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Mismanaged Breast Cancer Case from Jakarta

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am Sa from Jakarta. I’ve read your website, read your book “Food & Cancer” also “Cancer, Yet They Live”. I felt regretful to know you too late because all had happened to my eldest sister.

My eldest sister (62 years old) has breast cancer with a diameter of 3×4 cm on her left breast and has spread to right one with diameter about 1x1cm. She had gone for check up as being instructed by her doctor and the results show every of her organs are clean from the cancer cell except her 2 breast. She was diagnosed of having stage 4 cancer. This happened in end of February 2009. Her doctor asked her to undergo chemotherapy and continued by operation.

Further information, she was a Mandarin teacher and also a “taichi instructor”. She led a group (about 40-50) of elderly people in our housing complex for taichi every morning at 5. She had a good lifestyle, eat mostly vegetable, less fish and no meat, no alcohol, had meditation about an hour almost every night. She didn’t feel any pain of her cancer, only a little bit itching, never had head ache, seldom fall sick.

On March 3rd she went for the 1st chemotherapy. She was given “Leucogen” + “Lovenox” each twice, one set on the next day and another on the next 2 days. Unfortunately 7 days after chemo, she couldn’t urinate, she felt so weak because she had no appetite to eat and got diarrhea. She was hospitalised on the 9th day (March 12th).

Her oncologist went to Europe after her chemo so she asked her colleague (not an oncologist but on a surgeon) to look after my sister. This surgeon instructed the nurse to inject  “Leucogen” (without Lovenox) for 3 days, one for each day (Friday-Sunday), because according to this surgeon the leucocyte of my sister is too low (at 3700).  On Sunday my sister got ischemic stroke. Her blood pressure at that time showed 150/90 but the result of the blood test showed her leucocyte had jumped to 59000. She couldn’t talk, couldn’t swallow (using NGT to feed her), was being “half conscious”, but her movement was still fine and got terrible cramps on her limbs till her face.

Having hospitalised for 13 days with so many drugs given, her condition changed to worse and her doctors (internist, neurologist, not talk about her oncologist, she didn’t care at all) gave up. We pulled her out from hospital like a paralytic.

A week we gave her home care, then we found a new neurologist for her. She’s now taken care by this neurologist. This doctor suggested us to also find a medication for her cancer.

Fortunately we found your website. We have gone to your assistant, Pak Teddy. We’ve explained everything to him and he gave us C-Tea, Breast M, Breast L & Capsule A. We have given these herbs to my sister since 10 days back.

Look forward to getting your advise & thanking you in advance for your kindness. God bless you. With God’s love, Sa


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