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Lung Cancer from Riau – Indonesia

Hi Dr Chris,

My father, 71, was diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma T2N0M0, 4c (growth within 4 years from the first CT scan), at upper left lung (near the aorta vena).

The examination and test were performed last month at the Mahkota Medical Center (Malaka).

Blood test result; CEA normal, as well the brain CT scan and chest CT scan confirmed that the lymph node and liver care clear (the doctor concluded no metastasis yet). The doctor offers the chemotherapy treatment for 4-6 cycles and radiotherapy for 1 month.

USG kidney and urine tract; found 2 right kidney cyst (8cm), 1 left kidney cyst (15cm) inside the pervic. The doctor suggests for cystectomi  per laparoskopi.

Below are my father medical history:

•       1989 got treatment for kidney stone removal

•       Hypertension, controlled with Hyzaar 50 – once daily

•       Harnal – once daily, just prescribed last month during the medical check up.

We, family, are still not sure on the treatment (maybe because my father seems like just fine). So his physical condition looks good; he is still doing his routine as normally. No significant complain except sometimes suffering from back pain, near his waist. We are now trying to limit the meat, egg, sugar, and add more fruit and veggie on his diet..

Is it possible to have a consultation with you in the absence of patient? I will bring all medical and CT scan reports to your place but may be my father will not come along. There is no direct route/flight to Penang from my hometown (Riau) and this will be my first time to Penang. Worry that the trip will be too exhaust form my father. Appreciate your understanding.

Looking forward for your good news. Thanks and good day.

Reply: Read the letters of people who wrote me. Do you see that chemo or surgery ever cure cancer? You are welcome to come and see me if you think I can help you. Bring along all the medical reports. Yes, no need to bring the patient if it is difficult.

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