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Advanced Liver Cancer from Pakistan

Dear Sir, I read from various internet sources about your vision and mission and will appreciate the work you people did and doing for the welfare of the mankind especially to Cancer patients and their relatives. I need your help in … Continue reading

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Surgery, Chemo, Radiotherapy and Tamoxifen Did Not Cure Her Breast Cancer

Dear Prof. Teo, My name is D from Jakarta and I need your help regarding cancer treatment for my mom. Nine years ago (2001) my mom was diagnosed to have breast cancer stadium 1. She did mastectomy on her left … Continue reading

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What can you make out of such an e-mail?

Hi I’m 70, live in Canada, and prefer to avoid doctors. I realize that my approach may not commend me to your favour, but would you be willing to tell me about your product, Cancer tea? In particular: Is it … Continue reading

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Colon Cancer from Singapore

Hi Dr. Teo, I was told of how you have helped many cancer patients recover from their illness. My 78 years old mum was diagnosed with colon cancer a year ago but refused to have the big tumour in her … Continue reading

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Hysterectomy – Bad Effects of Radiotherapy

good day! can you help us regarding the situation of my sister who has bad effects of radiation. She was operated of total hysterectomy undergone radiation and mild chemotherapy. Now he can not even sit.we give her lots of fresh … Continue reading

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No Advice Through the Net, Not A Travelling Salesman Either

Dear Dr Chris Teo, I came across your name in the book “Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally.”  You have been kind to help cancer patients. I am a 41 years old male Singaporean.  I did CT scans for my abdomen/pelvis … Continue reading

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Ovarian Cancer From Taiwan

Dear Dr. Chris, My mother (70 years old) has just had a surgery to take out the cancer on her ovary (the ovary was also taken out); it is a 20cm long cyst with 2,000cc fluid inside. The doctor said … Continue reading

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