 6 months sessions of Chemo. The cancer is now in her lungs and a previous operation on her lung had confirmed its source is from her initial colon cancer.

She had now decided to stop all medical treatments as previous chemo had numbed her hands and legs, making it difficult for her to walk.
We are in Singapore and she is unable to travel long distance. What treatment do you suggest for her and how much would that cost?

Your kind assistance will be most appreciated.


Comment: Good indeed – sitting in front of the computer and expect the world to revolve around you and bravo the cure drops down from the sky! This is a typical kiasu attitude that I often encounter. When nothing else works anymore … perhaps sitting in front of a computer … you can find some kind of a magic, easy and instant cure?

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