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From India: Mastectomy, chemo, radiotherapy – extensive bony metastases

20th May 2006: First operated tumor of breast.

21st July 2006: Removed right breast. Four times chemo given at interval of 21 days. Given 25 times radiotherapy. Then again 4 times chemo given. This procedure ended on 10 January 2007.

29th Sep 2007:  had heart attack. Then medicines for heart taken daily. It had side effects of cough. Then from January 2008 regular Pranayam (yoga) started for 2 hrs per day. Ayurvedic medicines taken regularly. Slowly allopathy medicines were stopped and only dependent on Ayurvedic medicines.

June 2008 back pain started. She has history of back pain since many years as she is house wife and does lot of work for family. Doctors suggested pain killer. Gradually joint pain started, back pain started. At the end of Sep 2008 she had severe pain in leg. Local doctors detected it as sciatica. In January 2009 other leg was also affected.

Then many x-ray, sonography, blood test were done. She had fibroid body in uterus which was of 29 mm x 28 mm in size during 2006, which reduced to 10 mm x 8 mm in present report, due to Ayurvedic medicine and yoga. She was referred to cancer hospital. So went to Ahmedabad (Civil hospital). On 28th January 2009 blood test, ECG, X- ray taken and reports were normal.

30th January 2009:  MRI taken, referred for bone scanning.

2nd February 2009: Bone scanning done and reports were shocking, she had metastasis in left parietal bone, sternum, multiple vertebrae and ribs, multiple spots in pelvis, long bones of lower limbs and upper limbs, the rest of skeleton shows radiotracers concentration within physiological limits and both kidneys are well visualized.

COMMENTS: The scan findings are suggestive of skeleton metastases to the above mentioned sites. Radiotherapy given on 3rd February, which was then stopped as she was to be given chemotherapy.


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