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Lymphoma ? and Bad Kidneys from Indonesia: Can Cure?

Dear Dr. Teo,Firstly I would like to introduce myself to You. My name is J from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have a father who is not in good condition now. He is 58 years old. Last 27 January 2011 I took my dad to Royal Taruma Hospital Jakarta. He was often vomit around 3 days and also got fever before he entered the hospital. The doctor said that both of my dad’s kidneys are not good. So they cannot work normal as a health people.

When my dad in the hospital he stopped vomiting and day by day he was getting well. But the case is not close until that, because there is another problem on my dad’s right neck. His neck started swollen since the first of January. But my dad didn’t feel it seriously until he felt hurt when he is eat and talking. It started 2 weeks before 27 January 2011. So when he was in the hospital the doctor did some test for my dad such as:  U.S.G. And then the doctor suggested us to do biopsy on my dad’s neck as soon as possible. So we decide to do it the next day after the doctor suggest us. Because we want to know what exactly is it. The biopsy was going well and we need to wait a week to get the result from laboratorium. But because last week was Chinese New Year so it was public holiday here. Then we get the result last Wednesday 9 February 2011.


According to the result that asked us to continue to IHK process. So yesterday (February 11, 2011) we give/send the sample from last biopsy to another hospital named DARMAIS HOSPITAL so they can do the IHK process. And we will get the result after 3 weeks. They said they will recheck from beginning again to make sure it is a cancer or not, if they find it is not a cancer so they will contact us directly. But if they find it is a cancer they will continue the test to IHK process.

Last night I met the doctor, the doctor said that to see my dad’s condition it is impossible to do chemo because chemo will effect to his kidney.

His condition now:

Now he is not able to eat and talk because his neck is swollen and he felt hurt when he swallows the meals or medicine. And also he has no appetite. So i only give him milk to him. Because more easy to him to swallow at all by liquid.

He is weak and felt hurt.  The doctor gave some medicine for his kidney but mostly they are vitamins. The doctor asked us to make my dad keep eating according to the diet.

After I read your web, I hope I can get the solution from you what to do now for my dad. As you mention on your web about herbal treatment for cancer. Because it is impossible to do chemo as my dad’s kidneys are not good and also the cost of chemo treatment is quiet expensive. Is it possible to heal at all (his cancer and his kidney) by your herbal treatment without any bad effect to his kidneys.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Reply: Unfortunately, no one earth can cure any cancer. Just read all the letters you find in this blog.

Lung Cancer: “Scientific” Treatments That Never Work

Dear Sir,

We got to know you via Betty Khoo- Kingsley’s book ” Cancer Cure Naturally”, and been visit your website years ago. We even subscribe your periodical email newsletter to access more information published by you. It is hope that one day we can share your treatment method to others who seek help to treat their cancer. We always believe that alternative treatment is better than conventional medical treatment on cancer, Results and video clips published on your website give us hope that someone can live a new life after going through your treatment.

We have a close friend of us, currently suffer cancer re-lapse since tumor removed on year 2007, below is her history and test reports; with your knowledge and experience please help and advice what does she need to do to fight for her life.

She did her yearly routine medical check-up in the mid of 2006 & was found that her CEA reading was high.  She did a CT-Scan and also a Pet-Scan and was detected that there was a suspicious growth on her right lower lung.

In 11th May 2007, she went through an Excisional Biopsy and Lobectomy on her right lower lung at ParkwayHealth Hospital in Singapore (previously known as Mount Elizabeth Hospital). A first stage malignant tumour was removed from her right lower lung and attached is the operation report.

She did her CEA test regularly after the operation.

Her CEA reading dropped back to normal for the first 2 years until early April 2010, the CEA reading started to increase again.  She did a Pet-Scan on the 4th Nov 2010 and the report shows that her lung cancer has relapsed to a stage 4 cancer where it have spread to the other parts of her lung as well as her chest bone.

She’ve also done the MRI on her brain and went for another test called EGFR test and the result was unsatisfactory.

As of to date, since the EGFR test was unsatisfactory, the oncology has not given her any medication like Oral Chemo or Jab Chemo but because of her CEA reading keeps increasing, the doctor advise her to do a close monitoring by using X-Ray, CT-Scan, Pet-Scan and MRI.

