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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Lung Cancer from California, USA

24 December 2008

Hi Chris,

First of all I would like to wish you a happy holiday for your whole family and Merry Christmas if you are celebrating.

My condition has improved so much during the last 3 weeks that now I can drive my car again and I don’t have to stay in bed and even though I still cough, but I don’t cough blood anymore. I started taking the lung tea # 2 again.

I don’t know what else to say but thank you so much. Your herbs have help me a lot.

The Medical History

April 30 2008

I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer stage 3B about 2 years ago and had chemo and radiation therapies. The therapy does help stop the cancer from growing but now it has started to show intensities again. Also my doctor found a new cancer on my right bottom lung of 1.5 cm and I will go through chemo again next week for 3 sessions.

14 June 2008

Dear Chris,

At the moment I have been feeling dizziness which I am not sure whether is Vertigo as the doctor said or the side effect of the chemo. I have to see the doctor again in a week time and my oncologist will determine if the chemo should be stopped until I feel better again.

I talk to my doctor and they suggested not to mix the herb with the chemo therapy. So, I will wait another month and I will start the herb at the end of July.

I will inform you how I feel with the herbs sometime in August and I really appreciate your help and I believe the herbs will help in keeping the cancer from growing.

15 October 2008

Hi Chris,

Last month I had my PETSCAN and 2 weeks ago my doctor told me that the old cancer has comeback and now it is over 6.5 cm and continue growing. She stopped my Alimta chemo and asked me to take Tarceva. I decided not to take Tarceva because of its effectiveness and side effects.

Prior to my Petscan I often cough blood and sometime it was pretty severe. My doctor told me it was because of the cancer and she gave me codein to suppress the cough.

Since 2 two weeks ago, I have been taking the tea (4 table spoon) and the capsule everyday. I took the capsules twice a day (3 each) after lunch and dinner and I drink tea lung 1 at 11 am and lung 2 at 5 pm.  So far I don’t experience any side effect and I don’t feel any pain either but scare me when I coughing up a lot of blood. I feel of course better comparing if I am under chemo treatment. I notice that my coughing (with blood) is severe if I don’t stay in bed and a little pain in my lung.

November 6, 2008

Dear Chris,

I have been taking the herbs for more than 6 weeks now and overall I feel much much better than before taking the herbs. My appetite is good and I do not lose any weight and I also do not have any pain. My doctor worry about my coughing (hemoptysis) but apart from that she is encouraging me to do any treatment that I think is the right treatment. I am pretty confident that the herbs are working pretty good against the cancer. My problem is the hemptysis, at the moment I am taking codein to fight the coughing which is working pretty good.

My next appointment with my doctor will be in January, but will not have PETSCAN probably until February or March next year.


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