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Lymphoma ? and Bad Kidneys from Indonesia: Can Cure?

Dear Dr. Teo,Firstly I would like to introduce myself to You. My name is J from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have a father who is not in good condition now. He is 58 years old. Last 27 January 2011 I took … Continue reading

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Lung Cancer: “Scientific” Treatments That Never Work

Dear Sir, We got to know you via Betty Khoo- Kingsley’s book ” Cancer Cure Naturally”, and been visit your website years ago. We even subscribe your periodical email newsletter to access more information published by you. It is hope … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer from the Philippines: All medical treatments failed, and you want the problem solved by just sitting in front of the computer?

Dear Dr Chris Teo, Good Day! My mother had a stage 4 breast cancer last 2006 and her left breast was removed. After the operation she underwent chemotherapy for 6 months then after that another 6 months of radiation therapy. … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer from Australia – Medical treatments failed her

Dear Sir, I am writing to you from Australia. I came across your web-site in regard to your treatment for cancer. I like your principle of treatments for this dreaded disease. I was diagnosed with breast cancer five and a … Continue reading

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Nose Cancer: Chemo and Radiation Failed Him

Hi, Dr. Chris, I’m from Seberang Perai, Penang. Wanna ask you something regarding my uncle who was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) about 6 months ago. Saw your website while looking for some help.  Hope u will be free to reply my email. My uncle, … Continue reading

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Colon-Liver Cancer from Chicago

My name is MM. I’m interested in purchasing herbs for my mother who is 60 yrs and has colon cancer with metastasis to the liver. Her quimoterapy has failed and she has undergone 2 mayor surgeryies ince 2005 and has been … Continue reading

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Lung Cancer: Problems after taking Iressa

Dr. Chris, My mother is having lung cancer since May 2010. DR gave her Iressa and she stopped her last Iressa on 26 September, 2010. Iressa gaive her a lot of problems. Itchiness, loss of appetite, difficult breathing, blister, dry … Continue reading

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