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Recurrent Tongue Cancer

Dear dr. Chris,
I am from Indonesia and I would like to have a consultation with you on behalf of my mom who has recurring tongue cancer and had undergone surgery 3x, radiation and chemo.She is so tired of all that. We desperately want to explore other possibilities.
I will be flying on Friday morning arriving in Penang at 11 AM and departing Sunday 10 AM. I am so scared that I may not have enough time if based on first come first serve basis, especially because you’re closed on Saturday. So my only chance is Friday PM.Is there some arrangement that we can make to prevent this?
Thanks a lot in advance,
H, Indonesia

Reply: Nothing to worry. I see ALL patients on Friday starting from 3 pm. Sure you will have enough time. I don’t stop until I see all who come. Bring all your medical reports and scans.


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