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Breast Cancer: Radiotherapy and surgery, then suffered ovarian cancer

Dear Dr Chris K H Teo,

A friend give me your email contact. I am seeking for second opinion for my Mom’s sickness.

My Mom, born in 1928, was detected with intraductal carcinoma of the right breast. She had radiotherapy in SJMC. Then there was intraductal papillomatosis on her left breast and she did a surgery at UM Specialist Centre by a professor. She was monitored by these two doctor and a gynecologist with prompt check-up.

A year ago, she did an ultrasound on pelvis and abdomen, and they found a growth and the radiologist said it was as a fibroid. I did ask these 3 doctor and they said it is normal. And lately, she felt some pain, then I sent her to these doctors and after all the testing, they confirm it was advanced stage ovarian cancer.

She did a surgery in SJMC by Dr X on April 11, a week later she was discharged and

went back for a follow up  on Apr 28. On Apr 28 night, she was admitted into a nearby hospital due to lots of fluid discharge. She stayed for a week, then discharged and went home.

The doctors said the next option is to go for chemotherapy. Currently, she is suffering from pain and both of her ankles are swollen. She is also a patient for hypertension, diabetes and osteoarithis. She is taking Tamoxifen.

I appreciate if you can provide me with some advise. Are there any options that can release her suffering beside chemotherapy.

Thank you.



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