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From Indonesia: Breast cancer spread to the lung

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I learned that you do some treatments for cancer patients from a relative in Indonesia. My wife has been suffering from breast cancer since May 2007 and now her condition is getting worse as the cancer has spread to her lung – causing her to cough persistently and her haemoglobin level keeps dropping.

She is still undergoing “chemotherapy” treatment from her doctor here in Singapore, who is Dr. Ang Peng Tiam. Dr. Ang has no other alternatives to cure her besides the chemotherapy. However, these treatments have not yet given any satisfactory results till now – what I see is that her condition is getting worse from day to day. My relative in Indonesia suggested that I should look for other “alternatives” to cure her.

If I wish to bring her to your clinic, how much is roughly the cost for the treatment? And how far is your clinic from the central of the city? Can we find any hotel nearby your clinic? How many days do we need to plan to stay there should we seek this treatment from you?

Can we get your contact information, your phone number, opening hours of your clinic, etc.?

Thank you for your attention and I am looking forward to getting the reply from you.

Best regards.


From Australia: Breast cancer with chemo and radiotherapy – boney metastasis

Dear Chris,

I have been interested in your article regarding herbal therapies and I was wondering if you could please send me some more information in relation to metastatic bone cancer and treatments regarding this problem. I developed breast cancer in 1999 and have recently been diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer.

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. I received 6 months chemo and 3 months radiation therapy. Then I was started on Tamoxifen for 5 years followed by Arimadex for a short time with no side effects, just hot flushes (probably hormonal).

I have had no problems until last 6 months slight right upper abdomenal pain, and raise LFT’s and tumor markers which I thought maybe liver metastasis,  after a number of scans has turned out to be bone metastases. Now, I have ongoing slight pain in spine and hips, no medication for this as yet.   I have been started on Protos which is a calcium supplement for bone strength.

The oncologist so far has made no comment and has not indicated any treatment for the bone metastasis. Whilst I know the prognosis is fairly bleak, I am happy to try treatment which may help.

Not sure if you can help! I have no problems with diet, bowels, nausea, headaches, other pain and do not generally take any medication.

Thanks again.



From India: Mastectomy, chemo, radiotherapy – extensive bony metastases

20th May 2006: First operated tumor of breast.

21st July 2006: Removed right breast. Four times chemo given at interval of 21 days. Given 25 times radiotherapy. Then again 4 times chemo given. This procedure ended on 10 January 2007.

29th Sep 2007:  had heart attack. Then medicines for heart taken daily. It had side effects of cough. Then from January 2008 regular Pranayam (yoga) started for 2 hrs per day. Ayurvedic medicines taken regularly. Slowly allopathy medicines were stopped and only dependent on Ayurvedic medicines.

June 2008 back pain started. She has history of back pain since many years as she is house wife and does lot of work for family. Doctors suggested pain killer. Gradually joint pain started, back pain started. At the end of Sep 2008 she had severe pain in leg. Local doctors detected it as sciatica. In January 2009 other leg was also affected.

Then many x-ray, sonography, blood test were done. She had fibroid body in uterus which was of 29 mm x 28 mm in size during 2006, which reduced to 10 mm x 8 mm in present report, due to Ayurvedic medicine and yoga. She was referred to cancer hospital. So went to Ahmedabad (Civil hospital). On 28th January 2009 blood test, ECG, X- ray taken and reports were normal.

30th January 2009:  MRI taken, referred for bone scanning.

2nd February 2009: Bone scanning done and reports were shocking, she had metastasis in left parietal bone, sternum, multiple vertebrae and ribs, multiple spots in pelvis, long bones of lower limbs and upper limbs, the rest of skeleton shows radiotracers concentration within physiological limits and both kidneys are well visualized.

COMMENTS: The scan findings are suggestive of skeleton metastases to the above mentioned sites. Radiotherapy given on 3rd February, which was then stopped as she was to be given chemotherapy.


From USA: Surgery, chemo, tamoxifen, Arimidex

First I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec 2004. Then I did the lumpectomy on the left breast on Feb 2005. The tumor size is 3.0 X 1.5 X 1.2 cm and they said is ductal carcinoma with minimal carcinoma in situ. They also found 2 positive  metastatic carcinoma in the lymph node.

