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Prostate Cancer from Indonesia

Before this I wanna say sorry, if my English is not really good.

June 2007 I had painful urination. I went to Gleneagles Siloam in Jakarta. The doctor checked my PSA. I was shocked with the PSA result, PSA=976. The doctor told me that I might have prostate cancer. I must go for surgery immediately.

After surgery I felt peaceful. My PSA=0.84. The doctor prescribed Zoladex injection (once in 3 months) and Casodex (1 tablet daily). Eery month I checked my PSA. The trend was going bad.

June 2007         PSA= 975 before surgery

October 2007      PSA= 0.84 after surgery

November 2007   PSA = 0.87

January 2008      PSA = 3.45

February 2008     PSA = 4.74

April 2008           PSA = 9.51

May 2008            PSA = 11.51

June 2008           PSA = 14.36

July 2008            PSA = 15.58 8

Sept. 2008          PSA = 12.89

20 Sept. 2008      PSA = 16

October 2008      PSA = 23.09

November           PSA = 48.59

4 Dec. 2008        PSA = 73

(I was in hospital – ICU) on December 2008. My urination was painful again.

8 January 2009    PSA = 70

11 February 2009 PSA = 517

18 February 2009 PSA = 597

The doctor said I must go for surgery again. I had no choice. After the surgery everything was fine until January 2009, when my right upper stomach hurt a little. On 11 January 2009 my right upper stomach hurt terriblely.

I went for an abdomen CT scan. The doctor said my liver puffed up and said I had liver cancer. There a little dot at my tail bone. The doctor said those were spread from the prostate cancer. My condition was really bad condition. My stomach was bigger than before. I felt queasy. I puke nothing but wind from inside the stomach. The doctor told me that my disease has no cure. I really down in spirit there. But my son got a information that in Penang, Malaysia is a doctor (Dr.Chris KH Teo) who can cure a cancer.

(I am his son who wrote this email to Dr. Chris KH Teo. I am prepared to go to Penang with my father to have consultation with Dr. Chris directly, because I believe he can Cure my father’s disease. But if my father can’t be cured, I have ready to face it).

Comments: This email underwent minimal editing for the sake of easy reading. Our reply to him: No, Chris Teo is not a god. There is that much I can do to help patients who need help, but I cannot do the “impossible”.

We are aware that patients come to us only after medical science has failed them. So this is a typical case. The message of this story:

a) Surgery does not cure prostate cancer.

b) Hormonal injection and/or pill cannot cure prostate cancer either.

c) Patients are not taught to take care of their diet – they eat anything they like after being discharged from the hospital. We believe this is a great mistake and deficiency of medical management of cancer.

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