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Bladder Cancer

I would like to know if there is still hope for my dad who is given a six-month-life after he was diagnosed with a Stage 4 cancer. The cancer started from the bladder. The bladder was removed (Stage 3) in September 2005. The doctor remove a bit of my dad’s lymph nodes (about 10 nodes) for test to see if the cancer has spread further but to our amazement that the result came back as negative.

Now the cancer has spread to his pelvis and there is a tumour on his lower abdomen. He is now very weak, has diarrhea on and off all the time and he has lost his appetite. The doctor suggested that my dad go for radiotherapy to shrink the tumour in his lower abdomen. The doctor said that chemotherapy will not prolong his life and it is not advisable.

Hope you be able to give us some opinion and advise. Thank you so much for reading this letter.

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