Her next appointment with the oncology is on the 15th Feb 2011 where the doctor advises her to do a MRI on her brain and CT-scan on her chest and bone. She had just done her last MRI and CT-Scan, 3 months ago & I’m worried that too much of MRI & Scanning might be harmful to her body because of the radiation. What is your advice?

We write to you to seek for your advice and suggestion on how you can help our friend on her present health situation. Would appreciate if you could study her past reports and at the same time advise her on what treatment you can provide. We would appreciate  your early reply to our email.

Looking forward to receive an early reply from you. Sorry for disturbing you on this busy festive session, we wish you and family have a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year.


Breast Cancer from the Philippines: All medical treatments failed, and you want the problem solved by just sitting in front of the computer?

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

Good Day!

My mother had a stage 4 breast cancer last 2006 and her left breast was removed. After the operation she underwent chemotherapy for 6 months then after that another 6 months of radiation therapy. She was cleared for a few months then a suspicious cell occurred on her spinal column last 2009. It only took 4 months when we discovered that the cell already spread into her Spinal column and Pelvic bone. She was instructed to undergo another chemotherapy but she declined. She chose to use … alternative medicine… Up until now that’s what she was taking. But we fear that the cell already metastasized into her lungs as she is coughing for too long now. Her cough was like a dry cough, no blood but with white phlegm. I asked the Lord for guidance and wisdom and all of a sudden when I searched in the internet I opened your site with the slogan Our Hands but God heals. I know in that instant that He was guiding me to you. I saw in your website and several testimonies that your alternative medication is effective. We want to try your alternative medicine as soon as possible. I am currently in South Korea right now and my mother is in the Philippines.

Reply: Thanks for your email. You can go into my website and learn a lot about how to take care of breast cancer. It is not too difficult a problem. Please send me all the medical reports about your mother’s case.

Dear Dr. Chris,

I think I will not be able to get the medical records of my mother as of now as she is currently in the hospital and her medical records are not yet to be released. Currently she has an accumulated 3 liters of fluid in her lungs and the doctors want it to be drained via inserting a tube on her lungs. I saw in your website that you have a Lung Phlegm Tea for people with fluids in their Lungs. Can I order first of this as the situation is very urgent. I do understand that your herbs are not a miracle bullet but I believe in God’s mysterious ways. I hope I can get your response the soonest possible.

Reply: We have to take care of the total person — not doing patch work here and there — she needs to   take all the various types of herbs to help the total person. I don’t see any logic why someone cannot make photocopy of the reports. Why cannot release? I don’t understand at all how they work in your country. In that case, I don’t see how I can help.

Our advice to all who seek our help: We can only people who want to help selves. If you just think that you cannot even try to photocopy the medical reports, how do you expect us to help you? And you expect us to solve your cancer problem by just sitting in front of the computer? Sorry, no way.

Breast Cancer from Australia – Medical treatments failed her

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you from Australia. I came across your web-site in regard to your treatment for cancer. I like your principle of treatments for this dreaded disease.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer five and a half years ago and I had all the recommended treatments of chemo and radiations. It came back 2 weeks ago, and I am shock – a disbelief, this is my worst nightmare. I told myself not again I have to go through all those dreaded treatments. There must be a better way, and I found your web-site.

I wonder do you take overseas telephone consultation? Or do I have to fly over there to consult you?

I can give you a brief info of my cancer. This is the second time I have cancer and it is found in my collar bone region. It had been surgically removed last week. The other smaller lymph nodes are too small to be surgical remove therefore I was advised to have 25 rounds of radiations. The cancer is definitely in relationship to the breast cancer 5 and half years ago.

The only result I am waiting for which will be available next Tuesday is whether it is oestrogen related or Her-2 positive. My previous cancer was oestrogen related. I am not sure if I like the new drug Herceptin which is not only very costly but also had some negative effects in my body. I don’t want to burden my body with chemical drugs as our body is not mean for it.

