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Lung Cancer: Surgery, Chemo and Radiation – Cancer Spread

Dear Dr. Chris K. H. Teo,

My name is MC. I’m from Kelantan but currently studying in Sepang. My mom is a cancer patient who is now at Petaling Jaya. The following is a brief history about her disease.
Her name is SP and is a lung cancer patient. She had  her lower lobe of her right lung removed in August 2009 and had 8 doses of chemo of Navelbine and Cisplatin in UH, PJ, and 25 rounds of radiation done in Kota Bharu.

On the 30th of August 2010, a CT scan showed that the cancer cells have spread from the right to the left lung, lymph node in the trachea and numerous tumours in the brain. The largest one is on the right hemisphere, resulting in weakness of the left hand and fingers and even difficulty in hooking her bra. She had 10  rounds of radiation on the brain in USM Kelantan before coming to PJ for the Alimta treatment.

She had two doses of Alimta after the scan but the tumour has increased by 32% compared to the CT scan in Nov 2010, 6 weeks ago. Now, she’s having a dull ache in the head and also sometimes she feels very uncomfortable.

Is it possible for you to make a trip to PJ? If not, We would like to make an appointment to meet up with you. Kindly reply us as soon as possible. Thank you. My mom’s phone number is 012-xxxxxxxx. Best regards.

Reply: I just wonder what I can do to help – surgery, chemos and radiotherapy make things better or worse???? These never seem to help. I wonder if one should do the surgery in the first place, let alone chemo and radiation.

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