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Colon Cancer from Singapore

Hi Dr. Teo,

I was told of how you have helped many cancer patients recover from their illness. My 78 years old mum was diagnosed with colon cancer a year ago but refused to have the big tumour in her colon removed.  She has been seeking TCM treatment but lately her condition has deteriorated.  She also suffers from hardening of the liver.   Right now she gets severe diarrhea very often.  Her legs are also swollen.  She complains of gastric pain and her abdomen is bloated.  (BTW, she had stomach cancer 15 years ago but had since recovered after the operation).

We thought of bringing her to see you but her family doctor feels that she is not fit to travel. We live in Singapore.  She has just had her blood test done at NUH in Singapore and we are waiting for the result.

I would appreciate your advice on what to do next.  As there are Christmas and New Year holidays coming, we need to know if you will still continue to see patients.

I would greatly appreciate a prompt reply from you.

Best regards
Reply: I don’t think I can help much at this stage — why don’t you continue with the TCM treatment that you have been doing ….Chris


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