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Advanced Liver Cancer from Pakistan

Dear Sir,

I read from various internet sources about your vision and mission and will appreciate the work you people did and doing for the welfare of the mankind especially to Cancer patients and their relatives. I need your help in treating and halting the Liver Tumor of my father which also affected the right portal vein. Brief history and doctor’s recommendations are as follows and reports are attached for your review.

My father  is suffering from the Advanced Stage Liver Cancer and the Medical Reports (CT Scan, Ultrasound and Blood Reports) are attached for your review and reference.

He is a partner in a Civil Construction Firm and he is a hard working person which includes going up and down by stairs up to 5 floors on the buildings once a time a day since last 20 years. My father was never infected by Jondes or any liver disease in last 20 years. However, two years ago he suffered from the serious Diarrhea and admitted in a well known hospital of Karachi, Pakistan and recovered in a week’s time.

Two months ago, he attacked by the severe dry cough and contacted normal M.B.B.S doctor for its cure, however, the medicines given by such doctor did not affect the disease. After a month of medication from M.B.B.S doctor, we contacted a specialist, Dr. Khan, Head of Medicine, DOW MEDICAL KARACHI, on November 26, 2010, who identified that the blood ratios related to Liver is not up to the mark and prescribed a medicine for a week to smooth the liver function. After one week i.e. December 8, 2010, my father visit the Dr. Khan with the updated reports where liver ratios are little bit better and he suggested to continue the medicine for next 10 days and come with the updated reports.

From the first week of December, my father felt that his stomach (tummy) is coming out and he also identified it to the Dr. Khan, however, he said that it will be set. On December 17, 2010, the condition of my father collapsed and he suffered with very Watery Loose Motions (Stool), Temperature (Fever) of 104 F (40 C) Degree and shivering, however, does not feel cold. We took him to the Emergency of Agha Khan Hospital and after blood reports they suggested to go for Ultrasound of Liver and CTScan which resulted that my father is suffering from a Liver Tumor which is scattered and is at the advanced stage (reports attached) and it is unable to cure the disease and the only option available is to use“SORAFENIB” as a supporting medicine, however, few doctors did not suggested it is not yet matured enough to save the life of the patient. Currently, he is also suffering from Stomach Infection and his Stomach is full of infected water and the Doctors are working to decrease such infection, however, no liver medication started yet.

Kindly suggest any way or any herbal treatment which can help to halt the further spread of this disease.



Surgery, Chemo, Radiotherapy and Tamoxifen Did Not Cure Her Breast Cancer

Dear Prof. Teo,

My name is D from Jakarta and I need your help regarding cancer treatment for my mom.

Nine years ago (2001) my mom was diagnosed to have breast cancer stadium 1. She did mastectomy on her left breast and had radiotherapy for 25 times.  She always did a routine checkup every year to check her CA and so far the result is good. She also consumed tamoxifen for about 5 years. After that the doctor stops to prescribe tamoxifen.

Last year on February 2009 suddenly she had sore voice, had several cough and always getting tired. We consult with ENT Specialist and they said is a normal infection and gave her antibiotics but she is not getting better. We also consult with Thyroid specialist because her symptom is like having thyroid problem (her heart beat can reach 110/minute) and have treatment to her thyroid for about 6 months, but her problem is also not getting better.

She also have diabetic problem and always have her diabetic medication.  On November she did thorax CT scan and not found any suspicious, they only found fibrosis in her left lung and the doctor explained that could be happen because the impact of radiotherapy that she did 8 years ago.

On September 2010 we went to Penang to recheck my mom condition because her condition is not getting better. She still had sore voice and always getting tired. Doctors in Penang  didn’t find any thyroid problem but in fact they suspect something problem with her left lung. The Penang doctor suggests my mom to do a PET CT Scan and we follow their suggestion and did the PET CT scan in Jakarta. The result of PET CT Scan found that some metastatic in her lymph nodes and her bones. The result didn’t mention something wrong with her left lung.

Since my mom condition is very weak we decide not going to use medical treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy. She did a treatment using Chinese herbal in Indonesia but seems not working well. Her body shows resistance with the treatment we assume it from the CEA blood result after treatment (33) which is higher from the CEA blood result before treatment (25). Her condition is also getting weaker. Few weeks ago I brought my mom to Cardio specialist because we suspect something problem with her heart. She did an echo cardio check and the result found there are amount of liquid in my mom heart that beyond normal but still in safe condition and the doctor prescribe medication to reduce the liquid in her heart.

