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Stomach Cancer: No, we don’t do hospital visit and we don’t give comments via the net too

Dear Sir,

My name is R from Indonesia. My father was diagnosed three weeks ago with gastric cancer by one of the hospital at Penang. Last week, my father undergoes near total gastric removal surgery to remove the cancer. And now, they mentioned that my father have to go through chemo to kill some of the cancer cells that might spread to other organs.

My father still in Penang now and I would like to ask your time to check up on him. Because my father is Indonesian, he is not familiar with Penang city and might have difficulties talking to you directly.

Could you meet up with him tomorrow?

Reply: See me on Sunday night at 7 pm onwards. Bring all medical reports ~ Chris (10 November 2010).

Two weeks later, 27 November 2010


I am sorry that my father was unable to meet you. He was so eager to return to Indonesia after staying almost one month at Penang. He is kind of grumpy when got sick.

With this email, I attached some of the medical records that were given by the hospital. I hope that you could look at it and provide further insight on best treatment that could be given to my father. I really appreciate the help. I am currently unable to visit you directly due to work.

Comments: Sorry, I cannot cure medical reports. I also cannot help if patients do not wish to help themselves. Unfortunately, I also do not make visits to hospitals – it is not ethical at all for me to interfere with what doctors do in their hospitals.


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