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Liver Cancer

Dear Dr Chris,

Good day to you. We saw your website by chance and it gave us a glimmer of hope.

My father is 62 yrs old, all the while in the pink of health. He is non-smoker and a non-drinker. He has a healthy lifestyle, sleeps early and wakes up early everyday and exercise regularly. He was still working before he found out that his liver has problems. Early January 2011, he went for a health check at BP Lab, his liver reading (AFP) was 126, but his liver function shown extremely good result. Out of concern, he therefore went to a private hospital in Klang for an Ultrasound and MRI Scan. The result came out is he has a tumour in his liver with size about 7cm. He went to another private hospital for a second scanning and the result is the same. We then took him to the University Hospital in Petaling Jaya for further treatment and doctor suggested him to do TACE. He did TACE on 17 January 2011 and was discharged on 19 January 2011. After TACE treatment, my father felt pain for 5 days and now he is getting better except that the has lost his appetite and has constipation problem. My father next appointment in UH is in March 2011.

Dr Chris, our queries are:

  1. If his liver AFP shows 126,  does this mean the tumour is cancerous? Is there such thing as good or bad tumour for liver?
  2. In UH, Doctor did a test to check whether my father has Hepatitis B. The result came out positive, what does it mean? Is the probability of cancer high?
  3. If the tumour size becomes smaller, Doctor plans to do a surgery in March 2011, will this be helpful?
  4. In this period, what will be his suitable diet?
  5. Should we search for another alternative treatment?

We are eager to hear from you soonest possible. Thanks a million.

Reply: Please go into my website, www.cacare.com and read what I have written … or click these 2 links:



Take time to read and watch the videos in there — no need to rush or panic. After you have seen them all, you can then write me again … no need for me to answer all those questions.

Liver Cancer from New Zeland

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is D. My family and I are Malaysians residing in New Zealand. My husband has been diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma. He has a tumor 14 cm mass in the right lobe of his liver and 2 spots in his lung. His AFP is high.

I saw the video clip “Only On Herbs And She Lives More Than Five Years!” what an amazing story. We are interested in your CA care therapy.

Please let us know how we can go on this therapy. Hope to hear from you soon.

Reply: I am very sorry. We find it extremely difficult to send herbs to Australia and New Zealand. As such from now on we are unable to help patients from these countries.


Cure for Fibroid?

Dear Doctor,

I am living in Abu Dhabi, I have 3 children,  my age is 44 yrs. I am having a cyst in right ovary from 2005 it size is 4.4 cm but last November the size is increased to 7 cm. I am not taking any medicine. I do not want to do any operation.  Doctor did CA 125 blood test. It is 64.7, for CA19-9.


Reply: I cannot promise a cure. But experience shows that our herbal tea – GY 3 and GY6 are good for such problem. If you want a quick fix – perhaps surgery is the answer (but perhaps with some possible side effects later)!


Sorry, I Cannot Handle Kidney Problems

Dear Chris Teo,

Good evening.I was given your contact details from my friend in Indonesia, and with hope you may treatment for my Dad.

My Dad is 69 years old, non Diabetes but has hypertension. He has just started dialysis last week due to kidney problem. His creatinine level has reached 1025 and Urea 40. Doctor requested at least 2x times dialysis weekly in order to remove water and waste, though he still can pee.

Just wondering whether your goodself would be able to provide alternative treatment for my dad. Looking forward for your reply soonest.

Reply: Sorry, I only know how to help cancer patients.

Colon-Liver Cancer: Surgery & Chemo plus Insurance Funding Runs Dry – Yet No Cure

Dr Chris Teo,

My name is L from KL & I was referred by my ex-colleague that you have vast experiences in assisting cancer survivor to use alternative medicine to cure their sickness.

My Father (aged 64) is the cancer patient. He contracted Colon cancer in 2009 with the symptom of purging bloody motion & without experience, plus worry he went for a surgery to remove the contaminated part & was offered oral chemo in G Hospital in KL.

However, after 1 year treatment the cancer cell spread to his liver, again with the in-experience we went for a few Oncology suggestions – some advised to go for operation to remove part of the liver followed by chemo treatment or start straight on chemo as his age may not able to go for the operations.

Finally, we went for the chemo treatment in Hospital S. And with the Insurance coverage we were able to go for  6 cycles of chemo with Xeloda. But the cancer cell still grow in his liver & it’s now stage 4. We were advised to go for oral chemo & higher grade of chemo treatment – Avastin & Xeliri to control the spread.

We went for the chemo but after 1 cycle we have to stop it & seek for more advice as he felt the post treatment is unbearable, e.g. hair drops, no appetite, restless, etc & also financially we are not able to cope it anymore as the Insurance coverage has crossed the budget for 2010.

In view of that, we’re now seeking for alternative medicine to cure his sickness & we hope to get your attention, to seek your help – give us some brief advisc & grant us an appointment.

Thus, I’ll be Greatly Appreciated if you could grant me & my father an appointment to seek your kind assistance.


Bad move, bad advice – resulting in bad outcome! Come and see me and we will see what we can do to help you.


Metastatic Melanoma

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I don’t expect for you to remember me but I believe you would still do. This is Pastor L, formerly a pastor in Penang. I have always approached you for your help with cancer care for many of the people I came across and tried helping them with their disease and you have always compassionately helped. I have always hated the disease striken world of ours due to sin factor but I have never given up helping others with anything I could do on my part.

