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Stomach Cancer: No, we don’t do hospital visit and we don’t give comments via the net too

Dear Sir,

My name is R from Indonesia. My father was diagnosed three weeks ago with gastric cancer by one of the hospital at Penang. Last week, my father undergoes near total gastric removal surgery to remove the cancer. And now, they mentioned that my father have to go through chemo to kill some of the cancer cells that might spread to other organs.

My father still in Penang now and I would like to ask your time to check up on him. Because my father is Indonesian, he is not familiar with Penang city and might have difficulties talking to you directly.

Could you meet up with him tomorrow?

Reply: See me on Sunday night at 7 pm onwards. Bring all medical reports ~ Chris (10 November 2010).

Two weeks later, 27 November 2010


I am sorry that my father was unable to meet you. He was so eager to return to Indonesia after staying almost one month at Penang. He is kind of grumpy when got sick.

With this email, I attached some of the medical records that were given by the hospital. I hope that you could look at it and provide further insight on best treatment that could be given to my father. I really appreciate the help. I am currently unable to visit you directly due to work.

Comments: Sorry, I cannot cure medical reports. I also cannot help if patients do not wish to help themselves. Unfortunately, I also do not make visits to hospitals – it is not ethical at all for me to interfere with what doctors do in their hospitals.


Bone Cancer from India: Always Crying

Please doctor help us to save my mother. She has bone cancer of last stage. She always crying with pain. Please give us your current phone number. We live in Italy and my mother in India. We are Indian Punjabi. Please help us to give your current address. We want to take herbal treatment. how possible it. please tell us.

Reply: I am sorry — we cannot help people so far away. I am not a magician or god — I cannot help. Please send her to the hospital and ask the doctors to help. I can only help patients who can come and see me and practise what I ask them to do ~ Chris.

Respected sir,

I got your mail. Actually sir we are trying for Malaysia’s visa but you know this process take time. She has a last stage of bone cancer so she needs treatment as soon as possible. She is in last stage of cancer still we hope she will be treated from your medicine. She had two chemotherapy still she has pain. We will send you each and every report of her from that you can analysis the condition of the patient.

We are totally helpless and hope on you. You written in your mail that you are not god but after saw your advertisement from the net we consider you as a god. Please understand us and tried to help us.

Respected doctor my mother has bone cancer of last stage , she live on chemotheraphy of 4th cycle .she crying with pain always. she can,t walk and sit .we are reading about you in computer.we want to take your herbs.please doc help us.we want to meet her with you .how possible it because she lives in india. We trying to take visa for malaysia.so please give us suggestion what we do to save my mother.


Liver-Lung Cancer: Critical Stage

Hi Chris,

I had submitted a first visit form through CA CARE website. I am writing to express my urgent to seek for your help. I am currently in GMC with my father who is using 5 litres of oxygen and he seens to be very suffer from short of breath even though he is now on 5 litres. Three days ago he was using only 3 litres.

I can pay a visit to your place anytime from now and just let me know if u can help to relieve my worry. My heart is pain every time I see my dad breathing so hardly and still he couldn’t get enough oxygen.

Reply: Come and see me with all the medical reports … you can come at 11 am today if you like — or you can come Thursday or Friday.

Hi Chris,

My dad passed away this morning so I am not going to ur place at
10.30am anymore. Thank you.


In Hospital and They Could Not Help?

Dr Chris, I am writing in to seek your help for my uncle. He is now bedridden for almost one month. Went go Hospital KBharu…but doctor did practically nothing to help him. Before that he went to a private clinic and was later referred to KB General Hospital……I will fax to you the medical report. He is now complaining  of giddiness and no appetite…..he cannot get up and sit…cos giddy…..and got no appetite….so much so that he is becoming weaker and weaker….stomach also starting to become painful….cannot sleep at night……maybe cos stomach pain……stomach pain maybe  cos no food to work on….no food cos no appetite…(These are all my guesses)…..hope you can recommend your herbs .

Please help me to help my uncle…I really pity him and really have faith that your herbs can cure him. Tq Doc.

Reply: I have to know what is wrong first. The fax says it is cancer but they dont know where it comes from … it can be from the Nose or from the Upper digestive tract — that is the throat or oesophagus —- I really dont know what to say …. can someone who takes care of him come and tell me what is all about.This is now school holiday  ~ Chris

Dr. Chris, thanks for the prompt reply…..I have called his son ….the mother takes care of him…and seems  difficult for her to come over to Penang. The mother said, he complains of headache, giddiness and will vomit if take any form of food……stomach pain…..yes I forgot to include vomiting when taking anything …food…..I have been visiting him … I hope with the small extra info you can help us………tq


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