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Colon Cancer

Hi… My name is H, I’m Indonesian, and I live in Jakarta. My dad has a colon cancer stadium 3 and has been removed on February at NUH Hospital in Singapore. He is currently on medication and on chemotherapy. His first chemotherapy was about 2 weeks ago. Doctor said he will have to wait until the last chemotherapy (which will be on July) to see whether the cancer spread to other part of his body or not. But I think he is not getting better even after the surgery. He seems to suffer from severe pain, loss of appetite, lack of energy (he sleeps all the time). This morning he said his stomach hurts so badly. He is constipated, so my mom and my sister rush and fly back to Singapore.

My question is… is there still hope that my dad can recover from his cancer?? Please help us…

I know about this cancer center from one of my friend, but I haven’t told my dad about this. I would like to find out the detail and everything first before I told him about this therapy. I really hope that u can help him going through his cancer. I have read about your therapy medication and the herbal tea, but if my dad is still on doctor’s medication and on chemotherapy, is it ok to also consume a medication from your clinic? Should we tell his doctor if we want to go with an alternative medication also? Please reply to me as soon as you can and let me know what to do next… I really appreciate your help…

Thank you,
H – Indonesia


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