Now, the cancer has come to my own doorstep, my dear beloved mom, who is a faithful woman, a praying mother and a warrior for Christ has been diagnosed with malignant Melanoma just about a few weeks ago. Today she just had an appointment with the doctor to discuss the CT Scan result and they told her that the cancer has spread to the bone, stomach and lungs. She seems to be in good general health. She has been scheduled to meet with an oncologist for the first time and this is in two weeks time. I strongly believe in God and that is what I teach and preach and hopefully practising. I also believe in His human messengers, people like you. I have always believed in your herbs from day one of my acquaintence with you and your wife and that is why I always brought people with cancer to you whenever I come across one.

I now need your help further to please help my mother with your expertise by God’s grace. I am currently not in the country but my brother, who is also a pastor, will want to bring my mother to your center in Penang to get you to see her. As much as I am a strong person in my faith and trust in the Lord, I am a human with a heart of flesh and I am deeply anxious about my dear mother’s health. Please do let us know of how we can best help you to help our mother. I don’t think they have a whole lot of tests done or results at hand but I know you prefer to have as many useful results as possible. Could you specify what you would need or any specific blood work to be done before coming over to see you? I don’t want to waste a single moment before she could start with your herbs and as such they are hoping to see you possibly by this Friday afternoon or Sunday evening if the timings are still the same.

For many people, it is: What a way to end an old year and begin a new year with cancer but I believe that it is a rare opportunity for our family to close our ranks closer with one another and importantly with God further and strengthen our resolve to see God’s awesome power of healing and thus live as a living testimony to our God’s greatness and grace and mercy.

I thank you for your tremendous service and dedication to humanity and may God bless you and your family abundantly. Have a wonderful year with further success in keeping the cancer checked by God’s grace!

Sincere thanks.



Colorectal Cancer from the Philippines

Hi Chris,

My mom was diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage 3a.  I am interested in alternative medicine.  My mom refused to undergo chemotherapy.  According to her Chemo will shorten her life and she doesn’t want to undergo the pain of the needles.  Maybe you can help with her sickness.  She lives in the Philippines. Maybe we can fax you her diagnosis and maybe you can prepare medication for her. I hope you can help us with her problem.  Thank you in advance.

Reply: Where are you from? I have not sent any herbs to the Philippines and I don’t know if it is okay with the customs.


Rectum-Liver Cancer

Dear Chris,

My father, aged 61 has cancer at Liver and Rectum. He went thru the surgery and chemotherapy but result shown condition is getting worst. We here really run off idea what we should do next. We really hope you may spend some time and look at his records as per attached.

Hope you may get back to us as soon as possible.


Rectal Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris,

My mother has a tumor growing15 cm above her rectum. Doctor in Selayang wants to operate on her and remove the tumor and she will be on the bag after that. My mother has loose bowel discharge with blood. However, she also has constipation.  We do not know what to do as she cannot travel to Penang to see you because she has travel sea sickness.

We are asking her to cut down on salt, milk, sugar and meat. We are recommending her to drink distilled water as we read that it helps.

How can you help me to help my mother?

Thank you.

Reply: Go ahead and let the doctor remove the tumour.



Soft Tissue CA- then Prostate CA?

Dear Dr Chris Teo

Mr L had slight difficulty in emptying his bladder since 2007. The problem got worse since last year. He then went for a health screen in May 2010. Please see attachment health screen part 1, 2 and 3. Later this year, he went to consult Prof K from NUH. PSA jumped to 12.2 on 6 Dec. A repeat test was done on 14 Dec, PSA was 12.4. A biopsy is then scheduled on 11 Jan 2011.

I heard from a friend that a prostate cancer patient sought treatment from you and still surviving.

Mr. L had a tumour (was with him for 3 years 2005-2007, grew to 10kg size) removed from his left thigh (due to water retention) in 2007.  The report is also attached for your reference. CT scan of lung was clear before and after the surgery.

Mr. L has not been able to sleep well for the last few years due to his highly stressful working life. Even since his tumour he also stopped jogging. He started jogging again 1 year after the leg surgery, once or twice a month. He walks up and down the steps 3-4 times or more everyday for the last 10 years as he lives on the third floor apartment without lift.

He had cataract surgery in 2008 for his right eye and 2010 for his left eye. He had MRI done every 6 month after his thigh surgery for 3 years. He had CT scan on the lungs too, 2-3 times after the surgery. Everything went on fine after the surgery. He is due for the final MRI in April 2011.

I found out that your clinic provides Prostate A or B herbs to be taken. Could you please advise us what to do next? Shall we start your herbs even before the biopsy in order to arrest the problem earlier? I understand from doctor Prof K that biopsy will be done in pairs which means he has to go thru another round of biopsy in April 2011.

Appreciate your early reply.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Mrs L

Reply: You are from Singapore? If you want the best from me, it is better that you come and see me with all the reports. I can spend time advising you the best I know. But if you just want to take herbs without seeing me, then that is okay too.

Note: According to biopsy report: Specimen after surgery was a well-circumscribed mass measuring 33 .0 x 19.0 x12.0 cm. Wonder if 10 kg in size is correct?

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