After the surgery, I started the chemotherapy on March 2005, for 8 times every 3 weeks and after that radiation therapy for 35 times and I finished in Oct 2005. After that I take tamoxifen 20 mg once a day. I do regular check up with my oncology doctor every 6 month and I do yearly mamogramm and the past 2 years I also do the bone density test (dexa exam) also.

And after the chemo, I am menopause. In August 2008, I started feeling pain in my left leg and sometimes in my left arm too. I thought that I was just tired after my visit to my country Indonesia. But the pain won’t go away and it hurts more and more and makes me can’t walk straight/ limping and can’t bend and it was very hard for me to go up and down the stairs. And in Nov. 2008, after I saw my doctor for my 6 months check up, she asked me to do the whole body scan and also the CT scan and that’s how we found out that the cancer have spread to the bone. They found them in my left humeral head, trochanteric region of the left femur and L5. Then I did the radiation therapy for the effected area for 10 times. And in Dec 2008, I developed blood clots in my left leg. My doctor changed my medication from tamoxifen to 1 mg Arimidex and also put me in blood thinner medication coumodin. And also give me monthly medication through the vein called Aredia, the doctor said I have to do it for the rest of my life cause it will help my bone to be stronger and not easily fracture or broken.


From Sydney: Lung Cancer that Spreads to Bone and Liver

Dear Chris,

How are you?

One of your patients recommended me to contact you.

It is for my mom, age 59 yeasr old. She was diagnosed with lung cancer last week. She has been coughing since May and started coughing blood in July. Her GP kept saying that it was asthma, and even her Chinese herbs doctor said it was the poison, not blood, that was coming out her mouth when coughing. The blood coughing did not happen every day, it was on and off. When she coughed blood again in mid October, I insisted her to ask for reference to specialist from her GP. Finally, he referred her to a respiratory specialist, and through series of chest x-ray, CT scan, bronchoscopy & biopsy, blood test and PET scan, doctors confirmed that it was lung cancer.

The cancer cell starts from her right lung, then spread to mid lung, bone and liver. The doctor is currently doing a lab test on the biopsy he took earlier to see if she is eligible to undergo a tablet treatment instead of chemotherapy as doctors here find that there is a gene mutation in people who are Asian, non smoker and still young, which my mom is in these categories. If the biopsy confirms that there is a gene mutation, then doctors will start tablet asap.

In the meantime, while we are still waiting for the lab result, I would like to have alternative medication for her. I know that your medication is herbs based, so it is possible to send it to Sydney, Australia? Or alternatively, is there any way I can find your herbs here in Sydney?

I would appreciate if you could kindly advise me what to do. Would you like to see her? I do have the chest x-ray and CT scan result with me but that are in film and big size, I cannot scan and e-mail them to you. She also had a PET scan and the result is in a CD. I can make a copy and send it to you, if you’d like.

Look forward to hearing good news from you.


From Surabaya: Colon-Liver cancer

Dr. Chris,

I’m interested in your herbal treatment for my mom (72 yrs).  My mom was just diagnosed with colon cancer that has metastesised to her liver.  So far we haven’t told her what’s really happening.  We told her that she got benign tumor.  My dad passed away 15 yrs ago from the same disease.  It’s so scary to remember how my dad struggle with all the chemo and radiation and finally died after about 9 months battling the cancer. It feels like a nightmare to repeat the same experience.

We decided this time we want to try alternative medicine.  My mom lives in Indonesia (Surabaya).  She doesn’t feel any pain and there is no more blood on her stool (macroscopically).  For now she follows the diet that you have suggested (veggies, nuts and fruits, no milk, no meat etc) and taking green algae supplement.  She has big appetites, always feel hungry, but her weight is constant (only 42 kg).  She sleeps well and exercise every morning (walking), and have more energy than before.

Her doctor is pretty understanding and didn’t push us to do surgery.  He even suggested the supplement things.  After reading your website, I’m considering your herbal treatment too.  Can you give me advise what kind of herbs she need to take, how can we get them, do we have to go to Malaysia or do you have representative in Indonesia?

Thank you.


Stage 4 Colon-liver Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Teo,

My 70 year old father-in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer that has already spread to the liver a few days ago. The tumour in the colon is about 3cm in diameter. His doctor has suggested surgery followed by chemotherapy.

My father-in-law has decided (and the family is in support of his decision) NOT to go for the surgery nor chemotherapy, and will try alternative medicine for his condition.

I have found your website via Google and I have so far purchased a number of e-books from your website to gain more knowledge about my father-in-law’s condition and also about the work that you are doing.

