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Lymphoma ? and Bad Kidneys from Indonesia: Can Cure?

Dear Dr. Teo,Firstly I would like to introduce myself to You. My name is J from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have a father who is not in good condition now. He is 58 years old. Last 27 January 2011 I took my dad to Royal Taruma Hospital Jakarta. He was often vomit around 3 days and also got fever before he entered the hospital. The doctor said that both of my dad’s kidneys are not good. So they cannot work normal as a health people.

When my dad in the hospital he stopped vomiting and day by day he was getting well. But the case is not close until that, because there is another problem on my dad’s right neck. His neck started swollen since the first of January. But my dad didn’t feel it seriously until he felt hurt when he is eat and talking. It started 2 weeks before 27 January 2011. So when he was in the hospital the doctor did some test for my dad such as:  U.S.G. And then the doctor suggested us to do biopsy on my dad’s neck as soon as possible. So we decide to do it the next day after the doctor suggest us. Because we want to know what exactly is it. The biopsy was going well and we need to wait a week to get the result from laboratorium. But because last week was Chinese New Year so it was public holiday here. Then we get the result last Wednesday 9 February 2011.


According to the result that asked us to continue to IHK process. So yesterday (February 11, 2011) we give/send the sample from last biopsy to another hospital named DARMAIS HOSPITAL so they can do the IHK process. And we will get the result after 3 weeks. They said they will recheck from beginning again to make sure it is a cancer or not, if they find it is not a cancer so they will contact us directly. But if they find it is a cancer they will continue the test to IHK process.

Last night I met the doctor, the doctor said that to see my dad’s condition it is impossible to do chemo because chemo will effect to his kidney.

His condition now:

Now he is not able to eat and talk because his neck is swollen and he felt hurt when he swallows the meals or medicine. And also he has no appetite. So i only give him milk to him. Because more easy to him to swallow at all by liquid.

He is weak and felt hurt.  The doctor gave some medicine for his kidney but mostly they are vitamins. The doctor asked us to make my dad keep eating according to the diet.

After I read your web, I hope I can get the solution from you what to do now for my dad. As you mention on your web about herbal treatment for cancer. Because it is impossible to do chemo as my dad’s kidneys are not good and also the cost of chemo treatment is quiet expensive. Is it possible to heal at all (his cancer and his kidney) by your herbal treatment without any bad effect to his kidneys.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Reply: Unfortunately, no one earth can cure any cancer. Just read all the letters you find in this blog.

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