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From Romania: Bony metastasis after chemo

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is Elena and I am originally from Romania. My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer last year (2007) in April and she was immediately operated. She did have a lump in her breast since 2006, when it was supposedly of benign nature. However in 2006, she fell and she started having leg pain (she has a backbone history of problems – she fell long ago and had a serious injury), so everybody believed it was sciatica or something related.

After the operation she started chemotherapy; during the chemotherapy the leg pains stopped for approx 4-5 months. After she finished chemo the leg pains were back more and more intense. For 1 year no doctor in Romania could give a clear diagnostic if her breast cancer has metastasized. However she did take Zometa (intravenously that should prevent the spread of bone metastases. Because of the severe pains we insisted in visiting more doctors and last week she had a PET imaging that concludes the possibility of multiple bone metastases (below the result). Hopefully no other organ has been affected.

With the strong believe that God will help us to go over this and have her healthy again we ask for your help. We saw on the internet that you can help cancer patients with her situation get significant improvements. She lives in Romania, so a trip to Malaysia is difficult, especially in her condition. She is very positive and we hope that everything will be fine. Please let us know if there is any way you could help us with your herbal treatments.


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