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Prostate Cancer: Spread to the Bones, from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is Lin. My dad has Prostate Cancer and has spread to bones. He’s always in constant pain. He has gone through Hormone Therapy and Chemotherapy, also Surgery just recently about a month ago. Although the Doctor in Indonesia is trying to give him more Hormone Therapy, I believe they have exhausted all their treatments.

From the start, I am believer of Alternative Treatment and I believe the best doctor lies within ourselves and in nature that God has provided us.


However, my dad has been battling his cancer for the last 4 years without telling me and all this time I live in Australia while my dad is in Indonesia. I only know of his case about a month ago. Soon after his surgery, he became so weak that my aunty in Indonesia decided to let me know, just in case he can’t survive. I start my research to find the safest alternative treatment nearby Indonesia I believe your treatment may be the answer.

My dad’s Hb level has been declining rapidly over these last months that he needs 4 bags of blood transfusion every month. His latest PSA level is 655. The doctor in Indonesia is also giving him morphine to help him with his joint and muscle pains My first concern is to help him out of his pain without morphine first.

I hope to hear from you soon

God Bless.


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