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Metastatic Melanoma

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

I don’t expect for you to remember me but I believe you would still do. This is Pastor L, formerly a pastor in Penang. I have always approached you for your help with cancer care for many of the people I came across and tried helping them with their disease and you have always compassionately helped. I have always hated the disease striken world of ours due to sin factor but I have never given up helping others with anything I could do on my part.

Now, the cancer has come to my own doorstep, my dear beloved mom, who is a faithful woman, a praying mother and a warrior for Christ has been diagnosed with malignant Melanoma just about a few weeks ago. Today she just had an appointment with the doctor to discuss the CT Scan result and they told her that the cancer has spread to the bone, stomach and lungs. She seems to be in good general health. She has been scheduled to meet with an oncologist for the first time and this is in two weeks time. I strongly believe in God and that is what I teach and preach and hopefully practising. I also believe in His human messengers, people like you. I have always believed in your herbs from day one of my acquaintence with you and your wife and that is why I always brought people with cancer to you whenever I come across one.

I now need your help further to please help my mother with your expertise by God’s grace. I am currently not in the country but my brother, who is also a pastor, will want to bring my mother to your center in Penang to get you to see her. As much as I am a strong person in my faith and trust in the Lord, I am a human with a heart of flesh and I am deeply anxious about my dear mother’s health. Please do let us know of how we can best help you to help our mother. I don’t think they have a whole lot of tests done or results at hand but I know you prefer to have as many useful results as possible. Could you specify what you would need or any specific blood work to be done before coming over to see you? I don’t want to waste a single moment before she could start with your herbs and as such they are hoping to see you possibly by this Friday afternoon or Sunday evening if the timings are still the same.

For many people, it is: What a way to end an old year and begin a new year with cancer but I believe that it is a rare opportunity for our family to close our ranks closer with one another and importantly with God further and strengthen our resolve to see God’s awesome power of healing and thus live as a living testimony to our God’s greatness and grace and mercy.

I thank you for your tremendous service and dedication to humanity and may God bless you and your family abundantly. Have a wonderful year with further success in keeping the cancer checked by God’s grace!

Sincere thanks.



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