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Liver Cirrhosis to Hepatoma from Sabah

Dr. Chris,

My father, 82, was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver last year. Blood tests and CT scan results done one month ago confirmed that this condition has progressed into hepatoma which has also spread to his right lung. His AFP count was >1,000. He has also developed ascities in his abdomen. He has lost his appetite, couldn’t sleep well and could only eat a handful of food each time. His prognosis is not good: few months

I would be grateful if your goodself would care to assess (taking into consideration his age, condition etc)   if my dad is still eligible for your program or at least worth any try?


Reply:  A bad case. But to try or not to try herbs is not for me to decide. If you think I can help come and see me with all the medical reports.


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