I will be undergoing radiation treatment for 25 rounds on the 21st of this month, but I have decided not to take chemotherapy as my body is not strong enough to withstand it. The previous chemo-treatment had affected me psychologically, so it is not an option.

The radiations will be target on the area where the lymph nodes –  cannot be removed surgically. I would be delighted if you can advise me what should I do in my situation living such a long distant away?

Are there herbs I can take to begin treatment? I hope you would respond to my email to give me a glimpse of hope in this difficult situation. Thank you,

Reply: Surgery, chemo and radiation do not cure cancer. We all know that. Unfortunately you have to learn it the hard way. I have written enough about this topic. Just go into my website: www.cacare.com and read. Download our book: Understanding Cancer War and Cure — from our website. It is for free. Read and learn from it. Listen to the stories on Breast Cancer in our Case Study.  Many others are like you too. So, don’t panic and don’t give up hope. If I were you, I will not proceed with any more medical treatments for the moment. Learn to think and find a better path. My favourite quotation – Insanity is doing things over and over again and expecting different results (by Albert Einstein).

Unfortunately, we have decided that we are not going to send any more herbs to Australia (for that matter all foreign countries) due to the differences in cultural attitudes and specifically for Australia – difficulties with their importation. There are just too much problems and red tape.

Since CA Care functions based on compassion and love, we still do not wish to absolutely close our door to those who really need our help (not just shopping or looking for an easy, magic bullet). If you are prepared to take the extra mile to walk the path, we are still open. Come and see us in Penang. Bring all your medical records. You need to have someone in Malaysia to send the herbs to you. Alternately, you need to apply for the Quarantine Import permit from Canberra yourself – to facilitate the import of herbs by post.

The herbs are not good tasting, the smell is awful and you need to take care of your diet – that, many people cannot do!


Nose Cancer: Chemo and Radiation Failed Him

Hi, Dr. Chris,

I’m from Seberang Perai, Penang. Wanna ask you something regarding my uncle who was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) about 6 months ago. Saw your website while looking for some help.  Hope u will be free to reply my email.

My uncle, 38 year-old went to Loh Guan Lye Hospital for radio- and chemotherapy treatment after diagnosed with NPC (stage II entering III) in KPJ, Bukit Mertajam. He finished all treatments 4 months ago. About 2 months before, he noticed a mass growing bigger in front of his chest wall. He went back again to see the doctor for biopsy and nasal region scanning. The report was out on 7th February 2011 and we were told that the tumour had metastasized to the chest region and somewhere between the eyes area. We were stunned being told that the cancer now becomes stage IV.

I called the doctor and discussed briefly about my uncle’s condition. His suggestion is to do chemo treatment again with only 50-60% confidence to control the spreading. I know it’s almost impossible to “cure” stage IV cancer, but we still hope there will be some alternatives to “cure” my uncle. My opinion is, for the time being, chemotherapy will do more harm in order just to prolong my uncle’s life. So we want to try out herbs or any remedies that could “cure.”.

Dr. Chris, do you have any suggestion for my uncle’s case? Is there any herb or remedy which can be given to my uncle? We have no idea on what to do now. Sincerely hope Dr. Chris will be free to reply my email. Thank you very much.

Reply: You just have to go into our website: www.cacare.com (which I believe you have already done so!). Read the newsletters and also the Case Study section. There are many testimonies in there. Come and see me on Fridays or Sundays. All details and instructions on what to do, are in the said website. What you need to do is just read what I wrote in there and do the necessary.

Colon-Liver Cancer from Chicago

My name is MM. I’m interested in purchasing herbs for my mother who is 60 yrs and has colon cancer with metastasis to the liver. Her quimoterapy has failed and she has undergone 2 mayor surgeryies ince 2005 and has been on many cycles of quimoterapy. She is very sick with nausea and vomiting, unable to eat. Please recommend and inform me how I can obtain the herbs for her. There is no treatment available for her according to her oncology doctor.

Reply: Where are you from? It is the chemo that caused the nausea and vomiting.