We would like to seek an appointment with you to see if it is possible to start him on your herbal and diet plan soon. Please advise the earliest time slot that you have to see him. Thanks in advance and have a nice day.




Metastatic Colon-Liver Cancer: One Year to Live

Dear Dr. Chris,

Foremost, my greetings & respect for the type of amazing work you have accomplished. I am working in Abu Dhabi & my dad had just had a sigmoid tumour removed 3 days ago in Kuching, Sarawak.

CT scan do not show any cancer in the liver but the surgeon said that during the operations, he noticed that the liver is covered with spots. In addition, he felt that the cancer is at Stage 4 – that is his briefing to me today. Initially, immediately after the operations, he has briefed me that it may be Stage 3.

Tumor had to be removed as he can’t have regular bowel movement – watery, stomach ache every 2 hours & he sounded the alarm after he passes out blood. Great discomfort.

It alarms me that the Dr estimated that he has a year to live.

Well, my family believes that we have to all fight against the disease – reading the testimonies from your patients give me hope. My dad is a real fighter too – he has been in extremely good shape till now. Even after the surgery he is mentally very sharp. I have briefed him about you & he is willing.

I can have all the medical reports by Friday or Saturday when he is expected to be discharged. I would like to schedule an appointment to see you by this Sunday latest. I will try to call you again later this afternoon – as it is more reassuring to have a conversation. Once again, I believe in faith, hope & will power to heal.

I look forward to your kind reply. Many thanks.


Terminal Colon-Liver Cancer from Azerbaijan

Hello Dear Chris Teo,

My mum 2002 has colon cancer. Now, there is metastasis in a liver … yellowness. Can you help us? Hope only on you.

In advance thanks.


Where are u from? Chris

I’m from Azerbaijan(caucasus, old Soviet Union). I ‘d like to know about your method of cancer treatment.

My mother is suffering from cancer. She has metastasis in liver, But she had before cancer in colon. Doctors said that we can’t help you. She can’t go move at all. We tried to treat her with metranidazole, but we didn’t have any effect. We watched your video from internet. Please, give us instructions how to treat my mother. We are now crying. We can’t help her. We think that she will leave us soon. Please, help us and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, more chemo – did not cure her

To all,

My mother, 71 years old, in May 2008 found that she has colorectal cancer (if I am not mistaken about 11 cm above anus) with CEA 9.9, and then she got surgery in May 2008 and found that the cancer has been in stage III. Following the surgery she got chemotherapy for each 3 weeks 8 times, but oral chemotherapy by using drug Xeloda.

She was been 70 years and the condition was weak. In the middle of chemotherapy schedule she got radiotherapy for 20 days in month (5 times in a week). She got blood check every treatment for CEA and following the treatment at the end chemotherapy around Dec 2008, the CEA has been got lower (less than 1), then the doctor ask to get back three month later for check.

In March 2009, my mom back for check up, and from the blood test the CEA increased to 27 (while she started to feel pain in the stomach), then the doctor decide to continue give chemotherapy drug (different drug, not Xeloda), and have to check once a month. In April 2009 back for check with CEA lowed to 12 and she kept continuing chemotherapy. Still in the same month the pain getting worse and the bowel like diarrhea many times in a day. Then they found coagulated blood that did not flow in the left foot, she got injection to get the blood in left foot  to flow.

In May 2009, she couldn’t eat, always throw up and got bowel obstruction and finally stop, then doctor decided to have surgery in May 28, 2009. Found the cancer outside of intestine (the intestine was stuck together) and has been in stage IV but not spread out yet to the other organ (liver, kidney, heart, lung).

After surgery found to have water retention in the body (body become swelling, most the foot) and difficult to breathe and heart works faster sometimes, always feel tired.  She is still in hospital now.

Please advice me, does the cancer can be cured? What kind of proper treatment to cure this and prevent the cancer from recurrent.


Chemo and Radiotherapy – The Liver Was Bad

Start from motion have blood, then go for scoop, then diagnosed as colon cancer. Later I went for further check up. I went for CT scan and found out the cancer cells has spread to my right side of the liver.

The doctor advised to go for chemotherapy & radiotherapy. Three months later I finished the treatment, and 3 weeks ago I have went for another CT scan. I only know my result by today. According to the doctor, my situation had turn bad for the liver part as it still continues to spread, whereas the colon is good. The tumor is smaller. Now the doctor ask me go for the second round of chemotherapy. So I plan to seek consultation from you.


