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Breast Cancer from Bangkok

This is an email from a 54-year-old lady from Bangkok

Mission Hospital: diagnosed about 1.5 years ago. Small lump with under right arm lymph node swelling. Refused surgery and tried natural diet at Balavi in Bangkok instead. Diet made her weak, and the swelling got bigger. Went to Bamrungrad Hospital. Biopsy showed ER+ and PR+ cancer. Went to Fuda Hospital in Guangzhou China. Pet scan showed metastases in left breast and also lymph node near collar bone. At Fuda had Cryosurgery and Nano Chemotherapy.

Now on Femara 2.5mg once a day, Neurobian, CoQ10 Amino Acid Capsule, Vitamin D. Shoulder pain and also pain along right arm. Not sleeping well. Very easily feeling tired. Swelling in the right breast. Breathing is shallow.

Reply: It is hard for me to help from a distance. The only way is to come and see me with all your medical reports and we will take it from there.


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