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Surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, more chemo – did not cure her

To all,

My mother, 71 years old, in May 2008 found that she has colorectal cancer (if I am not mistaken about 11 cm above anus) with CEA 9.9, and then she got surgery in May 2008 and found that the cancer has been in stage III. Following the surgery she got chemotherapy for each 3 weeks 8 times, but oral chemotherapy by using drug Xeloda.

She was been 70 years and the condition was weak. In the middle of chemotherapy schedule she got radiotherapy for 20 days in month (5 times in a week). She got blood check every treatment for CEA and following the treatment at the end chemotherapy around Dec 2008, the CEA has been got lower (less than 1), then the doctor ask to get back three month later for check.

In March 2009, my mom back for check up, and from the blood test the CEA increased to 27 (while she started to feel pain in the stomach), then the doctor decide to continue give chemotherapy drug (different drug, not Xeloda), and have to check once a month. In April 2009 back for check with CEA lowed to 12 and she kept continuing chemotherapy. Still in the same month the pain getting worse and the bowel like diarrhea many times in a day. Then they found coagulated blood that did not flow in the left foot, she got injection to get the blood in left foot  to flow.

In May 2009, she couldn’t eat, always throw up and got bowel obstruction and finally stop, then doctor decided to have surgery in May 28, 2009. Found the cancer outside of intestine (the intestine was stuck together) and has been in stage IV but not spread out yet to the other organ (liver, kidney, heart, lung).

After surgery found to have water retention in the body (body become swelling, most the foot) and difficult to breathe and heart works faster sometimes, always feel tired.  She is still in hospital now.

Please advice me, does the cancer can be cured? What kind of proper treatment to cure this and prevent the cancer from recurrent.


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