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Surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy did not cure

Dear Dr Chris,

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001, and had gone through prostatectomy in the same year. The cancer recurred in 2004 where he was treated by hormone therapy, and radiotherapy in 2006, orchidectomy in 2007, chemotherapy in October 2008 till January 2009 due to cancer had spread to lung causing lung water retention and breathing difficulties.

After that he refused to carry on with chemotherapy due to various side effects.  Recently we have done lung x-ray and full blood test on him, and we found his lung fluid retention had returned and the PSA begins to rise (now is 37.1 ug/ml) after 2 months stopping of chemo.

Another thing worrying us is the blood test showed very high hs-c reaction protein which is 30.7 mg/l. We still do not know how exactly my father cancer go so far, is it dangerous for him due to this high hs-c reaction protein figure if he still not carry on the chemotherapy?

By the way, can Dr Chris give us some advices? We hope to try your cancer care program. Hope to receive your reply as soonest as possible.


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