I know that my mom condition quite bad and I aware that the chance to get cured is far from realistic but I am hoping that Prof. Teo could help me by giving some solution for my mom so at least she can feel better. Currently she complains that always gets tired and having problem to breathe. She also have problem when eat something.

I already read the information from your website and I hope this is the right answer from God to our family especially to my mom. I am looking forward to your response and thank you for your kindly help.

Best Regards


What can you make out of such an e-mail?


I’m 70, live in Canada, and prefer to avoid doctors. I realize that my approach may not commend me to your favour, but would you be willing to tell me about your product, Cancer tea? In particular: Is it available to the public without prescription? Could I make it at home from locally available herbs and roots?

As I am giving so little of myself in this message, and asking perhaps quite a lot, it would be understandable if you are reluctant to reply. Nevertheless, any help you might give would be appreciated.

Reply: I have about 100 different times of teas made from 350 types of different herbs …which you can see from my website …www.cacare.com You can go to the local Chinese herbal shop in Canada and buy some of the herbs and make your own tea for your own purpose. No… you cannot find all the herbs that I used for my teas in Canada — sorry about that.

Colon Cancer from Singapore

Hi Dr. Teo,

I was told of how you have helped many cancer patients recover from their illness. My 78 years old mum was diagnosed with colon cancer a year ago but refused to have the big tumour in her colon removed.  She has been seeking TCM treatment but lately her condition has deteriorated.  She also suffers from hardening of the liver.   Right now she gets severe diarrhea very often.  Her legs are also swollen.  She complains of gastric pain and her abdomen is bloated.  (BTW, she had stomach cancer 15 years ago but had since recovered after the operation).

We thought of bringing her to see you but her family doctor feels that she is not fit to travel. We live in Singapore.  She has just had her blood test done at NUH in Singapore and we are waiting for the result.

I would appreciate your advice on what to do next.  As there are Christmas and New Year holidays coming, we need to know if you will still continue to see patients.

I would greatly appreciate a prompt reply from you.

Best regards
Reply: I don’t think I can help much at this stage — why don’t you continue with the TCM treatment that you have been doing ….Chris


Hysterectomy – Bad Effects of Radiotherapy

good day! can you help us regarding the situation of my sister who has bad effects of radiation. She was operated of total hysterectomy undergone radiation and mild chemotherapy. Now he can not even sit.we give her lots of fresh juice and fresh fruits. what alternative medication cab we give her? thnks

Reply: Where are you from?

thnks i am from the philippines

Reply: Very difficult to help when you are from the Philippines —- too far away from Malaysia



No Advice Through the Net, Not A Travelling Salesman Either

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I came across your name in the book “Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally.”  You have been kind to help cancer patients.

I am a 41 years old male Singaporean.  I did CT scans for my abdomen/pelvis and chest in June and August 2010 at the Mount Alvernia Hospital due to the discomfort in my chest and abdomen.

I also did an Ultrasound on 29 October 2010 for my pelvis due to the continued discomfort in abdomen/pelvis.

Results showed no abnormality except a fatty liver.

Until today, I still feel the discomfort in my abdomen (pressure and slight pain on left side) and chest.  Doctors told me these are due to irritable bowel syndrome and muscular-skeletal.

Could you kindly advise me on what herbs I should eat to prevent cancer and fatty liver. Looking forward to your response.

Reply: I don’t know … just sitting in front of the computer cannot make me an person who knows everything. Come and see me if you think I can help ~ Chris.

Reply: Will you be coming to Singapore?


Ovarian Cancer From Taiwan

Dear Dr. Chris,

My mother (70 years old) has just had a surgery to take out the cancer on her ovary (the ovary was also taken out); it is a 20cm long cyst with 2,000cc fluid inside. The doctor said it is a 1st stage cancer. The surgery was done on Nov 24 and she had the 1st chemotherapy on 8th and 9th Dec. She suffered side effects like nausea, dizzy, vomiting, loss of appetite and constipation after going home on 9th Dec. She told me that she cannot endure the chemotherapy and does not want to continue the chemo anymore. She wants to take herbs instead.

I need your professional advice here:

1. If she stops the chemotherapy, will it be dangerous? Will the cancer regrow? In how many years?

2. Could you help to advice what herbs she must take, please?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Doing Research?


I’m A from Malaysia.  I have read your articles about cancer.

