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No Advice Through the Net, Not A Travelling Salesman Either

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I came across your name in the book “Cancer Cured and Prevented Naturally.”  You have been kind to help cancer patients.

I am a 41 years old male Singaporean.  I did CT scans for my abdomen/pelvis and chest in June and August 2010 at the Mount Alvernia Hospital due to the discomfort in my chest and abdomen.

I also did an Ultrasound on 29 October 2010 for my pelvis due to the continued discomfort in abdomen/pelvis.

Results showed no abnormality except a fatty liver.

Until today, I still feel the discomfort in my abdomen (pressure and slight pain on left side) and chest.  Doctors told me these are due to irritable bowel syndrome and muscular-skeletal.

Could you kindly advise me on what herbs I should eat to prevent cancer and fatty liver. Looking forward to your response.

Reply: I don’t know … just sitting in front of the computer cannot make me an person who knows everything. Come and see me if you think I can help ~ Chris.

Reply: Will you be coming to Singapore?


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