Thank you for your quick response! We live in Chicago, Illinois. Yes Chris I believe my mom’s nausea is caused by the many quimoterapy treatments she has received. Her last scan showed some liquid in her lungs however it was not drained because it was like 20cc so. They just monitored it. She wakes up every morning and vomits some yellow stuff. She is a diabetic and she takes insulin. Please let me know if you have any questions. If I get the herbs how long they would take since time is of essence. I would like to start with her herb treatment as soon as possible. Once again thank you. God bless.

Reply: Thank you for your email. Yes, it would be a problem to get the herbs over to Chicago when I am half a world away, in Malaysia. I need to know the full history of the problem ..from start to present …what she had gone through, etc. I suspect the cancer had spread from the colon to the liver and now it has also gone to the lungs.


Lung Cancer: Problems after taking Iressa

Dr. Chris,

My mother is having lung cancer since May 2010. DR gave her Iressa and she stopped her last Iressa on 26 September, 2010. Iressa gaive her a lot of problems. Itchiness, loss of appetite, difficult breathing, blister, dry skin. Dr. I need to see you and seek your advice . Please reserve the time for my mother as soon as possible. Thank you so much Dr. Chris.

Reply: You dont take Iressa. It is not good …where are you from?

Brain Cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme)

My mom was diagnosed with GBM on 4/11/2010 and biopsy performed on the following day. Doctor in Singapore advised to go for radio and chemotherapy (temolozomide). However, two weeks and three days her condition has dropped rapidly. She slept most of the time. We decided to go to Beijing for second opinion. Upon arrival, Doctor in Beijing said the tumor has become much bigger. It is because of biopsy only in previous surgery, not resection. It could be fatal for second surgery and radiotherapy according to him.

In the end, she went for chemotherapy nimustine hydrochloride as they found out that her cancer cell respond better with it than temolozomide. First chemo was successful, tumor shrank and my mom was able to talk again and recognize us. However, the tumor grew back very quickly and second chemo did not have any effects. Doctor in Beijing gave up and asked us to go home. Upon reaching Singapore, my mom condition had deteriorated until she did not open her eyes most of the time.

Reply: Come and see me in Penang with all the medical reports. No need to bring the patient.

Hi Chris,
The latest MRI scan is downloadable from the link I gave you previously. Blood test will only be available in the next few days. Do I still need to go there to get the herbs or you can just post it after I purchased?

Reply: Sorry we don’t sell herbs and we are not a direct-selling on-line outfit. 


Stomach Cancer: Patient Declines Chemo

Hello Dr Chris,

I was referred by a friend, hope to seek advice from you —  what we should do for our dad’s illness. We are lost —  making decision of the kinds of treatment that we should approach. We are locate in south Malaysia

My dad aged 64, was diagnosed with stomach cancer around November 2010. Some symptoms already shown in during mid-2010, e.g., fainting, weak, lack of blood, stomach pain. Went for blood test, the doctor only gave some stomach medicine (Romesec) during that time. My dad is quite well currently, had thin down 13kg, feeling weak some of the times.

During Nov 2010 till now:

First – Feeling very weak, lack of blood. Went for the check up in government hospital, the doctor says that the cancer had already spread from stomach to liver, kidney etc (they mention ” it’s all over” in our ordinary people term), has already reach a very serious stage. Have to go for chemotherapy.

Second – After that we went to a private hospital to check again, the doctor only check the stomach with a “camera pipe.” And the doctor commented that have to remove the whole stomach (we think it’s crazy). We show the report to a nurse friend who says is not that serious as we thought, its 2nd phase.

Third – We consult a Chinese medium. His advised to go for chemotherapy, after that he would provide herbs that would help to gain my dad’s body resistance/immunity, to try to fight or resist the tumor from spreading.

We are worried that our dad might not able to take it/suffer after chemotherapy, is it really that bad after going for the therapy? Does this therapy make my dad worse than before, hair drop, more weak? Is there any other ways to treat the condition?

My dad insists that he doesn’t want to go for chemotherapy. He would look only for Chinese medicine. I believe that what my dad worries chemotherapy only “make things worst”.

Hope Dr Chris would give us some advise what we should do. We can provide you information if you need any.

Thank you so much, hope to receive your reply soon.

Reply: You are from South Malaysia — means what? Where? Be more specific so that I can tell you where to go exactly.


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