Based on my reading, I think you are one of the experts on cancer. May I ask you a question?

Is it chemotherapy the best way to treat cancer compared to alternative treatment? Now, I’m doing research about cancer and I really hope you can help me. Your comments and advise will be helpful to me:)

Reply: If you are doing research you should be reading as much as possible …. go and read my newsletter and click that section: Hard Truth and Case Study — read them all and then decide if you need to ask me that question — Is it chemotherapy the best way to treat cancer compared to alternative treatment? — that is how people do research!!!

If you just ask me for an answer — that is not research.


Tongue Cancer – All the Medical Treatments Did Not Cure

Dear Dr Chris,
I am CY, sister of patient J. I have submitted the on-line first visit form and attached the details of doctor’s report. J is currently bed-ridden and too weak to travel to Penang hence I am writing on-line to seek your assistance. Kindly need your urgent attention on this case and shall further discussion. Is need be I shall travel to meet you on her behalf.

Medical Reports:

She was first diagnosed with tongue caner in 2009 while she was pregnant. She underwent a right hemiglossectomy and supraomohyid neck dissection in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the disease recurred very soon after her delivery. She further received concurrent chemo-radiotherapy in Singapore but the cancer continued to grow despite the aggressive therapy.

She went to China. Ms J was given combination of cryosurgery, intra-arterial chemotherapy and brachytherapy in China. These combinations of treatment have caused significant damage to her neck with fistula formation and necrosis of the soft tissue. She is on a permanent tracheostomy and a PEG feeding tube. The cancer continue to spread on to the surrounding neck wounds despite the treatment.

She was started on a combination of Docetaxel/Cetuximab every 3 weeks on24 Septmebr 20010 at Pantai Hospital. The cancer seems to be responding to this combination with no further increase in the number of skin nodules with resolution of some of the lesions and decrease in the pain and swelling of the left jaw and neck.

Reply: A sad case and an example where surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and whatever high sounding therapies could cause more harm and good?


Lung Cancer from Riau – Indonesia

Hi Dr Chris,

My father, 71, was diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma T2N0M0, 4c (growth within 4 years from the first CT scan), at upper left lung (near the aorta vena).

The examination and test were performed last month at the Mahkota Medical Center (Malaka).

Blood test result; CEA normal, as well the brain CT scan and chest CT scan confirmed that the lymph node and liver care clear (the doctor concluded no metastasis yet). The doctor offers the chemotherapy treatment for 4-6 cycles and radiotherapy for 1 month.

USG kidney and urine tract; found 2 right kidney cyst (8cm), 1 left kidney cyst (15cm) inside the pervic. The doctor suggests for cystectomi  per laparoskopi.

Below are my father medical history:

•       1989 got treatment for kidney stone removal

•       Hypertension, controlled with Hyzaar 50 – once daily

•       Harnal – once daily, just prescribed last month during the medical check up.

We, family, are still not sure on the treatment (maybe because my father seems like just fine). So his physical condition looks good; he is still doing his routine as normally. No significant complain except sometimes suffering from back pain, near his waist. We are now trying to limit the meat, egg, sugar, and add more fruit and veggie on his diet..

Is it possible to have a consultation with you in the absence of patient? I will bring all medical and CT scan reports to your place but may be my father will not come along. There is no direct route/flight to Penang from my hometown (Riau) and this will be my first time to Penang. Worry that the trip will be too exhaust form my father. Appreciate your understanding.

Looking forward for your good news. Thanks and good day.

Reply: Read the letters of people who wrote me. Do you see that chemo or surgery ever cure cancer? You are welcome to come and see me if you think I can help you. Bring along all the medical reports. Yes, no need to bring the patient if it is difficult.

You want to read this post –  https://adaywithchristeo.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/lung-cancer-surgery-and-chemo-cancer-spread

Lung Cancer: Surgery, Chemo and Radiation – Cancer Spread

Dear Dr. Chris K. H. Teo,

My name is MC. I’m from Kelantan but currently studying in Sepang. My mom is a cancer patient who is now at Petaling Jaya. The following is a brief history about her disease.
Her name is SP and is a lung cancer patient. She had  her lower lobe of her right lung removed in August 2009 and had 8 doses of chemo of Navelbine and Cisplatin in UH, PJ, and 25 rounds of radiation done in Kota Bharu.

