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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Bladder Cancer: What to do next?


a)     30 June 2010 – diagnosed with bladder cancer.

b)     5 Jul 2010 – Found three cancer tumour and removed.

c)      26 Jul 2010 – Histology report indicated highly aggressive high grade cancer cell.

d)    Oncologist recommended another surgery to confirm Stage 1. If yes, next treatment would be BCG treatment. If move than Stage 1, surgery to remove bladder.

e)     Decided to stop all treatment

Current Situation
I feel great. No pain. More energy from the changed in diet. Sleep well. No bowels movement problem. I have bowel movements as frequent as I eat. Most of the time I eat one meal a day. I don’t get hungry since I changed to raw vegan diet.Generally I feel better than before. My high blood pressure used to be 150/90. now it is 120/80.

Reply: You may want to come and see me and discuss. Why don’t you want to go for medical treatment? Don’t take life easy. Come and see with all your medical reports.

Another e-mail
Well the oncologist was not very open. I asked her what the success rate was for BCG treatment. Treatment is done over 3 years. She said “DON’T KNOW”. When I pressed her many times (she was really pissed off by then) she eventually agreed on 50%. Started with 5% onwards (coaxed her to a definite number). She told me if I don’t do the BCG, the nature of the cancer cell will be back in three months and it will ten times worse.

By then I know a fair bit of BCG treatment. It is pretty uncomfortable process – use a catheter to introduce virus in your bladder and you get infected and hopefully the body immune system will kill the cancer cell along with the BCG virus. Need to do once every week for six weeks, then once per month over three years. Sounds like a dumb method to me since each treatment will compromise my immune system. All   this for a fifty percent chance! Alternative is to remove the bladder and put a stoma bag.

Three months later I made an appointment to see my oncologist in the hospital. I did not see her but managed to see another one who is more senior. This doctor was more friendly and took me through in a logical way.

1. I requested that they check my cancer status. They say standard operation procedures need to be followed. I need to go back into surgery to find out if it is Stage 1 or 2.

2. Ask her to scan and do blood test etc. She said it does not work. Only way is to cut or view with a camera. Since SOP needs to be followed, the only way is to cut again.

3. Ask her what happens if all is well now, i.e. no tumour. She said repeat process every three months, i.e. view with a camera.

4. Biopsy needs to be done only once. After a while I’ll get use to the catheter in my penis (woman talking!).

5. I did not turn up for the biopsy surgery.

I am very hesitant about allopathic medicine because I know it will kill me faster than the cancer.

I just buried a friend six months before I was diagnosed with cancer. Also in mid-February 2011, another gym kaki (buddy) also died. He was diagnosed with colon cancer about the same time as me and he decided on the hospital route. Now he is dead.

The problem I am facing is trying to get more info on this problem (cancer) and find out if I am on the right route. I am doing most of the things you suggested since July 2010.

1. I eat right
2. I sleep right
3. I stopped work (no stress now)
4. I do meditation
5. I do taiji (been doing this for 4 years)

I like to pay you a visit next week.


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