From England: Surgery and chemo did not cure him

My father has advanced colon cancer which has spread to his liver. He is now reduced to skin and bones, has ascites and cannot walk very far. Ten years ago he had Helicobacter pylori. He was diagnosed in Oct 2005 when he had a first operation to remove the tumour in his colon. He then had 5-FU chemotherapy followed by Oxaliplatin. Then he had two further operations on his colon. After that he had chemo irotecanen and it grew onto his liver. Doctors have given him a few weeks to live.


Pancreatic Cancer Spread to Colon

Surgery was done on June 9, 2009 in National University Hospital, removal of pancreas’ tail and spleen and the whole large intestine.

Dr. Chris,

Currently my father is in the hospital in Jakarta for the second time for infusion because of the difficulties in eating. This is the second time that he is hospitalized in Jakarta because approximately 2 weeks ago he fell down and injured his head and thus was hospitalised for several days.


Since our last correspondence, we have been trying to give him the herbs and the capsules you instructed. However, it has not been easy as he often vomits and also has been hospitalised for the second time now.

The doctor did several examinations to find out why it has been difficult for my father to take food since June 9, 2009 surgery until now. Ultra Sound /  USG to the abdomen was done and there seem nothing found yet (other organs such as kidney, liver, seems to be normal at the moment)

The examination was continued yesterday with foto (follow trough?) to the stomach (lambung) and instestine (usus) using contrast (barium) to see if there were any obstruction to the intestine.

At first, this morning the doctor said that the whole internal part of digestive system (stomach + intestine) is clear and that he thinks there some tumor growth outside of the system that is “holding onto” the intestine and causes the difficulties in the way the intestine works or, that the tumor may produce some toxin that affects the digestive system and thus, it is difficult for my father to eat.

He also recommends gastroscophy to be done tomorrow and that he recommends us to return to Singapore for further examination (MSCT Scan, PET Scan, etc).

However, in this afternoon we have just been called to repeat the foto and the doctor told us that there is obstruction on the intestine but he is still to determine whether or not the obstruction is from inside or outside of the intestine.

This situation is very worrying as we do not know what to do since my father has very limited food intake and thus it has been difficult for him to take the herbs as well.

Many times he tried to take the herbs with no food and he has gastric pain. If the intestine is obstructed, how do we take the herbs? How do we proceed from here? The doctors in Singapore do not recommend any surgery because my father’s condition is not strong enough.

Please let us know what to do…  We thank you for your help.

Regards, Budi.


Surgery to Remove Widespread Metastases

Dear Dr. Chris,


I am writing this regarding my father who is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that according to doctors started in pancreas and spread to the whole intestine. He has just undergone a surgery in June 9, 2009 in National University Hospital Singapore.


Right before the surgery, it was thought that the cancer is in its early stage and started in colon. But during the surgery, it was found that the cancer has spread to  both the small and large intestine.  Today, the preliminary report states that the cancer actually started in pancreas and spread to the colon.


The surgery removed the whole large intestine and kept the small intestine (tried to clean the small intestine, but cannot clear the whole cancer spots). The surgery also removed part of the pancreas (tail) and the whole spleen.


Currently my father does not know his real situation yet and the doctors stated that we need at least 7 to 10 days for recovery from surgery. Also, 2 weeks from the surgery, my father needs to receive a vaccination for antibody to replace the removed spleen.


For additional information, my father has high blood pressure and diabetes before the surgery.


Since the doctors in NUH informs that chemotherapy will be needed for the next treatment to control the cancer, what is your advice on this matter? Do we start the chemotherapy before we go for your treatment? Or, do we have to undergo chemotherapy together with your treatment?


We would like to continue the next treatment with you. Would you please advise us what to do? On the other hand, do you need other information from us?

Thank you and best regards, Bud


From Indonesia: Went to China for Treatment

Dear Dr. Chris,


My mother in law got pancreas cancer 9 months ago. She went 2 times to Guangzhou, China. And now in Jakarta for recovery but not any advance, instead her whole body very sick – like be stick by pin every night.  I want to get help from Prof Dr. Chris after I read 1 article from my friend about medical treatment from Prof Dr. Chris to his cancer sufferer.

Would you gave me your address and phone number in Penang, Malaysia?


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