On the 30th of August 2010, a CT scan showed that the cancer cells have spread from the right to the left lung, lymph node in the trachea and numerous tumours in the brain. The largest one is on the right hemisphere, resulting in weakness of the left hand and fingers and even difficulty in hooking her bra. She had 10  rounds of radiation on the brain in USM Kelantan before coming to PJ for the Alimta treatment.

She had two doses of Alimta after the scan but the tumour has increased by 32% compared to the CT scan in Nov 2010, 6 weeks ago. Now, she’s having a dull ache in the head and also sometimes she feels very uncomfortable.

Is it possible for you to make a trip to PJ? If not, We would like to make an appointment to meet up with you. Kindly reply us as soon as possible. Thank you. My mom’s phone number is 012-xxxxxxxx. Best regards.

Reply: I just wonder what I can do to help – surgery, chemos and radiotherapy make things better or worse???? These never seem to help. I wonder if one should do the surgery in the first place, let alone chemo and radiation.

Breast Cancer from India

Masectomy performed after initial diagnosis(May 2009). Metastasis diagnosis to lungs in April 2010. Six cycles of chemotherapy through IV followed by oral chemo (Xeloda) till Oct 2010. Latest scans show metastasis to Liver, Lungs, Brain, Kidneys and Brain. Severe pleural effusion. Drained plueral fluid 2 times at 15 days interval. Severe back pain and stomach pain.

Reply: This 51-year old lady is somewhere in India. I wonder what can I do? It is just impossible to help by just sitting in front of the computer.

Liver Cirrhosis to Hepatoma from Sabah

Dr. Chris,

My father, 82, was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver last year. Blood tests and CT scan results done one month ago confirmed that this condition has progressed into hepatoma which has also spread to his right lung. His AFP count was >1,000. He has also developed ascities in his abdomen. He has lost his appetite, couldn’t sleep well and could only eat a handful of food each time. His prognosis is not good: few months

I would be grateful if your goodself would care to assess (taking into consideration his age, condition etc)   if my dad is still eligible for your program or at least worth any try?


Reply:  A bad case. But to try or not to try herbs is not for me to decide. If you think I can help come and see me with all the medical reports.


Breast Cancer: Advice from afar wouldn’t do

I had met Mr. Johan Yeong yesterday. I had shown him the medical report. The doctor at GH K-Lumpur had removed the tumour in the left breast and later discovered the tumour was cancerous. At  a later appointment, the doctor recommended operation by one of this options:

(1) wide excision  around the old site  +  remove lymph nodes at the armpit,  or

(2)  removed the whole left breast + remove lymph nodes at the  armpit.

After discussing with Mr.Yeong, we (my husband and I ) asked whether using your herbs for 3 months and monitoring the medical conditions by doing a blood test . The herbs prescribed are: Capsule A, C-Tea  and Breast M. Do blood test to check the condition are ; Full Blood picture + ESR, Liver Function Test, CEA (intestine/stomach/pancreaus/breast), Alpha Fetoprotein (liver/testis/ovary) and CA 15.3 for breast.

I intend to do another blood test after 3 months to see the progress. Your advice on this is appreciated.

Reply: And the breast is not removed yet? I cannot write too long — the best is come and see me.

The tumour in the left breast was removed. Now the GH K-Lumpur ‘s doctor had advised to operate in  either one of the options mentioned above. Is your centre is at 5 Lebuhraya Glugor, 11600 Penang? Can I have your mobile phone nos. so that I can contact you? Thanks.

Reply: I don’t carry mobile – brain cancer? Anyway, if this is important to you take time to come and see me with all the reports. No use writing emails.


Breast Cancer from Bangkok

This is an email from a 54-year-old lady from Bangkok

Mission Hospital: diagnosed about 1.5 years ago. Small lump with under right arm lymph node swelling. Refused surgery and tried natural diet at Balavi in Bangkok instead. Diet made her weak, and the swelling got bigger. Went to Bamrungrad Hospital. Biopsy showed ER+ and PR+ cancer. Went to Fuda Hospital in Guangzhou China. Pet scan showed metastases in left breast and also lymph node near collar bone. At Fuda had Cryosurgery and Nano Chemotherapy.

Now on Femara 2.5mg once a day, Neurobian, CoQ10 Amino Acid Capsule, Vitamin D. Shoulder pain and also pain along right arm. Not sleeping well. Very easily feeling tired. Swelling in the right breast. Breathing is shallow.

Reply: It is hard for me to help from a distance. The only way is to come and see me with all your medical reports and we will take it from there.


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